Scholarships requesting a Persian language certificate 2024

Discover the most prominent scholarships that require a Persian language certificate and how to apply for them to achieve outstanding academic success.


Persian Language Degree Scholarships are a unique opportunity for students wishing to pursue their higher education in Persian-speaking countries, such as Iran. These scholarships require passing Persian language proficiency tests, which emphasizes the importance of language proficiency to ensure academic excellence and fruitful cultural interaction.

These scholarships provide students with the opportunity to learn about ancient Persian culture and explore its rich literary and artistic heritage. Mastery of the Persian language is a gateway to understanding classical and contemporary Persian literature, as well as Persian philosophy and history.

Persian Language Degree Scholarships focus on attracting students who demonstrate a true dedication to learning the language, and a sincere desire to immerse themselves in the Persian cultural and educational environment. This requirement enhances students' chances of academic success and allows them to make the most of the available educational and research opportunities.

These scholarships provide students with an exceptional opportunity to learn in an advanced educational environment, and contribute to enhancing cultural and scientific exchange between countries, opening new horizons for international cooperation and innovation.

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