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UNICEF courses

The most important UNICEF online courses with free certificates

UNICEF courses through Agora, which is a free portal, provide customized educational solutions for UNICEF staff and partners, as well as for all students.

Are UNICEF courses free?

UNICEF does not charge you any fees and UNICEF online courses with free certificates are available on free fees. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to access your certificate for free.

The rights framework and other global initiatives related to UNICEF's course work and mission. If you would like to join UNICEF's free online courses, you can now choose the course according to your education course from the following courses.

In UNICEF's free online courses provided to students of all nationalities around the world who seek to develop their skills and obtain distinctive educational opportunities in various fields and specializations.

Areas of free UNESCO courses

Areas of free UNESCO courses

The learning opportunities it offers relate to the following core topics:

  • UNICEF courses in the humanitarian environment
    • Free UNESCO courses on the global humanitarian and development environment, the UN Human Rights Framework and other global initiatives related to UNICEF's work and mission.
  • UNICEF courses in strategies:
    • Free UNESCO courses on the standard strategies and principles that guide all UNICEF efforts – as set out in UNICEF's current Strategic Plan.
  • UNICEF courses in leadership and management:
    • Whatever your current level of responsibility, you can find resources to develop your leadership and management skills related to projects, teams, partnerships, and more.
  • UNICEF free courses in operational support:
    • Learn about the programmes, guidelines or processes that allow UNICEF to work and deliver services effectively around the world.
  • UNICEF free courses in communication and languages:
    • In today's world, it is more important than ever to know how to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively, through different tools, in different contexts, and preferably in several languages. Here you can find many training activities to become a better communicator.
  • UNICEF's free courses in career support:
    • Develop your personal skills and competencies, from management and leadership development to desktop computer skills.

Online learning has become very popular in recent years. Students found e-learning courses to be more effective than traditional methods. 

The United Nations (UNICEF) is responsible for providing humanitarian and development aid around the world. UNICEF, also known as the United Nations International Emergency Fund.

What is Agora?

  • Agora is an initiative that leverages multiple technologies to develop and share an interconnected world. It supports UNICEF's efforts to develop staff, career development, as well as capacity building while providing learning opportunities to partners and the general public. 
  • Agora makes it easy to find and participate in learning modules, such as online self-learning opportunities, videos or events offered by UNICEF and its partners. 

Benefits of participating in UNICEF courses

  • Easy to access for everyone
  • Obtain free online certificates in UNICEF courses.
  • Access the course from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Registration for UNICEF courses

Registration for UNICEF courses

1- Look for suitable opportunities

UNICEF's course catalog helps you find the right learning opportunity from hundreds of options. You can search by title, keyword, provider, competency, topic or format.

2- Interact with other learners

A variety of tools, such as discussion forums, blogs, assignments, or wikis, help you interact with other learners while providing support for your learning needs.

3- Receiving digital certificates and badges

Most activities include achievement tracking and/or assessments based on which you can receive digital badges and/or certificates of completion that you can then use to advance your career.

What are the conditions for applying for UNICEF courses?

What are the conditions for applying for UNICEF courses?
  1. There are no specific requirements to enroll in these free short online courses.
  2. Anyone can access this platform for free, without exception
  3. The registration process is simple and uncomplicated, and all students and non-students can join these free courses.
  4. No specific age required
  5. There are no other specific requirements
  6. As for nationalities, it is open to all students.

How to register for free UNICEF courses

How to register for free UNICEF courses

You can reach The official website for UNICEF courses From any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

 Click the green button below to proceed to the official website. 

Click "Login” in the upper right corner of the home page.

 If you don't have an account yet, you'll be able to create one. 

There are two sign-in processes and it is important that you use the process that matches your user profile:

  • If you are a UNICEF staff member (i.e. anyone with a valid email address), you already have an account on the official UNICEF Free Courses website.
    • From the login page, simply click on the “Sign in to Agora” button in the blue section. 
    • If prompted, use the same user name and password that you would use for your computer or Outlook mailbox.
  • If you are not a UNICEF staff member, you can register for free and use the “sign in” process. 
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