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Studying medicine in Cyprus...universities and tuition fees

Studying medicine in Cyprus...universities and tuition fees

For many, studying medicine in Cyprus is more of an invitation than a choice. The School of Medicine attracts students who are academically motivated, truly passionate about science, and determined to improve the health of the world's people through cutting-edge practices, research, and innovation.

You will experience a world-class medical education with an international student body, benefit from a highly engaged faculty with Nobel laureates among your professors, and develop foundational skills through clinical practice from your first year to excel in the art of healing.

Tuition fees in medical schools in Cyprus

Study medicine in Cyprus.. Universities and tuition fees STUDYSHOOT

Tuition fees for different medical schools in Cyprus can range between €8000 and €20000 depending on the university you choose to apply to. Before you say this is too expensive, read to the end.

First, you can benefit from significant reductions in fees, based on your household income. Secondly, once you get into college, you will realize that it is worth every penny.

Requirements for admission to medicine in Cyprus

If you are the type who studies hard but is always very anxious before exams, we have good news for you! Near East University Nicosia does not require any other entrance exam except the English proficiency exam or certificate.

The rest of the universities in Cyprus require you to pass an exam to test your basic scientific knowledge in biology and one of the following subjects: chemistry, mathematics or physics. Also, you will need an English language certificate.

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The most important universities for studying medicine in Cyprus

The oldest medical institution in the country is the European University of Cyprus, founded in 1961, and internationally recognized.

Cyprus medical schools that teach medicine in English

Near East University

It is a private university offering courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. It is located in North Nicosia and is the largest university in North Cyprus. It was established in 1988, starting with only two colleges. Nowadays, the university has grown to 20 faculties with more than 220 departments.

  • This medical institution offers a 6-year course in medicine and a 5-year course in dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. 
  • Tuition fees are 12600 euros annually. 
  • The cost of a dental course is 11600 euros annually.
  • The cost of studying pharmacy and veterinary medicine is 8.600 euros annually.
  • Near East University has a wonderful dormitory with rooms and apartments. 
  • All are perfectly equipped with all furniture, electronics and high-speed internet.
  • Living in university housing will cost you about 900 euros per month.
  • One of the best things about this university is that you don't need more than just an English certificate to get accepted into it.
  • After graduation, you are free to practice around the world.

European University in Cyprus

The European University of Cyprus began its journey to educate students in 1961. The Faculty of Medicine won the awards for “Best Medical Installation” and “Best Educational Solution”.

Located in Nicosia, it is among more than 101 universities in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking.

  • International students can apply for a 6-year Medicine course or a 5-year Dentistry course, both in English.
  • The tuition fee for their courses is €19000 per year. You can avail a 5% discount by paying the full amount before starting the program.
  • The university dormitory is well equipped and very close to the university. 
  • With its fully furnished studios and one-bedroom apartments, you will have everything you need at your fingertips.
  •  Living in accommodation will cost you between €117 and €144 per week.
  • Applying to this university does not require an entrance exam. 
  • You must have A-levels in Biology plus one of these subjects: Chemistry, Maths or Physics in your High School Diploma and English Language Certificate
  •  Being an EUC graduate allows you to practice everywhere in the world.

University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia was founded in 1980 and is located in Nicosia. Nowadays, the university hosts more than 12000 students from more than 70 countries. The medical program offers graduate entry.

  • The MD course is taught in English and lasts 6 years. 
  • The tuition fee for the first 18000 years is €22000 and €3 for the last XNUMX years.
  • If you already have experience in a hospital or health-related institution, you can apply for a 4-year postgraduate entry program costing €30 per year.
  • The University Dormitory is exactly what you imagine when you think of a five-star hotel. It is rated as one of the best in Europe.
  • All 853 studio apartments are fully furnished with fast internet connection.
  •  The campus also offers you plenty of entertainment options for your free time.
  • The university does not require an entrance exam. 
  • To apply, you need an English language certificate, A levels in a secondary school diploma in Biology and one of the following subjects: mathematics, chemistry or physics.

common questions

Can I apply for medicine for postgraduate study in Cyprus?

Yes you can. The University of Nicosia offers you a 4-year postgraduate admission medicine course.

How long will your course in Cyprus take?

If you choose the medicine programme, it will take 6 years. However, if you prefer dentistry or pharmacy, it will be 5 years.

Is it expensive to live in Cyprus?

No, living costs in Cyprus range between €800 and €1000 per month.

Can I transfer from medical school to Cyprus?

Fortunately, yes, you can. Some universities have this option.

Do I have to pass entrance exams?

No, all universities rank according to your GCSE grades.

Where will my degree be recognized?

Everywhere. After you graduate, your degree will be recognized all over the world.

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