This time, we have prize items sponsored by Huion which is a brand that sells products for drawing illustrations! As a result, we can have more prize winners, so your chance of winning a prize increases too!

In addition, there is a chance to win a prize. Anyone who joins the contest has a chance to win this and get the item!


  1. Grand Prize (maximum 16 winners): Kamvas Pro 2.5 (XNUMXK) Luxury Version.
  2. Excellence Award (maximum 3 winners): Kamvas 12 Luxury Version.
  3. Honor Award (maximum 4 winners): Inspiroy Dial 2.
  4. Innovative Idea Award (maximum 3 winners): 10 JPY.
  5. Lottery Prize (maximum 6 winners): KIZUNA Nobeko-sensei.

Registration criteria and conditions

  • Anyone can enter the contest, regardless of whether they are a professional artist or an artist by hobby.
  • Contestants are invited to submit multiple works. Business can be submitted
  • Only the original ones for which the competitors own all the rights and which are free to distribute.
  • You may enter artwork that you have posted on social media such as Twitter in the past. You may also post your contest artwork on social media during the entry period.
  • You can submit any artwork drawn by any of the paint tool apps (including MediBang Paint) in analog and digital.

How to enter

  • Register or log in at Street ART.
  • Click “Log in” at the bottom of this page.
  • When you see the banner for this contest, click “Enter.”
  • Choose your artwork, upload it and press “Submit and Publish”
  • Choose the application and click “Details”
  • Click on “Edit”
  • After checking the pop-up alert, press “