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Study medicine in the Philippines

Study medicine in the Philippines

You may have thought about studying medicine in the Philippines as an Arab student, but you are wondering how to begin the application steps and what information I should know in advance about the Philippines. Accordingly, you will find all the answers to what you need or what is on your mind about study information, especially studying medicine in the Philippines.

What is required to study medicine in the Philippines?

There are some conditions that you must know as an Arab student who wants to study medicine in the Philippines. The situation in the Philippines is completely different. It is not enough just to obtain high grades in high school to obtain a seat in medical colleges. However, the following conditions must also be met:

  1. Prepare from the beginning of high school, because you need to achieve a high level of academic achievement.
  2. You must have a one-year study or, for example, training in a medical specialty or in a medical college, and this is known as the medical preparatory year.
  3. Pass the National Medical Admissions Examination (NMAT).
  4. Passing the entrance examination for Philippine universities, for example the UPCAT examination for the University of the Philippines.
  5. Passing the physician licensing exam (PRC) After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine.

After graduating from high school, you need a bachelor's degree in a field close to medicine and science, for four years or five years after that to study medicine, with a bachelor's degree program in medicine (MD) taking five years to finish. The first three years will be spent studying basic medical sciences, then the fourth year in clinical study in laboratories and hospitals, then the fifth year in actual training with patients inside the hospital.

Fees and costs for studying medicine in the Philippines

There are many prestigious and prestigious universities in the Philippines where you can study medicine, and among the best of these universities to study medicine are:

1- Manila City University – PLM:

Single semester fee in Philippine currency: 80000+ in installments (from 1 to 3 years) and 120.000+ (XNUMXth year) for students without scholarship.

2- Saint Luke’s College of Medicine:

Tuition fee per semester is 146

3- Cebu Medical Institute:

Tuition fee per semester is around 76000

How to register in universities

The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree in a specialty related to medicine, and if he has a specialty that is not related to medicine (i.e. a non-medical curriculum), he must pass a course called Pre-medical curriculum After that, you will be given a certificate so that you can apply to study medicine.

Direct communication with the university admissions department is the best way to find out all the information about when and how to join the university.

Most universities in order to study medicine in the Philippines will ask you to do the following:

  1. high school Certificate
  2. Proof of study for at least one year in a medical specialty
  3. English language certificates or the approved language of teaching at the university
  4. A copy of the passport
  5. University application form


The Philippines is one of the best countries for students of all ages, in that its degrees are accredited in many countries around the world, and studying in English is possible in universities.

 To know specifically about the requirements and applications, please contact the admission department at the university you wish to study at. This can be done by visiting the university’s website, or the page on Facebook, and then communicating with them through the communication methods described there.

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