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Selling books through Amazon Kindle

Selling books through Amazon Kindle

Selling books via Amazon Kindle is a process that can help you reach a wide audience and sell books electronically easily.

I will provide you with all the instructions and steps you need today to start and register on the Amazon website until you finish publishing your book or books and start making the initial profit. In addition to the expected returns according to the book’s classification and interest.

What is the KDP platform?

It is Amazon's electronic publishing platform, which enables authors and publishers to publish their e-books on the Amazon Kindle store.

Platform features

  • Ease of deployment: KDP allows authors to easily self-publish their books, without the need for a traditional publisher.
  • Complete control: Authors control all aspects of their book, including content, design, price, and marketing.
  • Global reach: Books published through KDP reach millions of readers around the world through the Amazon Kindle Store.
  • High returns: Authors can earn up to 70% of the proceeds from their book sales.

Types of books that can be sold through Amazon

  • E-books.
  • Printed books (upon request).
  • Sequential stories (Kindle Vella).

 Steps you can take into consideration

1. Preparing the book:

  • Writing the book: Ensure that the book is ready for publication in terms of content and quality.
  • Book format: Convert the book to Kindle format (such as .mobi or .epub). You can use tools like Kindle Create to convert and format the book.

2. Create an account on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):

Create an account on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

3. Publishing the book:

  • On the Amazon Kindle platform website, click on creat and read the instructions
Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT

In the next step, choose the type of book you want to publish on Amazon Kindle

Types of books you can publish via Amazon Kindle:

  • Kindle eBook: Publish digitally on Kindle and other mobile devices. Includes comics and manga.
  • Paperback: Make your title available to print and ship worldwide.
  • Hardcover: Bind your book in hardcover and ship it worldwide.
  • Series Page: Bring your books together and create a single page for your Amazon series.

In the next step, after selecting, for example, the Kindle e-book, click on this option and fill in the required data.

The title of the book:

Enter the title as it appears on the book cover. If you add a subtitle, a colon will be inserted between the title and subtitle. Before continuing, check your spelling as this field cannot be updated after publishing. (book title guidelines)

Subtitle (optional):

If your book is part of a series (or will eventually be), you can add it now. Alternatively, you can add it later using the options on the Bookshelf. (Learn how to start a series) If you create a series, you will create a product detail page on Amazon, displaying all the books in the series. Formats associated with your books will automatically be added to the series.

Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT

issue number:

The edition number tells readers whether the book is an original or an updated edition. Note: This cannot be changed after the book is published. (What counts as a remake?)


Enter the author or primary contributor. Aliases are allowed. To include a middle name or prefix, add it to the First Name field. Suffixes must be added to the last name. (author's instructions)

Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT


Add up to 9 contributors. They will be featured on Amazon using the order you enter below. (Optional) (author, editor, introduction, illustrator, introduction, narrator, photographer, introduction, translator)

the description:

Summarize your book. This will be your product description on Amazon, so customers can learn more about your book. (How do I format the description?)


  • I own the copyright and have the necessary copyright. (What is copyright?)
  • This is a public domain work. (What is public ownership doing?)
Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT

Primary audience:

Does the cover or interior of the book contain sexually explicit images, or does the title of the book contain sexually explicit language? (Learn more)

Reading age (optional):

Choose the youngest and oldest age at which a person can enjoy this book.

Primary market:

Choose the location where you expect the majority of your book sales. A change in the underlying market may affect your listing price. Please confirm your list price before publishing your book.


Choose up to three categories that describe your book. Note: You must define your primary market and audience first. (What are the categories?)

Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT

Key words:

Choose up to 7 keywords that highlight the unique attributes of your book. Keywords are typically short phrases, up to 50 characters, that customers use to narrow down their search for books on Amazon. Example: Medieval fantasy books. (To enter the Kindle Storyteller competition, you need to add the keyword StorytellerUK2024) (How do I choose keywords?)


  • I'm ready to release my book now.
  • Make my Kindle eBook available for pre-order. (Is KDP pre-order right for me?) (After you submit, it may take up to 72 hours to be published. During this time, edits cannot be made to your book. Learn more about release timelines)
Selling books via Amazon Kindle STUDYSHOOT

4. Marketing:

  • Self-promotion: Use social media, blogs, and websites to promote your book.
  • Paid Ads: You can use paid advertising services on Amazon to increase exposure.

5. Sales follow-up and improvement:

  • Use KDP's dashboard to monitor your sales, read reports, and adjust your strategies based on performance.

KDP is a great option for authors looking to publish their books and reach a global audience. It is an easy-to-use platform and offers many features that help authors achieve success.