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Learn French through online lessons and applications

We help you take the steps to learning the French language with certainty by providing advice at the beginning, and then writing down the most important online platforms for teaching the French language and direct links to free applications.

The importance of teaching the French language

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

French is an important and widely recognized international language. It is an official language in many international bodies such as the United Nations, the African Union and the European Union, making it an important language in the fields of diplomacy and international cooperation.

The French language is also considered one of the languages ​​in demand in the global labor market. If you are fluent in French, this can open new doors for you to work in international companies, international organizations, or even in sectors that deal with the French market.

Not to mention, if you love traveling and exploring, learning French can make your travel experience to French-speaking countries such as France, Canada, and Switzerland more enjoyable and easier.

The French language holds a rich cultural heritage and an important literary history. If you are interested in French literature, arts and culture, learning the language will enable you to enjoy original French literary and artistic works.

What is the history of the French language?

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

French is considered one of the most important languages ​​that developed from Latin in the Middle Ages. The history of the French language can be divided into several periods:

  • Latin: In ancient and Roman times, the regions of present-day France were part of the Roman Empire, so Latin was the official and common language in these regions.
  • Franconian: The Middle Ages began with the decline of Latin and the emergence of local dialects. Early French developed from these dialects and became known as Franconian.
  • Middle French: In the Middle Ages, Franconian merged with Old Latin and developed into Middle French. They have been used in literature, poetry and culture.
  • Modern French: In the final period of the Middle Ages and with the beginning of modern times, the modern French language began to take shape. This process was strengthened after King Louis XIV's policy to unify the language in the country and make it the official language.
  • Modern French: From the 17th century onwards, modern French developed and became the official language of France and internationally. Grammar, vocabulary, and literary style developed to create the modern French language we know today.
  • Universal French: With the spread of the French Empire in the previous centuries, the French language spread to different regions of the world and became an important international language.

It is worth noting that the French language has been subjected to influences from other languages ​​such as German, Italian, and English, which affected its development and current formation.

Objectives of teaching French

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

The primary goal of learning any language is to be able to communicate with others efficiently. Learning French can enable you to communicate with native speakers in France and many other countries around the world.

If you are planning to travel to French-speaking countries such as France, Canada, or Switzerland, learning French will make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. Teaching the French language is also considered important in the practical market. Learning a language can open doors to new career opportunities in a variety of industries and companies.

You should know that French is an important language in the educational field. If you want to study at a French university or get a scholarship in a French-speaking country, learning the language can be essential.

If you are interested in French literature and arts, learning the language will enable you to enjoy original French literary and artistic works and better understand French culture. Not to mention that learning a new language is a fun challenge and contributes to developing thinking skills, self-learning, and increasing self-confidence.

A plan for teaching French

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

Determine why you want to learn French and the level of proficiency you aim to achieve. This will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the learning process.

1- Start with the basics of the French language

  • the alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Greetings and farewell
  • Expressing thanks and apologies
  • Nouns and adjectives
  • Common verbs
  • Places and things
  • Days and months
  • Ask simple questions
  • How to use the present tense in simple sentences and questions.

These are some of the basics in learning French. You can start by learning about these basic vocabulary and expressions and practice pronunciation and simple conversation to better develop your language skills.

2- Building vocabulary in the French language

Building your French vocabulary is a gradual process that can be fun and beneficial.

Here are some methods you can use to increase your French vocabulary:

  • Word list: Start by creating a list of French words you want to learn. You can categorize them by areas like food, family, work, travel, and more.
  • reading: Reading books and articles in French is a great way to increase your vocabulary. Find books and articles appropriate to your level and interests.
  • watching: Watching French movies and TV shows can also be beneficial. Use the movies and series you love to learn about different accents and new vocabulary.
  • Online lessons: There are many online resources that offer free French lessons, including websites, apps, and YouTube channels.
  • speaking: Use French in your daily life as much as possible. Try to interact with French speakers if possible.
  • Active studying: Use active study techniques such as writing words down, saying them out loud, and using them in sentences to enhance memory.
  • Smartphone Applications: There are many French learning apps that offer fun games, quizzes, and educational resources to increase your vocabulary.
  • Language courses: Join French language courses at a school, institute or online. These courses offer structured learning structures and diverse learning resources.
  • Conversations with native speakers: If you have a chance to talk with native French speakers, it will be helpful to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation skills.
  • Enjoying literature: Reading French novels and poetry can deepen your vocabulary and introduce you to more complex language use.

3- Practice listening in French

  1. You can listen to audio clips, news, podcasts, movies and TV shows in French.
  2. Use text with audio clips
  3. Choose topics that interest you and listen to audio content about them.
  4. Use educational resources such as language books and educational websites.
  5. Try repeating what you hear to yourself.
  6. Use smartphone applications
  7. Try not to rely too much on translation
  8. These opportunities will help you improve your listening and speaking skills.

4- Speaking and practicing conversation in French

  • Enrolling in French language courses can have a huge impact on improving your speaking skills.
  • You can search for French friends or language exchange groups.
  • Try to include French in your daily life.
  • When reading texts in French, try to read them out loud.
  • Learn common phrases and expressions that can come in handy in everyday conversations.
  • Try to participate in guided conversations on specific topics.
  • Record your conversations and listen to them again.

5- Focus on French grammar

French grammar includes a set of basic rules that must be understood and respected when learning and using the French language.

Here are some basics:

  • Learn the alphabet and pronunciation
  • Learn words and vocabulary
  • Learn the tenses
  • Learn sentences and linguistic structures
  • Learn adjectives and comparative adjectives
  • Learn pronouns
  • Learn to add and differentiate
  • Learn literary characters
  • Learn examples and exercises
  • Learn spelling rules
  • Learn grammar rules

The most important applications for teaching French for mobile

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

1- Duolingo application for teaching French

Duolingo is a popular app and website used to learn languages ​​for free. It allows users to learn French and many other languages ​​in a fun and interactive way. The app offers language courses that include reading, writing, oral comprehension, and speaking.


  • Completely free: Duolingo is completely free, with access to extensive educational content without having to pay.
  • Multimedia learning: The app provides multimedia learning through a combination of images, text, audio recordings and games.
  • Interaction and monitoring: It allows users to submit answers and get an instant assessment of their performance and progress. You can monitor your progress and know the level of your language technique.
  • Personalization: You can choose the difficulty level and personal goals to suit your personal needs and goals.
  • Multi-device availability: You can access Duolingo via the website or smartphone apps, making it convenient to learn anytime, anywhere.


  • Limited linguistic depth: Duolingo can help you build a good base of basic vocabulary and grammar, but it may be limited in developing in-depth speaking and writing skills.
  • Complete reliance on the application: The app should be part of a broader language learning strategy, which you should supplement with reading, conversation with native speakers, and more.

How to use:

  1. Download the Duolingo app on your smartphone or visit its website.
  2. Create a new account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Choose the language you want to learn (in this case, French).
  4. Choose the difficulty level that suits you.
  5. Start conducting lessons and doing exercises and language games.
  6. Try to tailor your experience to your goals and continue to practice regularly.

Duolingo is a useful tool for beginners and for those looking for a fun and easy way to learn languages ​​on their own, but you should use it in combination with other learning methods to comprehensively develop your French language skills.

2- Babel application for teaching French

Babbel is an app and website specializing in language learning. It provides many educational courses aimed at learning French and other languages ​​in an effective way. Babbel allows learners to progress at their own pace based on their personal goals.


  • Featured Introduction: Babbel provides a distinctive introduction to basic French vocabulary and grammar. Lessons are based on real-life scenarios.
  • Focus on conversation: Babbel has a strong focus on developing conversational skills. The lessons include automated exercises that help you speak confidently.
  • Instant evaluation: Users receive instant feedback on their performance on exercises and tests, which helps them correct and improve their mistakes.
  • Diverse content: Babbel offers diverse content including reading, writing, oral comprehension and pronunciation, which helps in developing well-rounded skills.
  • Personalization: Learners can choose the difficulty level that suits them and set personal learning goals.
  • Hebrew availability: Babbel can be accessed via the web and smartphone apps, enabling learning anytime, anywhere.


  • the cost: Although Babbel offers a free trial, full access to the educational content requires a paid subscription.
  • Limited progression capabilities: Some learners may find Babbel's progression capabilities limited compared to some other apps.

How to use:

  1. sign in: Start by creating a Babbel account or signing in to your account if you already have one.
  2. Select Language: Select the language you want to learn (French).
  3. Choose level and objectives: Choose the appropriate difficulty level and set your personal goals.
  4. Starting lessons: Start doing the lessons and exercises and follow the directions provided to you.
  5. Daily practice: Keep daily practice to improve your skills.

Babbel is a useful application for individuals who are looking to learn the French language comprehensively and effectively.

3- Lingoda application for teaching French

Lingoda is an online language learning platform that offers courses to learn French and many other languages. It allows learners to communicate with online teachers and practice language skills through private lessons or small groups.


  • Lessons with real teachers: Learners can benefit from lessons with professional teachers and native French speakers.
  • Schedule flexibility: Learners can choose times that suit them to take lessons according to their personal schedules.
  • Custom software: Learners can choose a study program that suits their own language level and goals.
  • Additional motivation: Lingoda provides additional motivation by offering certificates to learners who successfully complete a study programme.
  • providing support: Lingoda allows learners to connect with teachers and fellow learners to get more support and a better understanding of the subject.


  • High cost: Lingoda is a paid service, and the cost may be high for some people.
  • Commitment: Some programs at Lingoda require a long-term commitment, which may be too much for some learners.

How to use:

  1. Registration: Start by creating a Lingoda account on the website.
  2. Choose language and program: Select the language you wish to learn (French) and choose the program that best suits your needs.
  3. Lesson scheduling: Choose the appropriate times to perform the lessons and schedule them according to your schedule.
  4. Participation in lessons: Attend online lessons and participate in conversations and exercises with teachers and colleagues.
  5. Practice: Try to practice French on a daily basis to enhance your skills.
  6. Get the certificate: Once your program is successfully completed, you will receive a certificate proving your proficiency in the French language.

Lingoda is an excellent choice for those who want to learn French seriously and with professional teachers, who can afford the cost and time commitment.

4- Fluent application for teaching French

FluentU is an app and website designed to help learners learn languages ​​by watching videos and real-life content in the target language. It allows users to learn French and other languages ​​through realistic and interactive experiences.


  • Realistic content: FluentU offers real-life videos and content in French, which helps in learning the language in its real context.
  • Integrated learning: FluentU offers tools for comprehensive learning of reading, writing, oral comprehension, and pronunciation.
  • Multiple levels: Learners can choose the difficulty level that suits them and set personal goals for learning the language.
  • Multimedia learning: FluentU offers subtitled videos, dictionaries, and educational games.
  • Instant evaluation: Users can get an immediate evaluation of their performance through exercises and tests included in the program.


  1. Subscription cost: Although FluentU offers a free trial, full access to content and features requires a paid subscription.
  2. Relying on video: If you don't enjoy watching video or prefer other learning methods, you may find FluentU less engaging.

How to use:

  • Registration: Start by creating a FluentU account on the website or download the app.
  • Select Language: Select the language you want to learn (French).
  • Choose your level and topic: Choose the appropriate difficulty level and choose topics that interest you.
  • watching video: Watch videos in French and listen to the pronunciation.
  • Interact with content: Follow the instructions and exercises included with the video to practice your skills.
  • Daily practice: Practice daily to improve your skills and increase your confidence in the language.

FluentU is a powerful tool for those who want to learn French through real-life experiences and watching videos. It can be especially useful for those who like to learn the language in real contexts and places.

5- TV5MONDE application for teaching French

TV5MONDE is an app and website that offers educational content for learning the French language and learning about French culture. It gives learners access to videos, TV shows and educational materials that enhance their French language skills.


  • Diverse content: TV5MONDE offers a variety of educational content including educational videos, news and documentaries.
  • Learn in context: Learners can learn French in its natural context by watching TV programmes, videos and reading news in French.
  • Available around the clock: Learners can access the content at any time that suits them, from anywhere.
  • Accompanying educational materials: TV5MONDE provides additional learning materials such as exercises and worksheets to help learners apply what they have learned.
  • Generally free: Most of the content offered on TV5MONDE is free, making it accessible to all learners.


  • Determine the level: It can be difficult to determine the appropriate level for new learners, so they may need some time to search for appropriate materials.
  • Limited evaluation: TV5MONDE may lack effective assessment tools to measure learners' progress.

How to use:

  1. Visiting site: Start by visiting the TV5MONDE website.
  2. Content selection: Explore the available content and choose the clips or programs that interest you.
  3. Watch and listen: Watch videos and listen to programs in French and try to understand the content.
  4. Read and practice: Read news and articles in French and practice your skills through the attached interactive exercises.
  5. Keep learning: Continue to follow the content and practice regularly to improve your French language skills.

TV5MONDE is a useful resource for learners looking to improve their French language skills and enjoy French cultural content in a useful and entertaining context.

6- Memrise application for learning French

Memrise is an app and website dedicated to fun and interactive language learning. It aims to help learners acquire language skills by utilizing innovative and effective educational methods.


  • A wide range of languages: Memrise offers lessons for learning several languages, including French, allowing learners to choose from a variety of languages.
  • Learn with audio and video: Memrise uses visual and auditory learning technologies to provide audio clips and images that help reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation understanding.
  • Interactive environment: Learners can interact with the app by solving exercises, reviews, and quizzes, which helps enhance engagement with the content.
  • Educational paths: Users can choose learning paths that suit their own language level and goals.
  • Basically free: Memrise is free to access and use many of its features, making it available to everyone.


  • Paid content: There is additional paid content that gives users access to additional features, which may be inconvenient for some people.
  • Pronunciation may be inaccurate: Although Memrise provides audio clips, some of them may be inaccurate or non-typical.

How to use:

  1. Registration: Start by creating a Memrise account on the website or download the app to your smartphone.
  2. Select Language: Select the language you want to learn (French).
  3. Choose difficulty level: Select the difficulty level that best suits your language skills.
  4. Starting lessons: Continue to do exercises and reviews and use audio and pictures to improve your skills.
  5. Review and continue: Review vocabulary and skills regularly and keep learning to make sustainable progress.

Memrise is an app that can be useful for learners who are looking for a fun and effective way to learn French and many other languages.

7- Busuu application for learning French

Busuu is a popular app and website that aims to teach languages ​​comprehensively and through interaction with native speakers of the target language. Busuu offers a range of tools and learning materials to help learners achieve their language goals.


  • Learn with native speakers: Users can interact with native French speakers and get ratings and corrections from them.
  • Miscellaneous lessons: Busuu offers a variety of lessons including reading, writing, oral comprehension and pronunciation.
  • Multiple levels: Learners can choose the difficulty level that suits them and progress from one level to another.
  • Tests and tests: Busuu provides assessment tests and interactive exercises to measure learner progress and review skills.
  • Learn anywhere: Busuu can be accessed via the web and smartphone apps, enabling learning anytime, anywhere.
  • User community: Users can communicate with each other, engage in sharing experiences and assist in learning.


  • the cost: Although Busuu offers a free version, full access to content and features requires a paid subscription.
  • Limited information: Some learners may find that the information provided in Busuu may be limited for their specific language needs.

How to use:

  1. Registration: Start by creating a Busuu account on the website or download the smartphone app.
  2. Select Language: Select the language you want to learn (French).
  3. Choose difficulty level: Select the difficulty level that best suits your language skills.
  4. Starting lessons: Continue to solve exercises, lessons and interact with native speakers.
  5. Participation in the community: Join the user community to connect with others and help each other.

Busuu is a useful app for individuals who are looking to effectively improve their French language skills and interact with native speakers.

Learn French in France

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

Moving to France or obtaining a French visa or French student permit is not as difficult as some foreigners think, especially if they have acceptance from a school or university.

Costs of language schools in France

Studying French in France is considered one of the best ways to learn this language effectively, but it may be expensive. Prices vary based on the location and duration of study and the type of educational institution. Here is more information about the costs of language schools in France:

study FEES:

  • French language courses at private language schools are usually more expensive than those offered at public institutions or universities.
  • Short courses at private language schools range from around 200 to 600 euros per week, depending on the number of teaching hours and location.
  • For long-term programs such as diplomas in French, costs can reach thousands of euros.


  • You should also take into account the cost of accommodation in France, which depends on the city and type of accommodation (university residence, shared apartment, etc.).
  • In major cities such as Paris, accommodation costs can be high, ranging from 600 to 1500 euros per month.

Cost of living:

  • Daily living costs such as food, transportation, and entertainment should also be considered.
  • Costs of living vary greatly between different French cities.

Additional fees:

  • Additional costs can include registration, language exams and study books.
  • There may be a school application fee and a visa fee if you require a visa to study in France.

health insurance:

  • International students should consider health insurance costs as well.

To help reduce costs, students can search for scholarships or apply to work part-time during their studies. If you are planning to study in France for a long-term period, taking advantage of postgraduate scholarships and funding available from different sources may also be a good option.

The best schools to learn French

Below is a list of some of the best French language schools in France

  • French Alliance School for Teaching French.
  • Berlitz School To teach French.
  • Eurocentres School To teach French.
  • French language school To teach French.
  • Accord Ecole de Langue French school.
  • Campus Langues French school.
  • EF Paris - Séjours linguistiques French school.
  • Language Studies International (LSI) French school.
  • L'atelier 9 French school.
  • Lutèce Langue French School.
  • Alpadia Lyon French School.
  • Lyon Bleu International French School.
  • Center International d'Antibes French school.
  • International House French School.
  • Learnin' Bordeaux French School.

Learn French online

Learn French through STUDYSHOOT online lessons and applications

In the modern digital age, online learning has become one of the most effective ways to acquire new skills, and one of these skills is none other than language learning. If you want to learn French or develop your skills in it, here are some methods and resources that you can benefit from online:

  • Online lessons from BBC:
    The BBC website offers innovative lessons for learning French. These lessons are not limited to written texts only, but also include audio files and videos that help develop listening and pronunciation skills.
  • Radio Lingua Network:
    Another great resource for learning French is Radio Lingua Network, which offers short French audio lessons that can be downloaded as a podcast. This gives learners the opportunity to listen to the language and improve their oral comprehension skills.
  • Phrasebooks:
    Phrasebooks can be very useful for getting around daily chores. Although they may not provide complex grammatical explanations, they contain useful sentences and phrases that help in effective daily communication.
  • Translation applications and electronic dictionaries:
    Translation apps and electronic dictionaries can be used to understand vocabulary and sentences easily. Such as Google Translate and Word Reference applications, which provide text translation and audio and written examples of vocabulary.
  • Online courses:
    There are many online educational platforms that offer courses to learn French. You can search for free or paid courses that suit your needs and level.

When learning French online, you should enjoy a variety of resources and exercises to develop your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. With consistency and regular practice, you will notice a significant improvement in your French level.

Learn French through online lessons and applications