The Olam Innovation Award in Food Security is now open to applicants from all over the world. Participated in competitions Through your scientific research that can bring about impactful changes in global agriculture and win a financial grant of $75,000 to support the development and implementation of your idea.

Conditions for obtaining and approving the Innovation Award application

  • Increasing sustainable food production is critical to feeding the more than 820 million people who go to bed hungry and an additional two billion people who will suffer the same crisis by 2050.
  • The Olam Food Security Innovation Prize aims to support scientific research that can achieve transformative impacts in global agriculture.
  • The Olam Food Security Innovation Award, unlike other research awards, requires clear evidence of the potential short-term impact on food availability, affordability, adequacy and accessibility.
  • The 2021 Prize will be judged by an independent jury of experts and the Prize will be awarded jointly with the Agropolis Louis Malassis International Scientific Awards for Agriculture and Food and the SHIFT Prize from the Biovision Foundation.

The required documents

  • Title of your research project.
  • The implementation and completion date of the initial project and the target start and end dates of the expanded project.
  • Information about your team.
  • Details of the organization and department supervising the research project.
  • A brief description of the scope and nature of the nominated innovation (750 characters maximum).
  • The scientific project and the extent of research accuracy (10000 characters). Future project scalability (10000 characters).
  • Challenges that the project may face (10000 characters).
  • Potential and realized impacts and contributions to food security (10000 characters).

Innovation Award Funding

  • The winner will receive an unrestricted grant of $75,000 to expand proven research.