10 types of content that will get you thousands of views

By exploiting different types of content, creators and content writers can build a wide audience and achieve their marketing goals efficiently.

In this article, we will detail ten types of content that can attract thousands of views and get you impressive results.

Types of content that get you thousands of views

  1. Educational videos
  2. How-to articles
  3. Personal blogging
  4. Infographic
  5. Storyboards
  6. Podcast
  7. Presentations
  8. Research articles
  9. Lists recommendations
  10. Humorous memes and sayings

Educational videos

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Educational videos are considered one of the most powerful types of content that you can rely on to attract thousands of views. Educational videos range from short lessons that teach a specific skill to full courses covering complex topics. These videos are characterized by their ability to simplify information and present it visually, making it easier for the audience to understand and comprehend it.

Types of educational videos

  • Short lessons: Videos lasting between 5 and 10 minutes that explain a specific idea or skill.
  • Training courses: A series of consecutive videos covering a comprehensive topic.
  • Webinars: Live broadcast sessions covering specific educational topics.

Tips for creating a successful educational video

  • Choose an important and desired topic: Target common problems or skills people are looking for.
  • Use simple, clear language: Avoid complex terms and difficult language.
  • Make the video visually attractive: Use graphics and illustrations.
  • Keep it short and direct: Keep the video short and focused on the key points.

The impact of educational videos

Educational videos increase engagement and engagement on social media platforms. It provides real value to the audience, keeping them coming back for more and sharing the content with their friends.

How-to articles

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

How-to articles are another type of content that is effective in attracting views. These articles provide tips and practical steps to help the reader achieve a specific goal or solve a specific problem. How-to articles are detailed and informative.

How to write a successful how-to article

  • Determine the purpose of the article: Choose a topic that interests your audience and provides them with added value.
  • Do in-depth research: Collect information from reliable sources to ensure the accuracy of the content.
  • Use clear subheadingsDivide the article into parts to make it easier for the reader to follow.
  • Use lists and bullet points: To make the content more organized and easy to read.
  • End the article with a call to action: Encourage readers to apply or share tips.

Benefits of how-to articles

How-to articles enhance the website's credibility and attract visitors through search engines thanks to targeted keywords. It also contributes to building a relationship of trust with the public.

Personal blogging

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Personal blogs are articles written by individuals about their personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions. This type of content creates an emotional connection with readers, as they feel like they get to know the writer personally.

Types of personal blogs

  • Life experiences: Sharing special experiences and personal stories.
  • Opinions and positions: Providing opinions on specific topics.
  • Personal adviceProviding advice based on personal experience.

How to write an influential personal blog post

  • Be honest and brave: Don't be afraid to express your feelings and opinions honestly.
  • Use a narrative styleMake the post an attractive story that will interest the reader.
  • Be influential and inspiring: Try to inspire your readers with your experiences and vision.

Benefits of personal blogging

Personal blogging builds a close relationship between the writer and the audience, which increases interaction and engagement. It also enhances reader loyalty to the site or blog.


10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

An infographic is a type of content that combines text and graphics to present information in a visual, easy-to-understand way. It is considered one of the most attractive types of content thanks to its distinctive visual design.

Types of infographics

  • statistics: Display data and numbers visually.
  • Practical steps: Explaining the steps of a specific process in a visual way.
  • comparisons: Providing comparisons between different options or products.

How to create a successful infographic

  • Collect accurate data: Ensure that the data and information used are correct.
  • Use attractive designsChoose colors and designs that attract attention.
  • Keep the information brief: Provide information in a concise and easy-to-understand format.
  • Use symbols and graphicsTo make the infographic more interactive.

Benefits of infographics

Infographics increase the likelihood of sharing content on social media thanks to its visual appeal. It also enhances understanding of information and makes it easier to remember.


10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Comics are another type of content that can attract thousands of views. This genre is characterized by presenting stories through graphics and text in a sequential format.

Types of storyboards

  • Educational storiesTo teach specific skills or concepts.
  • Entertainment stories: For entertainment and leisure purposes.
  • Inspirational stories: To convey inspiring and moving messages.

How to create a successful storyboard

  • Choose an exciting story: Start with an attractive and interesting story idea.
  • Use high-quality graphics: Choose professional painters to create distinctive graphics.
  • Write strong textsTexts must be brief and meaningful.

Benefits of storyboards

Comics attract a wide audience thanks to their visual appeal and ease of following. It also enhances audience interaction and encourages them to participate.


10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Podcast is a type of audio content that can be listened to anytime and anywhere. This type of content is increasingly popular and easily accessible.

Types of podcasts

  • interviews: Hosting experts and discussing various topics.
  • Educational seminarsProviding lessons and educational information.
  • Entertainment episodes: For entertainment and amusement.

How to create a successful podcast

  • Choose an important topic: Select a topic of interest to your audience.
  • Use good equipment: Ensure sound quality using good microphones.
  • be readyPrepare the content of the episodes carefully.
  • Interact with your audience: Encourage listeners to interact and participate.

Benefits of podcasting

Podcasts allow the audience to listen to content while doing other work, which increases interaction and spread. It also enhances the creator's credibility and builds a close relationship with the audience.


10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Presentations are an effective tool for presenting information in visual and engaging ways. Presentations are widely used in conferences, meetings and education.

Types of presentations

  • Educational offers: To provide lessons and lectures.
  • Marketing offers: To promote products or services.
  • Conference offersTo submit research papers or study results.

How to create a successful presentation

  • Choose a unique design: Use professional design templates.
  • Use short texts: Provide information concisely and clearly.
  • Use pictures and graphicsTo enhance understanding of information.
  • Interact with the audience: Encourage the audience to ask questions and interact.

Benefits of presentations

Presentations make it easier to communicate information in an attractive and understandable way. It also enhances audience interaction and increases the chances of success in delivering the message.

Research articles

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Research articles are a type of content based on scientific research and academic studies. These articles are characterized by accuracy, objectivity, and depth in dealing with the topics.

Types of research articles

  • Research papers: Providing the results of research and studies.
  • Literary reviews: Review previous studies and literature.
  • Critical articles: Providing critical analyzes of specific topics.

How to write a successful research article

  • Choose an important topicSelect a topic worthy of research and study.
  • Collect data and sourcesUse reliable sources and scientific studies.
  • Write objectively: Avoid bias and be objective in providing information.
  • Review and proofread the article: Ensure that the information is accurate and error-free.

Benefits of research articles

Research articles enhance the writer's credibility and contribute to disseminating scientific knowledge. It also attracts an audience that is interested in accurate and detailed information.

Lists recommendations

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Recommendation lists are a type of content that provides recommendations on specific topics in a list format. These lists are easy to read, understand, and visually appealing.

List Types Recommendations

  • Best products: Providing recommendations about the best products in a specific field.
  • Tips and steps: Providing tips or steps to accomplish a specific task.
  • Places and activities: Recommendations about the best places to visit or activities to do.

How to write a successful recommendation list

  • Choose a specific topic: Select a topic that your audience is interested in.
  • Use clear subheadings: Divide the list into paragraphs with subheadings.
  • Use images and links: Add images and links to additional resources.
  • Provide honest and reliable advice: Ensure the accuracy and validity of the recommendations provided.

Benefits of recommendations lists

Recommendation lists attract a large audience thanks to their ease of reading and understanding. It also increases audience interaction and contributes to improving the user experience on the site.

Humorous memes and sayings

10 types of content that will get you thousands of views STUDYSHOOT

Humorous memes and sayings are a type of content that relies on humor and entertainment to attract an audience. This type of content is characterized by its great ability to spread quickly through social media.

Types of humorous memes and sayings

  • Social memes: Dealing with social issues in a humorous way.
  • Cultural memes: Dealing with events and popular culture with a sense of humor.
  • Humorous sayings: Providing short and attractive sayings and jokes.

How to create a successful meme or saying

  • Choose a popular topic: Take advantage of trending topics.
  • Use simple, attractive designs: Make the design visual and easy to understand.
  • Write short, effective textsTexts must be brief and convey the message quickly.
  • Interact with the audience: Encourage your audience to share and interact with memes.

Benefits of memes and humorous sayings

Humorous memes and sayings increase engagement and engagement on social media. It also enhances the spread of content and attracts new audiences thanks to its entertainment nature.

In conclusion, the types of content that can get you thousands of views vary from educational videos to memes and humorous sayings, and each type has its own features and uses. By choosing the right genre and adhering to good content writing practices, you can achieve amazing results and attract a wide audience.

More types of content to achieve thousands of views

In addition to the ten types mentioned previously, there are other types of content that can attract thousands of views and increase audience engagement. These types can add variety and extra value to your content writing strategy.

Interactive videos

Interactive videos allow viewers to interact with the content in a variety of ways, such as choosing the ending of the story or answering questions while watching. This type of content increases audience interaction and makes them feel actively involved.

12. Data-driven articles

These articles rely on data and statistics to provide accurate and reliable information. By using charts and tables, you can present valuable information in a visual form that is easy to understand and attracts readers looking for fact-based information.

Realistic stories

Realistic stories show real experiences of individuals or companies and how they deal with specific challenges. This type of content enhances the credibility of the site and builds a relationship of trust with the audience by providing real examples that readers can learn from.

Surveys and questionnaires

Publishing the results of surveys and questionnaires gives the public insight into the opinions and experiences of others on particular topics. This type of content encourages interaction as readers can participate in surveys and compare their results with others.

Free lessons

Offering free lessons in different areas such as learning a new language or developing specific skills attracts a large audience. These lessons can be presented as texts, videos, or even downloadable files.

Challenges and competitions

Organizing challenges and competitions that encourages the audience to participate and interact with the content. Whether the challenge is to complete a specific task or participate in a competition, this type of content creates active engagement among the audience.

Annual or monthly reports

Publishing annual or monthly reports on the performance of the company or site attracts readers interested in knowing the developments and performance of the organization. These reports can include statistics, highlights, and future goals.


E-books provide in-depth and comprehensive content on specific topics. They can be easily downloaded and used as a reference source, increasing the value of the content provided and attracting an audience seeking detailed information.

Expert interviews

Interviewing experts in specific fields provides audiences with valuable insights and ideas. These interviews can be published as transcripts or videos, adding variety to the content.

Book reviews

Book reviews provide an overview and analysis of books on topics of public interest. This type of content helps readers choose the right books for them and provides them with a useful summary.

By diversifying the types of content you provide, you can achieve greater engagement with your audience and increase your views. These different strategies enhance the value of your content and make it Web writing More effective and effective

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