This unique competition is worth 3 times the standard points in the leaderboard ranking. He is an expert, but without a popular vote. Find out more about the ranking points here. Our experts are some of the best photographers in the world, select the best images, and provide valuable feedback to help you improve.

This competition is judged by experts only and is not evaluated by the public. You will be able to see what you did when the judging or rating period ends.

  • Registration closes January 6
  • Sentencing from January 6 to January 13
  • Winners announced January 13

If you like to enjoy life in its different forms, the new competition organized by Photocrowd awaits your visual creativity in the form of snapshots showing different beings enjoying their time, whether they are humans, animals or even others, as well as whether they do it individually or with their loved ones, all that matters. Here is her enjoying life her way.


STUDYSHOOT photography competition
  • Enter the official opportunity website.
  • Press Enter a photo.
  • Choose how you want to upload the image.
  • Send the photo with your personal data to the site.