Studying a master’s degree in Slovakia – admission requirements and university costs

If you are thinking of studying a master's degree in Slovakia, you must have completed a bachelor's degree first.

This topic will explain to you all the conditions and costs you need and learn about the best specializations required in Slovakia for a master’s degree.

You can find plenty of highly-ranked universities that take their rightful place next to some of the biggest global university names out there.

Advantages of studying a master's degree in Slovakia

Study in the heart of Europe, travel in pristine nature and explore many historical sites… these are just a few of the many benefits of choosing to study a Master in Slovakia. Education in the country is not only of excellent quality, but also at very affordable prices.

Did you know that from Bratislava it takes only one hour by car to reach Vienna, and therefore the two cities are the closest capitals in Europe? It only takes a few hours to reach Budapest by car and only three hours to reach Prague as well. Slovakia's unique location makes it the ideal place, if you want to travel while studying.

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Education system in Slovakia

Higher education in Slovakia is provided by three types of institutions:

  • Public universities – Most higher education schools belong to this group. It is funded by the government.
  • State universities – military, police or medical colleges. It is funded by the corresponding ministries.
  • Private universities – established and funded by non-governmental institutions but accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Duration of master's studies in Slovakia

Master's study programs usually require between one and three years to complete. Usually, to obtain a master's degree, you must write a master's thesis in addition to passing a state examination.

The official language in the country is Slovak, but do not worry if you have not started with it yet. There are a number of institutions that offer Master's courses in foreign languages ​​– often in English, but also in some cases – in German, French or Hungarian.

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Conditions for accepting a master’s degree in Slovakia

You have successfully obtained your Bachelor's degree and are now looking for a Master's programme? Next, you will need to check the specific requirements at the college of your choice as each college sets its own criteria for accepting students. In some cases, you may be required to attend additional preparatory courses, including a language course.

Costs of studying for a master’s degree in Slovakia

Studying at state and public universities is free for Slovak citizens as well as from EU member states. The same also applies to nationals of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine. For non-EU students, annual fees range between 2 and 5 thousand euros.

Most higher education institutions offer dormitory accommodation. Accommodation there is about 70 euros per month. Rooms in dormitories are often shared with one or two other students. If you prefer to rent your own apartment, be prepared to pay around €300 per month in Bratislava for a one-room apartment.

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Documents required to study a master’s degree in Slovakia

When applying to universities in Slovakia, you need to submit the following papers:

  • A copy of the passport or national ID
  • School transcripts are compulsory and university grades are mandatory
  • Statement of purpose
  • Motivation letter
  • recommendation Letter
  • Biography
  • High school certificate, diploma or university certificate, which must be translated.

Note: Registration in Slovak universities for a master’s degree is through the website of the university you will choose. This means that you enter the university’s website online and here you submit your complete application. You also send your papers to the university online.

The best universities in Slovakia according to international classification for master’s studies

Now we will suggest to you some names of universities whose admission system is easier than in other universities:

  1. Comenius University in Bratislava
  2. Pavol Jozef Savaryk University of Kosice
  3. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  4. Kosice Technical University
  5. University of Zilina
  6. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Scholarships for Masters in Slovakia

One way to finance a master's degree in Slovakia is to obtain a scholarship. The Slovakia Scholarship Program awards scholarships to international students in the following cases:

  • Students who study master's courses at a foreign university, but have been invited by a public, state or private university in Slovakia and need money for the sole purpose of starting their studies in the Slovak Republic.
  • Researchers or artists who have been invited to conduct research or participate in an arts programme.

Since it can be difficult to obtain a national student scholarship, we recommend that you search for international scholarship opportunities that can fit your field of study. Usually to receive these scholarships, you must prove the highest grades in your undergraduate studies and write a good motivational letter. In some cases, there are specific scholarships based on criteria such as religion, nationality, special needs, or financial situation.

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The best master's programs in Slovakia

Specialization nameNumber of universities
Applied sciences and professions9
Law and Jurisprudence5
Culture science4
Environmental studies4
Political Science4
Technical specializations3
Natural Science3
building and Construction2
Design and urbanism2
International relations2
the press1
Finance and banking1
Food and nutrition1
Construction and reconstruction1
Military sciences1
Physical education1
Studying a master’s degree in Slovakia – admission requirements and university costs

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