The National Economic University Scholarship in Bulgaria is considered one of the most prominent educational opportunities that provides international students with academic excellence and professional development.

Scholarship benefits

This scholarship offers comprehensive coverage that includes tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses, making it one of the most attractive scholarships in the region. The scholarship is aimed at outstanding students who are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in a wide range of specializations available at the university.

  • Comprehensive coverageThe scholarship includes tuition fees, accommodation costs, and personal expenses.
  • Academic support: The university provides academic support through academic guidance and counseling programs.
  • Cultural opportunities: The university provides multiple opportunities to engage in cultural and social activities, enhancing the overall student experience.

The importance of the scholarship

The National Economic University in Bulgaria scholarship is one of the important initiatives that contribute to strengthening cultural and academic relations between Bulgaria and the rest of the world. It also contributes to attracting brilliant minds from different countries, which enhances cultural and academic diversity on campus.

Conditions for the National Economics University Scholarship

To obtain a National Economic University scholarship, applicants must meet several conditions, including:

  • Academic excellenceThe applicant must be an academically outstanding student, with an outstanding academic record.
  • Proficiency English languageThe scholarship requires proficiency in the English language, as most study programs are in English.
  • Academic commitmentApplicants must demonstrate a commitment to higher education and a desire to achieve academic success.

About the University of National Economy

The National Economic University of Bulgaria is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country, founded in the early twentieth century. The university is distinguished by offering distinguished academic programs in the fields of economics, management, social sciences, and technology.

تاريخ الجامعة

The university was established with the aim of providing high-quality education in the fields of economics and management. Over the years, the university has expanded to include a wide range of academic disciplines and programmes, making it one of the leading universities in the region.

National Economics University Scholarship Programs

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The National Economics University offers a variety of academic programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. These programs include specializations such as:

  • Economy: Study of macro and micro economics, economic policies, and international economics.
  • Administration: Programs in business administration, human resources management, and project management.
  • social science: Programs in sociology, political science, and international relations.
  • Technology: Majors in information technology, computer science, and engineering.


The university has an advanced infrastructure that includes modern libraries, advanced laboratories, sports facilities, and comfortable student housing. The university provides a supportive learning environment that allows students to make the most of their academic experience.

الحياة الطلابية

The National Economics University provides a rich and diverse student life, where students can participate in many social, cultural and sporting activities. There are also many student societies that provide opportunities to get involved and communicate with classmates.

Conditions for admission to the National Economic University Scholarship

To obtain the University of National Economy Scholarship in Bulgaria, applicants must adhere to a set of conditions that guarantee the quality of education and achieve the goal of the scholarship.

Academic requirements

  • Academic gradeApplicants must have a high academic average in their previous academic stages.
  • Educational certificatesProviding accredited certificates proving success in previous educational stages.
  • Acceptance testsSome programs may require passing special admission tests.

Linguistic conditions

  • Proficiency in EnglishEnglish is the primary language of instruction, so applicants must prove their proficiency in the language through recognized tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Bulgarian language: In some cases, learning the Bulgarian language may be an added advantage, especially for students who intend to stay and work in Bulgaria after graduation.

Required Documents

  • Application formFill out the scholarship application form carefully.
  • Academic certificatesSubmitting certified copies of previous academic certificates.
  • Motivation letter: Writing a letter explaining the student’s motivations for applying and how the scholarship can help him achieve his academic and professional goals.
  • Letters of recommendation: Submitting letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors.
  • Biography: Submit a detailed CV detailing academic background and extracurricular activities.

Required Documents

When applying for the National University of Economy Scholarship in Bulgaria, applicants must submit a set of essential documents to ensure their application is completed and evaluated properly.

Academic documents

  • Educational certificatesSubmitting certified copies of all previous academic certificates, starting from high school and up to the highest degree obtained by the applicant.
  • acadimec regsterationSubmitting a certified copy of the academic record (transcript), which shows the grades obtained by the applicant in each subject.

Personal documents

  • passport: Provide a clear copy of a valid passport.
  • Personal Photos: Submit recent personal photos the size of the photos used in the passport.

Additional documents

  • Motivation letter: The letter of motivation must be detailed and include academic and career goals and how to achieve them through the scholarship.
  • Letters of recommendationLetters of recommendation must be from people with an academic or professional relationship with the applicant, explaining his or her abilities and potential.
  • Language certificatesProviding certificates proving English language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Biography: The CV must be up-to-date and comprehensive, including personal information, academic experiences, and extracurricular activities.

Financing provided

The National Economic University Scholarship in Bulgaria is a comprehensive scholarship that provides funding that covers most of the student’s needs during the period of his studies.

Financial coverage

  • study fees: The scholarship covers the full tuition fees for the duration of the study programme.
  • ResidenceThe scholarship covers the costs of accommodation in university housing or in private apartments.
  • Personal expenses: The scholarship provides a monthly allowance that covers the student’s personal expenses, such as food, books, and transportation.
  • health insurance: The scholarship provides comprehensive health insurance that covers all of the student’s medical needs.

Job opportunities and additional support

  • Part-time job opportunitiesThe university provides students who receive the scholarship with part-time work opportunities on campus, which helps them gain additional practical experiences.
  • Academic support and guidance: The university provides academic support through academic counseling sessions and study support programs.

Funding research and conferences

  • Research fundingThe university provides funding opportunities for students wishing to conduct scientific research, which helps them develop their research skills.
  • Scientific conferences: The university provides support to attend local and international scientific conferences, giving students the opportunity to network with experts in their academic fields.

How to register for the National Economic University Scholarship

STUDYSHOOT University of National Economy of Bulgaria Scholarship

The registration process for the University of National Economy Scholarship in Bulgaria requires following specific steps to ensure a complete and correct application.

Registration steps

  1. search for informationApplicants must read all available information about the scholarship and application requirements through the university’s official website.
  2. Fill out the application formApplicants must fill out the application form carefully and provide all required information.
  3. Compile documentsApplicants must collect all required documents and arrange them according to the instructions.
  4. Submission of the applicationThe application and documents are submitted electronically through the university’s application portal.
  5. Order TrackingApplicants must follow up on their application through the electronic portal to ensure that the process is completed and that the university receives the application.

Tips for registering

  • Early applicationIt is preferable to apply early to avoid any delay and ensure a greater chance of acceptance.
  • Attention to detailYou must ensure the accuracy of the information provided and avoid common errors.
  • Communication with the university: In case of any inquiries, applicants may contact the University’s International Admissions Office for additional guidance.

Specializations of the National Economic University

STUDYSHOOT University of National Economy of Bulgaria Scholarship

The National Economic University of Bulgaria offers a wide range of academic specializations that meet the needs of students from different backgrounds and interests.

Bachelor's majors

  • Economy: Includes specializations such as public economics, international economics, and economic policy.
  • Business Management: Includes specializations in international business, entrepreneurship, and human resources management.
  • Computer Science: Includes specializations in software development, information technology, and information security.
  • International Relations: Focuses on the study of international relations, diplomacy, and foreign policies.

Master's specializations

  • Finance and banking: Includes specializations in financial analysis, banking management, and investments.
  • Marketing: Includes specializations in digital marketing, international marketing, and brand management.
  • Project management: Focuses on planning and managing large and complex projects.
  • Public Administration: Includes the study of management in the public sector and public policies.

Doctoral specializations

  • Economic research: Includes specializations in advanced economic research and economic theories.
  • Business Management: Includes research in business strategies, leadership, and change management.
  • social science: Includes specializations in sociology, political science, and international relations.

Joint programmes

  • Student exchange programs: The university offers student exchange programs with other universities around the world, providing opportunities to learn from different academic environments.
  • Dual degree programsThe university offers programs that give students the opportunity to obtain two academic degrees in cooperation with prestigious international universities.

Benefits of available specializations

  • Academic diversityThe university offers various specializations that meet students' academic and professional needs.
  • Flexibility in studyingThe university provides flexible study programs that allow students to choose specializations that suit their interests and ambitions.
  • Professional development opportunitiesThe available specializations contribute to preparing students for the labor market through training programs and practical opportunities.

The National Economic University Scholarship in Bulgaria is a golden opportunity for international students wishing to pursue their higher education in a distinguished and diverse academic environment. Through this scholarship, the university provides comprehensive coverage that helps students focus on their studies and achieve their academic and professional ambitions. Thanks to the advanced infrastructure and diverse academic programs, students can benefit from a rich educational experience that enhances their skills and prepares them for a bright future.

This scholarship is a bridge between cultures and peoples, as it contributes to enhancing cultural and scientific exchange between Bulgaria and the rest of the world. Therefore, ambitious students who strive to achieve academic excellence and participate in building a bright future should seize this unique opportunity.