Volunteering in France includes a Schengen visa, so why not think about joining today? This program is part of the European Solidarity Corps and targets young people aged 18 to 30, without any requirements for education, certifications or language skills. It is mainly intended for young enthusiasts!

Volunteering provides an opportunity for you to live an experience of solidarity where you can acquire skills that enrich your personal path and help facilitate your professional integration. You will commit to a full-time activity with an association, public institution, foundation or company in the social and solidarity economy.

Types of volunteering in France 2024 include:

France offers many opportunities for young people wishing to participate in the European Solidarity Corps programme. You can join a wide range of projects that promote social solidarity and contribute to community development. These projects include multiple areas such as:

Education and culture

You can participate in educational programs aimed at supporting non-formal education and providing academic assistance to students. In addition, there are opportunities to work with cultural organizations to promote arts and cultural heritage.

Environment and sustainable development

These projects include participating in environmental conservation campaigns, raising awareness of the importance of sustainable development, and working in national parks and nature reserves.

Sports and youth

You can contribute to organizing sporting events and youth activities that aim to enhance sportsmanship and social interaction among young people.

Helping immigrants

These projects include providing support and assistance to migrants and refugees by providing basic services and assisting with their integration into the local community.

Social protection

These projects contribute to providing support and care to the elderly and people with disabilities, which enhances their quality of life and ensures that they live in dignity.

Where can I volunteer in France?

You can volunteer in various French regions, from large cities such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille to rural areas and small villages. Each region offers a unique experience and opportunities to learn about France's diverse culture and interact with its local community.

The duration of volunteering in France is 2024

Projects range in length from a few months to a full year, giving you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the experience and gain new skills. These projects require a full-time commitment to ensure that set goals are met and the positive impact of the initiative is achieved.

Volunteering in France through the European Solidarity Corps program provides you with a unique opportunity to contribute to French society, develop your personal and professional skills, and enjoy a rich cultural experience. If you are an enthusiastic young man, consider this opportunity and get ready to join a journey full of challenges and rewards.