10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories

Writing stories is an artistic talent that requires creativity and a unique vision. But, did you know that this talent can be a lucrative source of income? Yes, it is possible to earn money from stories in various ways that will provide you with a stable income and open new horizons for you.

In this article, we will review nine guaranteed ways to make money from writing stories.

1. Self-publishing e-books

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Nowadays, self-publishing has become easier and faster thanks to technological advancement and the availability of digital platforms. Among these platforms, Amazon Kindle stands out as one of the most popular and used. If you are a writer who aspires to make money from writing stories, Amazon Kindle provides you with a golden opportunity to achieve this goal.

You can start writing your story and prepare it for publication. It takes dedication from you to write engaging and interesting content that will attract readers. When you finish writing, comes the cover design stage. The cover should preferably be eye-catching and professional, as it plays a big role in attracting the attention of potential readers.

After preparing the book and designing the cover, comes the publishing stage. You should check the requirements for publishing on the Amazon Kindle platform. These requirements include file format, author information, and book description. It is essential to adhere to these requirements to ensure that your book is accepted and published without a hitch.

Focus on providing high-quality content. Good writing is the key to attracting readers. A good story can see you making money from stories on an ongoing basis. Make sure to review and revise your story carefully to ensure that it is free of errors and achieves the highest levels of quality.

Once the book is published on the Amazon Kindle platform, the promotion process begins. You can leverage social media, blogs, and email to reach a wider audience. Good promotion contributes to increasing book sales and thus profit from writing stories.

One of the biggest advantages of self-publishing via Amazon Kindle is the payout percentage. You receive a percentage of sales on every copy sold. This means that the efforts you put into writing and promoting your story can bring you a sustainable income. By making money writing stories, you can achieve financial independence and invest your time in more creative projects.

2. Publishing through traditional publishing houses

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Although self-publishing is an excellent option, publishing through traditional publishing houses gives you greater credibility and wider reach. Collaborating with a well-known publishing house can enhance your standing as a writer and increase your chances of making money from your stories even more.

Start by searching for publishing houses that specialize in the type of stories you write. For example, if you write fantasy novels, look for publishing houses that are known for publishing such works. Prepare your manuscript carefully, making sure it is error-free and ready for submission. Send the manuscript to the publishing house along with a cover letter outlining the story and why you think it is a good fit for the publishing house.

If your manuscript is accepted, you will receive an offer from the publisher that includes a percentage of profits on sales, plus an upfront bonus. This reward is an advance payment for the copyright, and is an immediate financial incentive for you. In doing so, you can make money from the stories before the book is even published.

Publishing through traditional publishing houses not only contributes to making a profit from stories, but it also opens doors to greater opportunities, such as translation into other languages ​​or turning stories into films and series. So, although making money from writing stories through self-publishing is a good option, collaborating with traditional publishing houses can be a strategic move to enhance your literary presence and increase profit from writing stories in the long term.

3. Participation in literary competitions

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Literary competitions are a great opportunity to get recognition for your literary talent and perhaps earn money from writing stories. These competitions provide a platform for writers to showcase their skills and present their work before a specialized jury, which enhances the chances of their work being widely recognized.

There are many local and international competitions that offer valuable financial prizes to the winners. These awards can be very motivating, not only because they provide financial support, but because they add to the writer's reputation and increase their credibility. Awards can include publishing contracts, invitations to participate in literary festivals, and opportunities to network with publishers and literary agents.

Searching for and applying to these contests can be an excellent way to earn extra income. Although the competition may be intense, making money from stories through these contests is an accomplishment well worth the effort. You just need to do some research to find contests that are suitable for your type and terms of writing.

There are specialized platforms and websites that collect lists of the latest literary competitions and submission details. Following these sources regularly can help you find optimal opportunities. Remember that adhering to submission deadlines and following instructions carefully increases your chances of earning money from writing stories.

By participating in these competitions, you can not only earn money from writing stories, but also build a strong literary network and develop your writing skills through the comments and evaluations you receive from the judges. Together, these experiences contribute to enhancing your literary future and open new horizons for you in making money from stories.

4. Writing for magazines and newspapers

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Many magazines and newspapers are looking for distinctive story content to attract their readers. Submitting your short stories for publication on these platforms can be an effective way to make money writing stories. Magazines depend on the diversity and quality of content to attract and retain readers, and therefore always seek new and innovative literary works.

You can submit your short stories for publication in these magazines. Be sure to research magazines that publish the type of stories you write, and follow their submission instructions carefully. Submitting your short stories for publication not only ensures that you earn money from the stories, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience and build your name as a professional writer.

Magazines typically pay writers for each story published. These amounts may vary based on the popularity and size of the magazine, but you will earn money directly from the stories with each story published. This type of publishing can also open other doors for you, such as writing contracts and various creative opportunities.

This type of publishing also gives you the opportunity to reach a wide audience and build your name as a professional writer. Over time, as you publish more stories, you will be able to build a loyal reader base that will strengthen your standing in the literary field. Profiting from stories is not limited only to money, but also includes the reputation and fame that comes with continuous publishing and literary success.

Publishing your short stories in magazines and newspapers is a strategic step to make money from writing stories and enhance your literary presence in the arena. Take advantage of this opportunity to present your best work and achieve excellence in your field.

5. Create a personal blog

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

If you're looking for a way to have complete control over publishing your stories, you can create a personal blog. Personal blogs are an effective way to share your stories with a wide audience without having to rely on traditional publishing houses. Through this blog, you can publish your stories for free and attract readers using social media.

Building a fan base takes some time and effort, but with consistency and regular publishing of high-quality content, you will be able to attract a large number of readers interested in your literary works. Constant communication with readers through comments and emails enhances their engagement and interest in what you publish.

After building a strong fan base, you can make money from stories in multiple ways. One way is through advertising; You can run ads on your blog and receive a percentage of revenue for each click or view. This method is popular among bloggers and helps make money from writing stories.

Another way to monetize stories is to offer exclusive content to readers who pay a monthly subscription. You can create a subscription system that gives subscribers access to exclusive stories, early releases of your work, or even bonus content like interviews or tutorials on how to write stories. This model allows you to make money from stories on a sustainable basis and ensures a steady stream of income.

In the end, creating a personal blog gives you the freedom and creativity to publish your literary works and make money from stories in innovative and diverse ways. Use this opportunity to build your own audience and achieve success in the world of writing.

6. Collective writing platforms

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

There are online platforms that bring writers and readers together in one place, such as Wattpad. These platforms allow writers to publish their stories directly and interact with a wide audience of readers from all over the world. By publishing your stories on these platforms, you can attract a large audience that follows your work regularly and encourages you to keep writing.

Some platforms, like Wattpad, offer special programs to support featured writers. These programs allow you to make money from the stories you write by offering a percentage of profits or publishing contracts. These programs are based on evaluating the performance of your stories and their popularity among readers. The more popular your stories are and the more readers engage with them, the more chances you have to make money from stories.

Additionally, these platforms give you an opportunity to build a loyal fan base. You can communicate with your readers, receive their comments and suggestions, and edit your works based on their reactions. This type of direct interaction enhances the quality of your business and increases the chances of earning profits from stories.

It is worth noting that publishing stories on these platforms is not only limited to earning money from writing stories, but also contributes to enhancing your reputation as a writer and building a strong portfolio. You can use this opportunity to develop your writing skills and learn from the experiences of other writers who publish on the same platform.

In short, using platforms like Wattpad is an excellent option to make money writing stories and attract a large audience. Take advantage of this opportunity to build a successful career in the world of writing and make profit from stories in innovative and effective ways.

7. Teaching and presenting workshops

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

If you have extensive writing experience, you can profit from stories by offering educational workshops for budding writers. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others who aspire to improve their writing skills. These workshops can be delivered online or in person, allowing you to reach a wide audience regardless of their geographic location.

Offering workshops online has many advantages. You can use platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to organize interactive sessions where you can present educational content and answer participants' questions. You can also record these sessions to view later for students who are unable to attend on time. This method helps you make money from stories sustainably.

In addition to live workshops, you can also create recorded courses and sell them on eLearning platforms like Udemy. These courses require comprehensive preparation that includes recording educational videos, preparing study materials such as e-books and tests, and providing necessary support to online students. Publishing your courses on these platforms can earn you money from writing stories on a regular and sustainable basis.

Profiting from stories through education is not only limited to financial returns, but also contributes to building your reputation as an expert in the field. By providing valuable content, you can attract more students and expand your customer base, allowing you to make money writing stories in diverse and effective ways.

8. Convert stories into scenarios

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Many distinctive stories can be turned into scripts for films or television series. If you find in yourself the ability to write screenplays, this field opens up wide horizons for you to make money from writing stories.

Screenwriting requires a deep understanding of dramatic structure and character development, as well as the ability to transform literary texts into actionable visual scenes. If you have these skills, you can pitch your work to producers or directors looking for new and exciting content.

Submitting scenarios to production agencies can be done in several ways. You can start by attending film festivals and conferences where industry professionals gather, giving you opportunities to network directly and present your ideas. You can also use specialized online platforms that connect writers with producers and directors.

Success in this field can see you making money from stories significantly. Attractive contracts are usually offered to writers who succeed in presenting distinctive scenarios that are turned into successful works of art. This kind of success is not limited to immediate financial returns, but it can enhance your reputation and place you on the list of distinguished writers in the film and television industry.

In addition to profiting from stories, turning your stories into screenplays can have a huge impact on your career. Success in screenwriting may open new doors for you in other fields, such as writing digital series or commercials.

9. Work as a freelance writer

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

If you prefer freedom and working on diverse projects, you can work as a freelance writer. There are many companies and websites looking for content writers to create creative stories for ads, games or apps. This opportunity allows you to earn money from stories in many and varied ways.

Working as a freelance writer gives you the flexibility to choose projects that fit your interests and make use of your writing skills. You can work on developing short advertising stories that promote products or services, or write scripts for video games that need an exciting narrative and exciting adventures. Also, modern interactive apps require unique story content to engage users, which you can provide.

These jobs are lucrative and give you an opportunity to exploit your talent in different fields. By working as a freelance writer, you can make money directly from stories, as companies pay for every project you complete. You can also develop long-term professional relationships with your clients, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities and revenue.

The freedom that comes with freelancing also means that you control your schedule and choose projects that really interest you. This gives you time to develop new ideas and improve your writing skills, which ultimately results in you writing stories more effectively.

If you are looking to make money writing stories while enjoying the freedom to work and move between different projects, then working as a freelance writer is the ideal choice for you. Use this opportunity to expand your creativity and achieve success in various fields.

10. Writing audio books

10 guaranteed ways to make money writing stories STUDYSHOOT

Audiobooks have become a popular means of obtaining narrative content. You can write your stories and then turn them into audio books by collaborating with professional narrators, or even read them yourself if you have a suitable voice. This method allows you to make money from stories in new and effective ways.

Publishing audiobooks on platforms like Audible can open a new door for you to make money writing stories. These platforms allow writers to reach a wide audience of listeners who prefer to listen to stories on the go or going about their daily work. Hence, you can make money from stories by selling audiobooks directly to the audience.

The process of converting a story into an audio book requires choosing the appropriate narrator who can embody the characters and convey emotions and feelings in an attractive way. If you have the right voice and vocal talent, you can read it yourself, adding a personal and distinctive touch to your work.

Audiobooks attract a wide range of listeners, including people who do not have enough time for traditional reading. This category relies on audiobooks to enjoy stories while driving, exercising, or doing housework. Therefore, investing in this field can be profitable and significantly increase the profit from stories.

You can also take advantage of modern audio recording and editing technologies to produce a high-quality audio book. This ensures that your work reaches listeners in the best possible light and greatly enhances your chances of making money from writing stories.

Converting stories into audiobooks represents an excellent opportunity to make money from writing stories, and provides you with an effective way to reach a new and diverse audience. Use this opportunity to expand your business and achieve success in the world of voice typing.


Writing stories is not only a means of artistic expression, but it can be a great source of income. Using the methods we mentioned above, you can Make money from stories In innovative and effective ways. Whether you choose to self-publish or work as a freelance writer, the opportunities are endless. Start today by making your dreams come trueProfit from writing stories!

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