The Young Founders Program is a 6-month fellowship designed for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging markets. This program brings together leaders from around the world, united in their pursuit of entrepreneurial greatness.

The program includes a 5-day conference in Berlin, as well as a 6-month distance programme.

The program covers

The Young Founders Program provides comprehensive financial support to participants, which enhances their chances of success and reduces the financial burden on them. Here is a detailed look at what the program includes financially:

Covering travel and accommodation costs

The program provides full coverage of travel and accommodation costs for participants during the five-day conference in Berlin. This coverage includes round-trip air tickets, the costs of staying in a comfortable and suitable hotel, in addition to providing internal transportation when needed.

Financial grant for projects

The program grants some participants financial grants to support their emerging projects. These grants are used to cover the initial costs of projects such as purchasing equipment, software development, or any other expenses necessary to get the project off the ground.

Training and educational resources

The program also includes the provision of valuable training and educational resources at no additional cost to participants. This includes access to workshops, specialized training courses, and advisory sessions with experts in different fields. These resources help participants gain new skills and improve their strategic plans.

Legal and administrative support

The program provides legal and administrative support to participants, helping them overcome the legal and administrative challenges they may face. This includes legal advice, assistance in preparing contracts, and providing guidance on local and international laws related to business.

Network of relationships and job opportunities

By joining Young Founders ProgramParticipants get the opportunity to join a global network of entrepreneurs, experts and investors. This network provides valuable opportunities for cooperation, partnership, and obtaining future investments, which enhances the growth and sustainability of their projects.

Terms of the Young Founders Program

  • The program targets 50 young founders from emerging markets.
  • You must have created a for-profit company with a scalable business model.
  • Your startup should be at least in the early implementation stage.
  • Must be based in a developing or emerging country.
  • You must be proficient in English.
Terms of the Young Founders Program


  • Guidance and guidance
  • Peer learning
  • Expert sessions
  • Friends Program

Guidance and guidance

The program offers a unique experience, where participants partner with a successful entrepreneur or investor to be their partner in their journey. This partner provides expertise and guidance, which contributes to developing the skills of young founders and enhances their chances of success.

Peer learning

The program gives young founders the opportunity to exchange and learn with successful peers in the same batch. Participants are able to share their knowledge and experiences and support each other, which strengthens team spirit and creates a productive learning environment.

Expert sessions

The program includes in-depth sessions on relevant topics, delivered by world-class experts. These sessions contribute to expanding participants’ awareness and providing them with the necessary knowledge to achieve success in their entrepreneurial career.

International community

The program provides participants with access to new employment opportunities by connecting with program alumni, partners, and members of the Westerwelle Foundation network. This international community contributes to expanding relations and building a strong network of support.

Berlin Conference

The program allows participants to learn about Berlin's startup ecosystem through a fully funded 5-day conference, bringing together other founders of the top 10 participants. This conference contributes to expanding participants’ awareness and providing them with a comprehensive vision of the entrepreneurial environment in Berlin.

Required Documents

Required Documents

You need to prepare several documents to complete your application:

Business model board

This document is considered an essential pillar for the success of your application to the Young Founders Program. Your business model canvas should include key information about your value proposition, customer segments, channels, revenue streams, and cost structure. These elements form the backbone of understanding how your startup operates and how it offers its services or products to the target market. This canvas should be accurate and comprehensive to reflect the entire strategy of your business model.

Planned presentation

An outline presentation is a vital marketing tool aimed at presenting a comprehensive and compelling overview of your business. The pitch should be concise, clear, and attractive to convey your startup idea effectively. It is essential that the presentation contains information about your target market, the problem you solve, the solution you offer, and your expected revenue model. Delivering a strong presentation increases your chances of being accepted into an international fellowship, and demonstrates your deep understanding of your field.

Financial plan

The financial plan is the document that highlights your startup's current financial status and future prospects. This document should include details about operational costs, expected revenues, and break-even points. The financial plan must be realistic and supported by accurate market data and research. Providing a cohesive financial plan demonstrates your company's ability to achieve financial sustainability and long-term growth.

Certificate of incorporation

If your startup is already established, submitting a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation is an essential part of the required documentation. This certificate proves that your company is legally registered and operates in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. This document enhances your company's credibility before the committee supervising the Young Founders Program.

Identity document

A copy of your identity document is necessary to complete your application. This document must be valid and include a clear picture and accurate personal information. This step aims to ensure that all applicants to the program are credible and have their identity fully verified.

Important tips before sending

Before sending these documents, make sure they are clear, accurate, and accurately reflect your business. Your business model canvas should concisely highlight the essential aspects of your startup. Your presentation should be convincing and communicate your idea effectively, and your financial plan should be realistic and detailed.

Use this opportunity to refine your entrepreneurial vision, learn from industry veterans, and connect with a global network of ambitious peers. The Young Founders Program not only provides a springboard to launch your startup, it also provides an umbrella for sustainable growth and success. The stage is set for your entrepreneurial journey – all that remains is to take the leap!