Iraqi universities recognized in Germany

Many Iraqi students want to know the list of Iraqi universities recognized in Germany for the purpose of studying there or even for the purpose of working and amending the Iraqi certificate. Therefore, in the list of Iraqi universities recognized in Germany, according to the German website Anabin, you will find if your university certificate entitles you to study in Germany, or if you need to submit a request to amend the certificate, or if you are not authorized to study in Germany.

List of Iraqi universities recognized in Germany

Are you an Iraqi student? I obtained a degree from an Iraqi university and want to know if the degree I obtained from an Iraqi university is recognized in Germany?

Explanation of the table of Iraqi universities recognized in Germany

With class “Certificate Status H” Is the educational institution “recognized” as a university or not? The three categories used are defined as follows:

  • Certificate status H + It means that the institution is recognized as universities in Iraq (accredited, certified, etc.) and, accordingly, should be considered as universities in Germany
  • Certificate status H - Institutions of this type cannot be considered universities. Two groups of cases can be distinguished:
  1. The institutions are recognized (accredited, certified, etc.) as universities in Iraq but not in a significant way and accordingly (currently) should not be treated as universities in Germany.
  2. Institutions of this type are not universities according to their legal status in Iraq.
  • Certificate mode H -/+ The type includes both recognized and unrecognized institutions in Iraq, and here the testimonies of individuals are treated individually and not as a whole.
University NamePlaceCertificate status
Babylon College of Philosophy and TheologyBaghdadH+
University of Zakho/Zankwe ZakhoZakhoH+
Central Technical University / Central Technical UniversityBaghdadH+
University of Sulaymaniyah / Zinko SulaymaniyahSulaymaniyahH+
Kirkuk University / Kirkuk UniversitiesKirkukH+
Al-Nahrain University / Al-Nahrain UniversitiesBaghdadH+
Hawler Medical UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+
Koya UniversityKoyaH+
Al-Muthanna UniversityDoubleH+
University rulingWasitH+
University of MisanMaysanH+
Dhi Qar UniversityDhi Qar / Dhi QarH+
University of KarbalaKarbala / KarbalaH+
Kurdistan Hawler UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+
Baghdad universitiesBaghdadH+
Friday of BasraBasraH+
Tikrit Collections / Tikrit UniversityTikritH+
Diyala University / Diyala GatheringsDiyalaH+
Saladin UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+
University of Duhok/Zenkoya DuhokDohukH+
Iraqi University / Iraqi UniversityBaghdadH+
Jumaa Mosul / University of MosulMosulH+
University of Kufa / Universities of KufaNajafH+
Al-Mustansiriya CollectionBaghdadH+
University of Technology/Technical AssociationBaghdadH+
Anbar University / Juma Al AnbarAnbarH+
University of Babylon / Babylon GatheringsBabylonH+
Al-Qadisiyah University / Juma Al-QadisiyahQadisiyahH+
Samarra University - Samarra CollectionsSamarraH+
Dohuk Polytechnic University / Dohuk Polytechnic AssociationsDohukH+
Erbil Polytechnic UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+
Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic UniversitySulaymaniyahH+
Southern Technical University / Southern Technical CollegeBasraH+
Al-Karkh University of ScienceBaghdadH+
Basra University of Oil and GasBasraH+
Al-Hamdaniya UniversityNinevehH+
University of Information and Communications Technology / Universities of Information and Communications TechnologyBaghdadH+
Sumer University / Sumer CollectionsNasiriyahH+
Qassim Green UniversityBabylonH+
Cihan University - ErbilErbil (Hawler)H+/-
Future University CollegeBabylonH+/-
Nawroz UniversityDohukH+/-
University of Human DevelopmentSulaymaniyahH+/-
SAPS UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+/-
Ahl al-Bayt UniversityKarbala / KarbalaH+/-
Islamic University CollegeNajafH+/-
Iraqi University CollegeBasraH+/-
Sadr College, IraqBaghdadH+/-
Al-Qalam University CollegeKirkukH+/-
Al-Hussein Engineering CollegeKarbala / KarbalaH+/-
Al-Hikmah UniversityBaghdadH+/-
Imam UniversityH+/-
Hilla University College / Hilla University CollegeBabylonH+/-
Al-Israa UniversityBaghdadH+/-
Al Safwa UniversityKarbala / KarbalaH+/-
Al-Kitab UniversityKirkukH+/-
Kut University College / Kut Collegiate CollegeWasitH+/-
Al-Mustafa UniversityBaghdadH+/-
Mazaya University College / Mazaya Collegiate CollegeDhi Qar / Dhi QarH+/-
Al-Nour UniversityNinevehH+/-
Al-Farahadi University CollegeBaghdadH+/-
Al-Kunooz University CollegeBasraH+/-
Elite UniversityBaghdadH+/-
Al-Nisour University College / Al-Nisour University CollegeBaghdadH+/-
Mesopotamia University CollegeDiyalaH+/-
University College of Science/College Business SchoolBaghdadH+/-
Basra University College of Science and Technology / Basra University College of Science and TechnologyBasraH+/-
Uruk University / Uruk CollectionsBaghdadH+/-
Al-Maamoun University CollegeBaghdadH+/-
Hawler Private UniversityErbil (Hawler)H+/-

Source: website Institutionen: Anabin – Informationssystem zur Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse (

Iraqi universities recognized in Germany

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