The BlueShift Competition is a business case for high school students. Students work in small teams to develop real business solutions for a real business.

Participants compete in teams of three or four to analyze a business challenge and prepare a written solution to a real business case.
The teams with the best applications present their ideas to a panel of judges at the BlueShift Finals held at the Gardens Point campus in Brisbane.
The competition began in 2014 and more than 145 teams participated.

Registration is completely free and without fees through the competition’s official website.

Contest topics

  • leading businesses
  • Leadership
  • Excellence in work
  • Social Responsibility
  • Relevant public policy

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  • Finalists have a unique opportunity to meet other BlueShift competitors from around the world UQ staff and alumni
  • Award-winning International Feasibility Competition team of UQ students 3. Business industry professionals.
  • Apply what you've learned and work in a team on a real-life business case study
  • Develop relevant business skills such as professional presentations, financial analysis and creative problem solving
  • Gain valuable insights into the business industry.
  • Each member of the winning team receives: a $2000 scholarship, a $250 EFTPOS card, and a prize package from sponsors. Your school also receives a cash award of $3000 from the Queensland University of Technology.
  •  Each runner-up team member receives: a $100 EFTPOS card and a prize package from our sponsors.
  •  Each runner-up team member receives: a $50 EFTPOS card and a prize package from our sponsors.

BlueShift Contest Terms

There are no specific conditions or restrictions, everyone can participate for free

  • To compete in BlueShift you must: - Be enrolled in years 10, 11 or 12 of high school.
  • Get permission from your school to participate, and have an adult guide (such as a teacher or parent).
  • Be excited about business and networking opportunities

Your team must:

  • It consists of three to four students in total, from the same school
  • To be accompanied by a teacher/mentor if participating in the finals

If you have any questions, please send an email [email protected]