Lappeenranta University of Technology Scholarship in Finland offers a variety of options to support ambitious students in achieving their academic and career goals.

These include Lappeenranta University of Technology Scholarships in Finland from specialized academic programs such as Technology and Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Computational Engineering, and Sustainable International Business. These scholarships aim to encourage outstanding students to join university programs and enhance their educational career by providing important financial support.

Conditions for registration in the Lappeenranta University Scholarship

To obtain scholarships at LUT, students must meet the following conditions:

  1. First year: No scholarships are available for the first year, but students can take advantage of an early bird discount.
  2. Second Year: Students must successfully pass 60 ECTS in the first academic year to receive a scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fees for the second year.
  3. Third Year: Students must successfully complete 120 ECTS credits during the first and second academic years to receive a 50% tuition waiver for the third year.
  4. Graduate Studies: If the student decides to continue his studies in the master’s program after completing his studies at LUT, the tuition fee for the first year of the master’s program is 7500 euros.


To apply for scholarships at LUT, students must submit the following documents:

  1. Lappeenranta University Scholarship Application Form : Includes personal and academic information.
  2. Academic records: Includes results of previous semesters and academic certificates.
  3. Proof of identity: A valid passport or national ID card.
  4. Letter of intent: Explains the student’s motivations for joining the scholarship program and how to achieve his academic and professional goals.
  5. Letters of recommendation: From former professors or supervisors proving the student’s academic and personal abilities.

Lappeenranta University Scholarship Benefits

Scholarships at LUT have several benefits that make them attractive to students:

  1. financial support: Scholarships cover a large proportion of tuition fees, which reduces the financial burden on students and their families.
  2. Academic motivation: Scholarships encourage students to excel academically and achieve the best possible results.
  3. An advanced educational environment: LUT University provides a modern learning environment and advanced facilities that contribute to enhancing the learning experience.
  4. Research and development opportunitiesThe university provides students with multiple opportunities to participate in innovative research and development projects.

Lappeenranta University specializations

Scholarships at LUT cover a wide range of academic disciplines, including:

  1. Technology and engineeringAdvanced programs that combine theoretical education and practical application.
  2. Industrial engineering and management: Focuses on developing managerial and engineering skills to meet the challenges of modern industry.
  3. Computational engineering: It aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of computing and technology.
  4. Sustainable international business: Focuses on sustainable business strategies in an international environment.

How to Apply for Lappeenranta University Scholarship

To apply for scholarships at LUT, students must follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Lappeenranta University Scholarship: For comprehensive information about available programs and scholarships.
  2. Fill out the grant application form: Includes the required personal and academic information.
  3. Submit the required documentsIncludes academic records, proof of identity, letter of intent, and letters of recommendation.
  4. Submit the requestBy email or through the university’s website within the specified dates.
  5. Waiting for results: Accepted students will be notified via email by the end of October each year.

Scholarships at LUT University are a unique opportunity for ambitious students to achieve their academic and professional goals, as they provide financial support and academic stimulation in an advanced educational environment.