Students wishing to study arts and design at the European University in Germany can benefit from a full scholarship that finances study for all years.

The scholarship is also called: Cheryl Quinto Scholarship is open to all applicants of all nationalities.

 The Sherryl-Kintu Scholarship Program was created to honor and was established in recognition of the passions and interests of Sherryl Kintu, who has been a dedicated contributor to Global University Systems for nine years, rising from Executive Assistant to Director. 

Cheryl sadly passed away in April 2021. Known as a friend to her colleagues and bosses, Cheryl was enthusiastic and energetic in everything she did.

Features and benefits

Only 6 students are accepted into the scholarship each year, and accepted students receive an exemption from paying university fees, which are estimated at approximately 13 thousand euros annually. Meaning that the scholarship funds 100% of the total tuition fees.

Scholarship conditions

  • The goal of this scholarship is to direct an individual's success in the direction that Cheryl and her family had hoped for.
  • The scholarship is supported by the CEO and Founder of Global University Systems in recognition of Cheryl's contribution 
  •  When assessing your application, the Fund Board will look for a reasonable and successful outcome that is consistent with the aims of the scholarship. 

These include in particular:

  • The overall quality of your application – clear evidence of “passion”, “drive”, creativity and ambition
  • Clear need for financing
  • The goals and progress you want to achieve through the scholarship.

Registration at the European University in Germany

  • If you are new to the portal, please create an account by clicking New User or Sign In
  • Using your LinkedIn account, you can also register an account on the university website.
  • You will then be able to start the application and choose a university location
  • If you have already started an application or are a student, you must use your username and password when you first log in.
  • If you have forgotten your login details, please click the Forgot your password link. 
  • After registering and getting accepted, tell the university that you want to enroll in the Cheryl Quinto Scholarship
  • A separate application will be sent by the university to you via mail. Fill it out and send it back to the university.
  • Wait for the result.

Application period

  • Until August 2 of each year for the winter semester.
  • Until February 2nd every year for the summer semester.