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Yemeni universities recognized in Germany

Yemeni universities recognized in Germany

Many Yemeni students want to know the list of Yemeni universities recognized in Germany for the purpose of studying there or even for the purpose of working and amending the Yemeni certificate. Therefore, in the list of Yemeni universities recognized in Germany, according to the German website Anabin, you will find if your university certificate entitles you to study in Germany, or if you need to submit a request to modify the certificate, or if you are not authorized to study in Germany.

List of Yemeni universities recognized in Germany

Are you a Yemeni student? I obtained a degree from one of the Yemeni universities and want to know if the degree I obtained from one of the Yemeni universities is recognized in Germany?

Explanation of the schedule of Yemeni universities Recognized in Germany:

With class “Certificate Status H” Is the educational institution “recognized” as a university or not? The three categories used are defined as follows:

  • Certificate status H + It means that the institution is recognized as universities in Yemen (accredited, certified, etc.) and, accordingly, should be considered as universities in Germany
  • Certificate status H - Institutions of this type cannot be considered universities. Two groups of cases can be distinguished:
  1. The institutions are recognized (accredited, certified, etc.) as universities in Yemen but not in a significant way and accordingly (currently) should not be treated as universities in Germany.
  2. Institutions of this type are not universities according to their legal status in Yemen.
  • Certificate mode H -/+ The type includes both recognized and unrecognized institutions. In Yemen, the testimonies of individuals are treated individually and not as a whole.
Institute/UniversityPlaceType of institutionCertificate status
September 21 UniversitySana'aState UniversityH+
May 22 College of Medical and Applied SciencesTaizprivate universityH+
University of AlSaidTaizprivate universityH+/-
Al-Ahgaff UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
University of AndalusiaSana'aprivate universityH+/-
Al-Hikmah University private universityH+/-
University of GeziraFatherprivate universityH+/-
Al-Nasser Universityprivate universityH+/-
Al Rayyan Collegeroadsteadprivate universityH+/-
Al-Rayyan Universityroadsteadprivate universityH+/-
Al-Razi Universityprivate universityH+/-
Saeeda UniversityDhamar / Dhamarprivate universityH+/-
Al Bayda UniversitywhiteState UniversityH+/-
Amran UniversityOmranState UniversityH+
Arab University for Science and Technologyprivate universityH+
Azal University for Human Developmentprivate universityH+/-
Azal University of Science and Technologyprivate universityH+/-
British University in YemenSana'aprivate universityH+/-
Dar es Salaam International University of Science and Technologyprivate universityH+/-
Aden FridaysEdenState UniversityH+/-
Collections of the House of Modern Sharia SciencesSana'aprivate universityH+
Iqraa UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
Al-Iman UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
Emirates International UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
College of Islamic and Applied Sciencesprivate universityH+/-
Future universityprivate universityH+/-
Hadhramaut University of Science and TechnologyroadsteadState UniversityH+/-
Hajjah UniversityargumentState UniversityH+
Hodeidah UniversityHodeidahState UniversityH+
Ibb UniversityFatherState UniversityH+
International University of Technology Twintechprivate universityH+
Union University of Science and TechnologySana'aprivate universityH+/-
University of Knowledge and Modern SciencesSana'aprivate universityH+/-
Imam Al-Shafi’i College of Sharia Sciencesprivate universityH+/-
Radfan Colleges for Qur’an and Scienceprivate universityH+/-
Lebanese International University - Yemenprivate universityH+/-
Queen Arwa UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
University of ShebaSana'aprivate universityH+/-
Sanaa UniversitySana'aState UniversityH+/-
Taez UniversityTaizState UniversityH+
Dhamar UniversityDhamarState UniversityH+
Hadara Private UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+
National UniversityTaizprivate universityH+/-
University of the Holy Quran and Islamic SciencesSana'aprivate universityH+/-
University of Applied SciencesSana'aAn unrecognized private universityH+/-
Ibn Khaldoun Universityprivate universityH -
University of Modern Sciencesprivate universityH+/-
University of Science and TechnologySana'aprivate universityH+/-
Yemen and Gulf Associations for Science and TechnologyHodeidahprivate universityH+/-
Yemeni UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-
Yemeni Jordanian Universityprivate universityH+/-
Yemenia UniversitySana'aprivate universityH+/-

Source: website Institutionen: Anabin – Informationssystem zur Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse (

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