Funded Education Opportunities: Top donors of scholarships for students from the Arab world and Africa

Education plays an essential role in human development, as it enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in society effectively and efficiently.

However, access to quality education remains unequal across the world, especially in regions such as the Arab world and Africa.

Fortunately, many organizations and institutions have recognized this disparity, offering a variety of scholarship opportunities to promising students from these regions.

This article delves into some of the top scholarship donors that offer funded educational opportunities to students from the Arab world and Africa.

1. MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

The Mastercard Foundation is one of the largest global scholarship donors, focusing primarily on students from sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation collaborates with various institutions around the world to offer comprehensive scholarships, including tuition fees, living expenses, books, and travel costs. This program aims to educate and prepare young people, especially in Africa, to contribute to the social and economic development of their communities.

2. Ford Foundation Scholarship

The Ford Foundation has been working to address inequality in all its forms for more than 80 years. Its International Fellowships Program provides opportunities for students from marginalized communities around the world, including from the Arab world and Africa. Scholarships cover all study-related expenses and provide an opportunity for students to develop their leadership potential.

3. Islamic Development Bank Grant

The Islamic Development Bank offers scholarships to underprivileged students from its member countries, many of which are in the Arab world and Africa. The IsDB Scholarship Program covers full tuition fees, living allowances, health insurance and round-trip air tickets. Furthermore, it promotes local development by requiring recipients to return to their home countries after their studies to bring about change in their communities.

4. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is one of the most prestigious international scholarships available. Although it is open to all international students, it has a proven track record of selecting many recipients from the Arab world and Africa. Scholars receive full tuition and maintenance coverage and become part of an influential network of Gates Scholars around the world.

5. Chevening Scholarships

The UK government's international scholarship programme, Chevening Scholarships, is aimed at students with leadership potential. It provides a unique opportunity for future leaders and influencers from around the world, including the Arab world and Africa, to develop professionally and academically, network widely, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

6. DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships to international students from developing countries, including from the Arab world and Africa. Scholarships are available at different academic levels, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral. The scholarship package includes a monthly stipend, travel allowance, health insurance, and stipends for study and research.

7. Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest international scholarship programme, allowing students from various countries, including from the Arab world and Africa, to study at the University of Oxford. It is a fully funded scholarship covering all university and college fees, a personal stipend, and airfare to and from Oxford.

8. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The Aga Khan Foundation offers a limited number of postgraduate scholarships each year to outstanding students from selected developing countries, including regions within Africa and the Arab world. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis, and the Foundation gives priority to applications for Master's level courses.

9. Ashinaga Africa Scholarship

Ashinaga is a Japan-based non-profit organization that provides educational and emotional support to orphaned students. The Ashinaga Africa Initiative is a fully funded academic leadership program that aims to provide high-potential orphaned students from across Sub-Saharan Africa with access to higher education in Japan, the USA and Europe.

10. African Leadership University Scholarship

ALU provides the Mandela Centennial Scholarship Programme, a comprehensive financial package covering tuition fees, accommodation and other expenses. The program is intended for African students who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence, leadership and service.

11. Al Ghurair Scholarship

The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education’s STEM Scholars Program offers scholarships to outstanding Arab students interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This program covers tuition fees and other academic expenses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at partner universities.

12. Qatar Foundation Scholarship

Various Qatar Foundation initiatives offer many scholarships to students from Africa and the Arab world. The Foundation's scholarships cover full or partial educational expenses, and it partners with the best educational institutions in Qatar and abroad.

13. Fulbright Program Grant

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program enables graduate students, young professionals, and artists from abroad, including Africa and the Arab world, to study and conduct research in the United States. The Fulbright Program offers grants that cover tuition fees, airfare, living stipends, and health insurance.

14. African Development Bank Grant

AfDB runs the Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) programme, which provides scholarships for African graduate students to study at Japanese universities in fields relevant to Africa's development needs. The JADS program covers tuition fees, monthly living stipend, round-trip airfare, health insurance, and travel allowance.

The options for funded education opportunities for students from the Arab world and Africa are diverse and wide-ranging. Through design, preparation, and research, these scholarship opportunities can open doors to a world-class education and serve as a stepping stone toward making an impact in their home countries.


Scholarships not only provide financial relief, but also the opportunity to learn in stimulating environments, broaden perspectives, and develop a global outlook. Funded by some of the world's leading scholarship donors, these educational opportunities are invaluable starting points for young people from the Arab world and Africa to step into their power and transform their communities and, ultimately, the world.

The journey to accessing these opportunities begins with staying informed, applying on time, and meeting all eligibility requirements. With perseverance and the right guidance, every ambitious student has the opportunity to obtain a scholarship that can change their lives.

While the task may seem daunting at first, students are encouraged to thoroughly research each scholarship, understand the requirements, and customize their applications to best reflect their individual experiences, aspirations, and commitment to their community. Many of these scholarships prioritize candidates who demonstrate an outstanding combination of intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service, aspects that go beyond mere academic prowess.

To increase their chances of receiving a scholarship, students should take advantage of the resources available to them. Many scholarship donors provide resources to help students better understand what they are looking for in scholars. Furthermore, potential applicants can connect with previous scholarship recipients for advice and guidance on how to strengthen their applications.

A student's socio-economic background should not limit his or her access to a quality education, and these scholarships are essential to promoting equal opportunities. Students from the Arab world and Africa should take advantage of the funded education opportunities to advance not only their lives but also their communities and countries in general.

The value of these scholarships extends beyond the financial aspect. The opportunities for networking, mentorship, exposure to different cultures and first-class education are invaluable assets that beneficiaries gain. This wealth of experience and knowledge has the potential to change not only the lives of scholars but also their communities when they bring these acquired skills and experiences back home.

In conclusion, there are many funded education opportunities available for students from the Arab world and Africa. The major scholarship donors highlighted in this article are a testament to the global commitment to reducing educational disparities and empowering students regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic background. With their sights set on these scholarships, students from these regions have a world of opportunities at their fingertips.

Funded Education Opportunities: Top donors of scholarships for students from the Arab world and Africa

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