Study aviation in the Emirates

Because of the lucrative career aspect for everyone who wants to study aviation in the Emirates and the popularity among the masses, we will talk about all the private and public colleges in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to study aviation.

Most of these aviation schools, colleges and academies are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; However, you will see other aviation colleges in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and other cities and states in the UAE as well.

Advantages of studying aviation in the Emirates

  • It involves traveling to beautiful and exotic locations around the world
  • After graduation, you will have a highly developed career path. 
  • The UAE's airline revenue management is the best in the world.

Conditions for studying aviation in the Emirates

  • You must be at least 17 years old to start pilot training in the UAE. 
  • Minimum age is 18 years to obtain a licence
  • To begin your studies, you will need to obtain a medical degree. 
  • All students are required by law to obtain a security clearance before beginning flight training in the UAE.
  • Success in thePersonal interview with the admission committee.
  • Students must have at least a high school diploma with at least 50% in Mathematics and Physics.
  • Since the language of aviation internationally is English, it is recommended that you have at least Level 4 English language standards
  • The retirement age for airline pilots is 65 years.

Costs of studying aviation in the UAE

The fee for a short-term training course to obtain a private license is less than $5000, while to obtain a bachelor’s degree accredited to work in the field of civil aviation, it costs no less than $25.

The training fee includes the full training programme, training materials, student visa, accommodation, uniform and three daily meals for the entire training period.

Obtain a bachelor's degree in aviation in the UAE

Credit hours126 years
Duration of study4 سنوات
Study modeFull time

Admission for non-Emiratis to UAE aviation colleges

  • Non-UAE national candidates can complete the application online.
  • The Aviation College Admissions Team will review your application and you will be kept informed of the status of your application at every step.

Aviation colleges in the Emirates

In these 14 colleges you can start aviation training in the UAE or obtain a recognized certificate:

  • SESCOMS Institute
  • Emirates Aviation University.
  • Emirates Aviation College - Building B.
  • Alpha Aviation Academy.
  • Fujairah Aviation Academy.
  • Emirates Aviation Training Centre.
  • Gulf Center for Aviation Studies.
  • Aviation Training Centre.
  • Emirates Training College building.
  • Emirates Aviation Training College.
  • Emirates Aviation Training Academy.
  • Aviation Training Center in Abu Dhabi.
  • Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute.
  • Etihad Aviation Training, Zayed Headquarters.

1- SISCOMS Institute

  • Address: Siscoms College Building, Near Central Market, Opp. Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Airport Road.
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain.
  • The cost of studying aviation at SESCOMS Institute is AED 5.
  • Short-term training.

2- Gulf Center for Aviation Studies

  • Address: Al Bateen Executive Airport.
  • Location: Abu Dhabi.
  • The cost of studying aviation at the Gulf Center for Aviation Studies is 1 AED.
  • Short-term training.

3- New Skills Academy

  • Location : Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.
  • Registration fees are not specified.
  • Short-term training.

4- Emirates Aviation University

  • Address: Academic City in Dubai.
  • Location: Dubai.
  • The cost of studying aviation at Emirates Aviation University is $25000.
  • Accredited bachelor's degree
  • Duration of study is 4 years.

5- Emirates Aviation Training Academy

  • Address: Dubai South
  • Location: Dubai.
  • The cost of studying aviation at the Emirates Aviation Training Academy is $20000.
  • Accredited bachelor's degree.

Emirates Aviation Training Academy requirements

It is considered one of the most sought-after aviation training academies in the world. Limited openings are available for new admissions, so please consider the following requirements before applying.

  • You must be 17-26 years old, at least 160cm tall and medically fit.
  • You must have completed secondary education (high school) with passes in English, Mathematics and Physics.
  • English language proficiency must meet or exceed TOEFL 510, 5.5 for each item in IELTS, or iBT 65.

Professional life of Emirates graduates

Many aspiring pilots have a specific career path they want to pursue, while others do not. 

Below is a list of options for what you can do with a trial license.

  • Aviation pilot for large or smaller regional airlines
  • Corporate or business aviation pilot
  • Cargo pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Medical ambulance pilots
  • Agricultural pilot

A frequently asked question is: What is the salary of an airline captain in the United Arab Emirates? 

The short answer is about $8000 per month plus benefits.

We hope that we have answered all the questions related to the subject of studying aviation in the Emirates.

Study aviation in the Emirates

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