Best country to study petroleum engineering

The article on the best country to study petroleum engineering aims to provide student information about the best universities in the world where you can enroll to obtain a recognized international degree.

Writer Robert Brees once said, “If oil didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.” 

The world runs on oil, and until a similarly efficient energy source is found, it will remain the most needy energy source humanity has ever known. Despite regular warnings of running out of oil, however, multibillion-dollar industry reports are often published of oil fields barely affected by oil extractives.

Best countries to study petroleum engineering

  • Study petroleum engineering in Türkiye
  • Study petroleum engineering in Canada
  • Study petroleum engineering in Scotland
  • Study petroleum engineering in America

Bachelor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Middle East Technical University

The Bachelor's degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering is considered... Middle East Technical University in Türkiye A huge course covering all areas of oil and gas engineering. The course requires an academic background in mathematics or science, and in order to earn the degree, you must participate in an eight-week summer school. The course lasts four years, and costs approximately US$5735. Being so close to the oil reserves of the Middle East can be a good thing for your career!

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Master of Oil and Gas Engineering at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland

MSc Oil and Gas Engineering - University of Aberdeen, Scotland

تقدم University of Aberdeen Prestigious Master's Degree in Oil and Gas Engineering. This course is taught by specialists in the departments of Engineering, Geology, Chemistry and Energy, and combines practical and theoretical work. Requirements include a bachelor's degree with honors at least 2:1 in any branch of engineering or physics. The course is fully accredited by the Institute of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. Aberdeen has been called the oil and gas capital of Europe, so you'll be right in the heart of the action. The course is 12 months long and costs £16000 for international students. Registration is available in January and September of each year.

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Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta

Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering - University of Alberta

Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering from University of Alberta It is the only accredited course of its kind in all of Canada. Located in the heart of Canada's largest oil and natural gas producing region, this year-long program provides a wealth of opportunities for students to research and focus on practical experiences within the industry. With the amount of oil stored in the Canadian oil sands, this course could be a goldmine – or oil well – of opportunity for the right student. International students will have to pay 19 CAD for tuition fees. Admission requirements only list an academic background in science and engineering at the high school level.

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Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas, United States

University of Texas

Texas is the largest and richest resource of oil in the entire USA, so it is no surprise that this course is in University of Texas Highly desirable. Competition for international student admission is fierce. Entrance requirements include an academic qualification in calculus or similar, and two essays must be submitted with your application. The course costs around US$17000 for international students – and that's just for one semester. The university also offers Natural Gas Engineering, as well as other geological engineering courses. 

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Best country to study petroleum engineering

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