Request to delete the account on the site

People use the Study Shoot website and community every day to share their experiences in all their forms by raising them and building positive thoughts on the subject of studying abroad.

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Registered persons can use their personal email, or register by linking their account (Google) to our studyshoot website, by sending a special request via the following form. From here, request deletion of the account on the site, or by logging in to the account and filling out the request to delete the full data and delete the account.. So that we can delete their account. The account will be deleted within 72 hours after sending the request.

At this time, please provide us with the profile that you will find within your account on the Studyshoot website, in addition to the email if it is linked to our website.

Make sure before sending the request that access to all your stored data will be deleted and you will not be able to access it again, unless you register again with a new user.

Read more about our privacy and usage policy here Privacy and data retention policy.

The user can delete the account only by clicking on the icon Contact US Validate his account, and then delete the account.