Master's scholarships in the Emirates

The Study Shoot website provides you with a list of scholarships for master’s degrees in the Emirates for all students wishing to enroll in universities and obtain an accredited certificate.

Emirati universities offer master’s scholarships for citizen students and foreign students as well. Every year, one can register for one of these scholarships online on the university’s website.

The decision to accept the following scholarships is definitely up to the university, and now you can learn about the conditions in the section for each master’s scholarship, in addition to how to register.

The best 5 master’s scholarships in the Emirates

1. Master’s scholarships in the Emirates at Khalifa University

Khalifa University Scholarship accepts applications to study in the United Arab Emirates. Khalifa University Fully Funded Scholarship for Masters and PhD.

Khalifa University is a very popular and well-ranked university offering a wide range of majors and academic fields to national and international students across the world. The Khalifa University Scholarship covers all expenses of studying in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Full coverage of tuition fees.
  • Medical insurance coverage for students under Khalifa University visa.
  • Supporting attendance at international research conferences.
  • The indicative monthly stipend for GRTA Scholarship is as follows (subject to change): GRTA stands for Graduate Research and Assistantship Scholarship
  • Monthly salary during the master’s degree: 8000 UAE dirhams
  • Monthly salary during the doctorate: 10 AED

Click to register for the Khalifa University Scholarship

1. Master’s scholarships at Khalifa University in the UAE

2. Master’s scholarships in the Emirates at Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi Scholarship is dedicated to empowering outstanding students and inspiring them to achieve their educational goals. The Abu Dhabi University Scholarship and Financial Aid Program represents a key pillar of the Academic Excellence Strategy and reflects Abu Dhabi University's commitment to supporting the development of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi Scholarship considers that providing equal opportunities to students interested in pursuing higher education is an important national duty and enabling them to proactively contribute to society regardless of their financial situation.

The maximum period of coverage for any scholarship is four years, or upon graduation, whichever comes first. In some cases, English language requirements are also included. It is not necessary to re-apply for a scholarship as long as the criteria for maintaining the scholarship (described in the details of each scholarship section) are met.

Apply now for the Abu Dhabi scholarship to study Bachelor  و Master و PhD The Abu Dhabi University Scholarship helps you advance your academic goals in order to cover study expenses.

The application process for the Abu Dhabi Scholarship begins after the student is officially accepted into Abu Dhabi University and assigned a unique student ID number. This ID number is used to securely log in to your university account which has a section for financial aid and scholarships.

Click to register Abu Dhabi Scholarship

2. Master’s scholarships at Abu Dhabi University

3. Master’s scholarships in the Emirates at Curtin University

Do not miss the opportunity to obtain a seat for university admission at Curtin University in the Emirates now. The university scholarship is granted to students from all over the Arab world who excel in their studies and also have the motivation to study in the Emirates.

All applications for Curtin University UAE Scholarships are reviewed by the Dean's Office and the Scholarships Committee. Recipients will have to maintain specified academic grades in order to retain funding.

  • Curtin University funds tuition fees
  • This scholarship is funded flight costs
  • This scholarship funds accommodation costs
  • You will get assistance in submitting your student visa application
  • A monthly stipend will be provided to cover living expenses.
  • You will receive other benefits offered by Curtin University Scholarships

Click to apply to Curtin University

3. Master’s scholarships in the Emirates at Curtin University

4. Mohammed bin Zayed University Master’s Scholarship in the Emirates

The Mohammed Bin Zayed University Scholarship provides you with a real opportunity to travel to the Emirates and continue your university studies there.

Studying in the Emirates is considered a very important thing, as it gives you access to another new world, rich in cultures and modern and advanced educational methods. As we said, it is very important now to register for the Mohammed bin Zayed University scholarship.

  • Official acceptance letter.
  • Covering study expenses.
  • Cover letter of acceptance for student visa.
  • Full housing and living costs.
  • Travel costs by obtaining the price of an air ticket.
  • Full health insurance coverage.
  • Other benefits can be obtained through the official website of the opportunity.

Click to register Mohammed bin Zayed University Scholarship

4. Mohammed bin Zayed University Master’s Scholarship in the Emirates

5. ADNOC scholarship for Emirati master’s students

You can now prepare your application file to obtain it..

  • Petrol Engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • geology
  • Engineering project management
  • Mathematics
  • Automation in data science
  • Financial engineering for engineers
  • Machine learning

Successful applicants to the ADNOC Scholarship Program can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Assistance in applying for scholarships
  • Tuition fee support
  • Support for living expenses
  • Access the ADNOC Scholarship Portal
  • Rewards for excellent performance

Click to register for the ADNOC scholarship

5. ADNOC scholarship for Emirati master’s students

This was the comprehensive list of UAE universities to this day. We may update this list only when we receive new information about UAE universities.

Master's scholarships in the Emirates

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