License to practice medical professions and obtain an Emirates visa for doctors 2024

Licensing to practice medical professions and obtaining an Emirates visa for doctors

Whether you are a specialist doctor or a general doctor and want to obtain a license to practice the profession, there are minor differences in the application process, but you can still apply for the UAE visa for doctors.

In this article, we will discuss all the information about the UAE visa for doctors, its costs and conditions, and also discuss the issue of golden residency for foreign doctors who wish to travel to the UAE to work and settle.

The UAE visa for doctors, like any other type of visa, is subject to regulations and policies set by the UAE government. I will also update this article continuously based on the laws and recent data at each period provided by the UAE government to obtain the UAE visa for doctors.

In order, before talking about how to apply for the UAE visa for doctors, I will talk about an important topic, which is amending a foreign medical certificate in the UAE.

Amending a medical certificate in the UAE

To practice medicine in the UAE, including doctors seeking work in the country, a license or registration from the UAE health authority is required.

The primary health authorities responsible for issuing licenses to practice medicine in the UAE are the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in Dubai, and the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

The documents required to amend a medical certificate in the UAE are as follows:

  • Medical certificate from the foreign country you obtained.
  • Proof of a specified period of postgraduate clinical experience, typically ranging from 2 to 5 years
  • Passing the licensing exam, called the Emirates Prometric exam
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • passport
  • Photography
  • Proof of proficiency in English such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET).
  • Good conduct certificate

I will now talk about the UAE Prometric news with all the information I have that you can benefit from in your first step to obtaining an Emirates visa.

Request a license to practice the profession at the UAE Ministry of Health

Enter the Ministry of Health and Community Protection website or the smart application to apply for the electronic service. You must create an account and obtain a username and password. Then you must fill out the required data and information, submit the evaluation request, and then pay the application fee.

An electronic link will be sent to pay the certificate verification fees, and when you pay the fees, the procedures for requesting an amendment to the medical certificate in the Emirates will be completed, and you will receive an identification number that you must keep.

After you obtain the identification number and the Ministry of Health’s decision regarding your papers, you will now have the opportunity to move forward to pass the job practice test, which is called the UAE Prometric test, which we will talk about in the next section.

UAE Prometric Test

It is an assessment conducted by Prometric exam centers in the United Arab Emirates. It is a computer-based examination that assesses the knowledge and competency of healthcare professionals, including doctors, who wish to practice in the UAE.

The UAE Prometric test is designed to evaluate the candidate's understanding of medical concepts, clinical knowledge, and ability to apply medical principles in practical scenarios.

The test is usually based on medical licensing examination requirements set by the relevant UAE health authorities, such as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Here are some key points to know about the UAE Prometric test:

The main purpose of the UAE Prometric test is to determine whether healthcare professionals, including doctors, have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to provide safe and effective medical care in the UAE.

The Prometric test is computer-based and usually multiple-choice in format. It consists of a set of questions covering various medical specialties and clinical scenarios.

Test content:

Test content is usually based on internationally recognized medical standards and guidelines. It evaluates the candidate's knowledge in areas such as basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, diagnostic procedures, treatment protocols, and ethical considerations.

Candidates interested in taking the UAE Prometric test must register through the official Prometric website or other approved channels. They may need to provide personal information, pay the testing fee, and choose a testing location and date.

Important note: The doctor is allowed to re-examine only 3 times. In the event of fees, the doctor does not have the right to repeat the test again.

Preparing for the test:

Candidates are advised to prepare for the UAE Prometric exam by studying relevant medical textbooks, reviewing materials, and practicing sample questions. There are many online resources and review courses available to help candidates prepare for the test.

To register for the UAE Prometric exam, you must prepare the following papers:

  • Bachelor's degree in medicine.
  • Statement of bachelor's degrees in medicine.
  • There is no break from practicing the profession for more than two years
  • Certificate of excellence, if any.
  • A permit to practice a profession in the country in which you currently reside.
  • A certificate of good conduct and conduct from the union in the country in which you currently reside.
  • A valid passport.

You should know that there are costs for the prometric test in the UAE, and the prometric exam fee is only $210 or its equivalent in the local UAE currency. More about costs Click here.

Book a prometric test appointment

You must have registered for your exam with the UAE Ministry of Health and obtained your eligibility number. Then follow the following steps

To book a Prometric exam appointment, follow the following steps

  • Enter the official booking site Emirates Prometric.
  • Read the terms and conditions page carefully.
  • Agree to the terms of registration on the site.
  • Enter the identification number.
  • Enter your data.
  • Pay the reservation fee.
  • Confirm your reservation.

Thus, we have completed the first two important steps, which are obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Health, and registering for the Emirates Prometric test.

License to practice medical professions and obtain an Emirates visa for doctors STUDYSHOOT

Golden residency in the UAE for doctors

The next step will be to obtain the Emirates visa for doctors and golden residency, and for this you must know the conditions, the required papers, and where to apply to obtain the golden residency for doctors.

Before I mention the details of Golden Residency, I will talk about its advantages for doctors, which include:

  • You will first receive a 6-month multiple entry visa to complete the Golden Residency procedure
  • After submitting and approving the application, you will receive a residence visa for a period of 5 or 10 years, renewable
  • A golden residency holder can stay outside the UAE for a period exceeding 6 months
  • Through the Golden Residency Program in the Emirates, you will not need a guarantor within the country
  • Your family members from outside the UAE can join you in living here.

Conditions for golden residency and UAE visa for doctors

  • You must have a medical degree, including a doctorate
  • You must have a license to practice the profession from the UAE Ministry of Health
  • Owning distinguished scientific books in your field of work.
  • You must be a graduate of a prestigious university in the world.
  • Your salary as a doctor in the UAE is not less than 30 thousand dirhams.
  • You have an employment contract in the UAE that is still valid.
  • You must have health insurance in the UAE.

Note: You can still apply for the UAE visa for doctors even if you do not meet the conditions of the Golden Residency Program, especially your graduation from the best universities in the world. Many doctors do not know that the Golden Residency has more than one branch and section.

To register in the Golden Residency Program for Doctors, follow these steps:

You can find a list of universities when filling out the application form. This is a copy of it. Click here to download the copy. To verify your eligibility to obtain golden residency in the UAE, you can go to the official website (Click here) and answer the questions, and then a preliminary result of acceptance or rejection will appear to you.

License to practice medical professions and obtain an Emirates visa for doctors STUDYSHOOT
Licensing to practice medical professions and obtaining an Emirates visa for doctors

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