Recognized Georgia Universities

Studshot tries to answer this question by publishing the Recognized Georgia Universities Ranking of 48 Georgian higher education institutions that meet the selection criteria of the World University Rankings.

  • To be rented or
  • To be licensed and
  • To be certified
  • Offer at least four years of college
  • Postgraduate degrees offer a minimum of MSc

Table of recognized Georgia universities

Ranking of universities in GeorgiaUniversity NameCity
1Tbilisi State University Ivan JavakhishviliTbilisi
2Elijah State UniversityTbilisi
3Georgian Technical UniversityTbilisi
4University of GeorgiaTbilisi
5Black Sea International UniversityTbilisi
6Batumi State University Shota RustaveliBatumi
7Tbilisi State Medical UniversityTbilisi
9Caucasus UniversityTbilisi
8Caucasus International UniversityTbilisi
10Georgian Institute of Public AffairsTbilisi…
12Akaki Tsereteli State UniversityKutaisi
11Tbilisi Free UniversityTbilisi
13Batumi State Maritime AcademyBatumi
29Georgian National University YOURSTbilisi
14University of Business and TechnologyTbilisi
26Georgia Agricultural UniversityTbilisi
16Tbilisi State Academy of ArtsTbilisi
19Iakob Gogbashvili Telavi State UniversityTelavi
15Sukhumi State UniversityTbilisi
17St Andrew's First Georgian UniversityTbilisi
18V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State ConservatoireTbilisi
24Samtskhe-Javakheti State UniversityTsikhi food
20Grigol Rubakidze UniversityTbilisi
25Shota Rustaveli Theater and Georgian State Film UniversityTbilisi
21New Vision UniversityTbilisi
23David Teldiani Medical UniversityTbilisi
22Gori State Educational Universityburning
34Peter Chutadze Tbilisi Medical AcademyTbilisi
30Georgian American UniversityTbilisi
28BAU International University, BatumiBatumi
32Shota Mekhkhetian State Educational UniversityZugdidi
33Georgian Aviation UniversityTbilisi
31Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani Educational UniversityTbilisi
35Kutaisi UniversityKutaisi
36David Aghmashenebeli University of GeorgiaTbilisi
37Teaching Geomedi UniversityTbilisi
27Tbilisi Open University of EducationTbilisi
39Eastern European University, GeorgiaTbilisi
40Batumi University of Arts EducationBatumi
38Georgia State University teaches physical education and sportsTbilisi
41European UniversityTbilisi
42Tbilisi Humanitarian UniversityTbilisi
44Guram Tavartkeladze Educational UniversityTbilisi
43Batumi Navigation UniversityBatumi
45Tbilisi David Agmashenebeli Educational UniversityTbilisi
46University Bank of GeorgiaTbilisi
47Georgian Patriarchate UniversityShawakhivi
48King Tamar University of the Patriarchate of GeorgiaTbilisi

The best 5 universities in Georgia

Tbilisi State University Ivan Javakhishvili

تقدم TSU A wide range of degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels and short courses delivered in English attract students from all over the world.

TSU's uptake is rapid and aims to create a multicultural environment that will enhance teaching and research opportunities. TSU promotes equal access to education and believes in the inclusion and value of all students and staff.

Elijah State University

was established Elijah State University ISU was founded in 2006 as a result of the merger of six different academic institutions with a long and diverse history. Currently Iliya State University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia.

Georgian Technical University

Prepare Georgia Tech University The oldest Georgian university that offers opportunities to study business administration, information technology, and engineering in various engineering specializations. The university is a government educational institution that began its establishment in 1917, and hardly any architectural or engineering achievement in Georgia is devoid of graduates of this ancient university, as most of them studied at the Georgian Technical University.

Caucasus University

Caucasus University It is a private university in Tbilisi, Georgia. The university was founded in 2004 on the basis of the Caucasus Business School, which was created in 1998 in partnership with Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, during the country's transition period.

University of Georgia

University of Georgia It is an American research university whose campus is located in the city of Athens, in the US state of Georgia, on an area of ​​​​759 acres. It is the oldest and largest university in the Georgia state university system, and it always occupies a position among the two hundred best universities in the world.

Recognized Georgia Universities

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