A high-profile showcase of talent and the world's finest celebration of the motoring film and television industry, the Motor International Film Awards host an exclusive black awards ceremony and screening event held in central London at the end of the year, recognizing direction and production talent from high-end films and commercials to student and independent productions.
And with support
From the leading authorities on the automotive sector and leading brands in the film and television industry, the International Motor Film Awards are the Oscars of the motoring world.

  • RED Digital Cinema
  • Cooke Optics
  • aperture
  • music bed
  • Gumball 3000
  • Mission Motorsport
  • Sirius Pictures
  • MSS Ltd
  • filmsupply


  • Best Drama Film
  • Best short dramatic film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best short documentary
  • Best journalistic film
  • Best movie ever
  • Best commercial film
  • Best Independent Film
  • Best film for students
  • Best creative film

Official nomination films are also eligible for Artistic Achievement Awards

  • Best Cinematography
  • Best stunts
  • Best sound
  • Best montage

Grand prize

The Grand Prix is ​​the most prestigious award at the festival. All films part of the official nominations are eligible for consideration for this award. The winner will receive the prestigious Golden Conrod Award.

Rules and conditions

  • Students can apply for free in the Student category.
  • Submissions will not be accepted without agreeing to the International Motor Film Award terms and conditions.
  • I have the right or permission to submit the film to the International Car Awards in my own capacity or on behalf of the creators, and the production has no claim or dispute as to any part of the production, distribution or originality.
  • I grant permission to the International Motor Film Awards to use short excerpts from the film for promotional purposes.
  • I grant permission to the International Motor Film Awards to use footage, titles and/or information from the film for promotional purposes, online and in any print media or campaigns associated with the International Motor Film Awards. This includes brochures/software, magazines/newspapers in print and online.
  • I grant permission to the International Motor Film Awards to screen the film on awards night.
  • I agree to assume all copyright responsibilities in relation to the submitted film in terms of all music, products and other copyright licenses.
  • I give International Motor Film Awards permission to share my film and any related promotional materials, as well as contact information with International Motor Film Awards sponsor partners unless I specify otherwise.
  • Submission does not guarantee admission to the International Car Film Awards. Filmmakers whose films submit an official nomination will be notified of screening as part of the main awards programme. The International Cars Movie Awards cannot be held responsible or liable for losses or damages resulting from failure to screen submissions accepted into the awards program.
  • Non-English films are welcome, but must be subtitled or dubbed.
  • Nominees receive two VIP tickets to the awards ceremony for each nominated film.
  • The organizers of the International Car Awards reserve the right to make adjustments to the categories each year and to make adjustments to the categories in which my film is nominated to best meet the submissions made in each season.
  • Each winner will receive one prize. If duplicate awards are needed, they can be purchased directly from the International Film Awards.