Study aviation in Greece

Studying aviation in Greece is intended for all students who wish to enhance their personal development. And their dreams since childhood or even in high school.

It covers many of the specializations included in the field of aviation, whether studying aviation in Greece, civil or commercial, or even aeronautical engineering.

But there are also areas that focus on air traffic and the environmental impact of aircraft. General aviation can also be divided into civil and military aviation.

Advantages of studying aviation in Greece

We must take into consideration each of the following notes when we talk about studying aviation in Greece for a bachelor's degree:

  • Depth of curriculum offerings, scholarships and high academic standards.
  • Graduate performance, number of students, and student selectivity.
  • Qualifications and technical experience of teachers, quality of teaching, dedication of teachers and research.
  • Internships for students, and programs linked to direct employment after graduation.
  • Airplanes, simulators, computers, etc.
  • Buildings, classrooms, hangars, etc. as well as geographical location.
  • Program management and leadership capabilities of faculty members.
  • Efficiency of program financing.
  • The reputation is respected in the aviation industry.

Duration of studying aviation in Greece

To obtain a private pilot license in Greece you only need to undergo a period of training 9 months Only 240 hours of training on twin-engine aircraft.

For a bachelor’s degree in aviation sciences, it is 4 full years long, and for aeronautical engineering it is only 3-5 years long.

Costs of studying aviation in Greece

To obtain a license Civil Aviation Private or public, the total costs will be approximately $35000 and include theoretical and practical study, the mentioned flight hours, fuel, airport fees, books, uniforms, and one-time theoretical and practical exam fees.

Admission requirements to Greek aviation colleges

Application requirements for admission to a Greek university vary, however, there are general requirements that include different programs and universities.

The following conditions must be met:

  • High School certificate
  • Proficiency in English or Greek
  • Additional program-specific qualifying examinations such as a medical test or pre-admission interview.
  • Students who have taken English as a subject in high school can prove their level of knowledge of English by showing academic records or their high school results.
  • International tests such as IELTS and TOEFL are accepted at various institutions in Greece

The most important aviation colleges in Greece

There are approximately 14 aviation colleges in the Emirates, which are as follows:

  • SKeyes Aviation Academy
  • Fez Pilot Academy
  • FAS Rhodos Pilots Academy
  • Aeolus Aviation Academy
  • Macedonia Flying Club
  • Cretan Eagle Aviation
  • Eurowings Aviation and Consulting
  • Global Aviation SA
  • Gulf Air Academy
  • Ionian flight
  • Jetstream Aviation Academy
  • Maverick Aviation
  • Olympus Aviation Academy
  • TAE Aviation Academy

Aviation study curriculum in Greece

The following subjects are most important for the aviation program offered by Greek universities:

  • project management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Aviation policy and planning
  • Aviation law and regulation
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Aviation management
  • finance
  • accounting
  • Airlines management
  • Air transport
  • Aviation Safety Administration
  • Aviation insurance
  • Contract Management
  • Marketing
  • Aircraft leasing and financing
  • Airport management

We hope that we have provided useful material on the topic of studying aviation in Greece for students.

Study aviation in Greece

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