Lebanese universities recognized in Germany

Many Lebanese students want to know the list of Lebanese universities recognized in Germany for the purpose of studying there or even for the purpose of working and amending the Lebanese certificate. Therefore, in the list of Lebanese universities recognized in Germany, according to the German website Anabin, you will find if your university certificate entitles you to study in Germany, or if you need to submit a request to modify the certificate, or if you are not authorized to study in Germany.

List of Lebanese universities recognized in Germany

Are you a Lebanese student?

Or obtained a degree from one of the universities in Lebanon

Do you want to know if the degree you obtained from a Lebanese university is recognized in Germany?

Table of recognized universities in Lebanon

  • Recognized: This means that the student can continue his studies directly in German universities.

Partially recognized means that the student must re-study some hours in German universities before continuing to study the next degree, such as a master’s degree and others.

University NameStudyshoot PlatformDegree status
Al-Hikmah UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
Lebanese Academy of ArtsBalamand, Balamand Monasteryمعترف بها
Imam Al-Awza'i UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
American Cultural and Educational AssociationBeirutPartially recognized
Lebanese UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
Antoine UniversityBaabdaمعترف بها
Al-Manar University, TripoliTripoliPartially recognized
American University of BeirutBeirutمعترف بها
American University of Science and TechnologyBeirutPartially recognized
Arabic Open UniversityPartially recognized
University of Arts, Sciences and Technology in LebanonBeirutPartially recognized
Beirut arabic UniversityBeirutPartially recognized
Beirut arabic UniversityBeirutPartially recognized
Bekaa UniversityBeirutPartially recognized
University College of Business and ComputerBeirutPartially recognized
Hariri Canadian UniversitySupervisor - ChoufPartially recognized
Friday of BalamandKoura - Balamandمعترف بها
Sajida Louaize AssociationBeirutمعترف بها
Beirut Higher School of Engineers, Faculty of EngineeringBeirutPartially recognized
College of Business AdministrationBeirutPartially recognized
Haigazian UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
University of the Holy SpiritJouniehمعترف بها
Saint Institute of Philosophy and TheologymashPartially recognized
Institute for training mayorsBeirutPartially recognized
Islamic University of LebanonBeirutPartially recognized
Al-Jinan University / Juma Al-JinanTripoliPartially recognized
Lebanese American UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
Lebanese Communist UniversityJouniehPartially recognized
Lebanese International UniversityBeirutPartially recognized
Lebanese University BeirutBeirutمعترف بها
Modern University of Business and ScienceBeirutPartially recognized
Orient Theological SchoolBeirutمعترف بها
Notre Dame University, LouaizeBeirutمعترف بها
Rafic Hariri UniversitySupervisor - ChoufPartially recognized
Sidon University CollegeLogoutPartially recognized
Saint Joseph University - Marsa Youssef University, BeirutBeirutمعترف بها
University College of Business and ComputerBeirutPartially recognized
Antonine UniversityBaabdaمعترف بها
Al-Hikmah University / Al-Hikmah AssociationBeirutمعترف بها
Lebanese French University of Technology and Applied SciencesTripoliPartially recognized
Jinan UniversityTripoliPartially recognized
University of Notre Dame de LouisaBeirutمعترف بها
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)Jouniehمعترف بها
Saint Joseph UniversityBeirutمعترف بها
Institute for teacher trainingBeirutPartially recognized
University of BalamandKoura - Balamandمعترف بها

Source: website Institutionen: Anabin – Informationssystem zur Anerkennung ausländischer Bildungsabschlüsse (kmk.org)

Lebanese universities recognized in Germany

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