In order to finance your study program you can enroll in the University of Vienna Scholarship, you may be interested in investigating the student loan possibilities offered by several private lenders. 

Advantages and benefits

  • A student who applies and passes the University of Vienna scholarship test will receive all of the following:
  • Exemption from paying tuition fees annually throughout the period of study for the specialization.
  • The duration of the scholarship depends on the period of study, a minimum of two years, and a maximum of five years only.
  • Exemption from lecture and book fees at the university.
  • Get free housing or monthly discounts.
  • Obtaining a claim to apply for a study visa.

Conditions for registration in the University of Vienna scholarship

If you want to register now for the University of Vienna scholarship, you must fulfill some conditions imposed by the universities, and these are the most important conditions:

  • You must have a certificate.
  • I finished the final exam and obtained a passing certificate.
  • Since the language of study is English, you are expected to know the English language well.
  • An English language test certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL must be submitted.
  • The requirement for English language tests is abolished, only if you have studied for an unacceptable period of four years in international schools.
  • For the required rate, please review the college website.
  • Some colleges require students to submit a portfolio, such as architecture and fine arts colleges.
  • Applications for registration will not be accepted outside the annual registration hours at the university.

Dear student: You must submit an application to register for the University of Vienna scholarship through the university’s website only. If you do not adhere to the conditions and tasks required of you, you will not be accepted.

Documents required for registration

  • A copy of the passport or ID.
  • The last certificate you obtained must be translated.
  • A statement of the student’s grades for the last academic degree obtained, translated into English.
  • Motivation letter.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.
  • CV.
  • Training certificates if you have them.
  • Work experience certificates if you have previous experience.
  • Volunteer certificates if you participated previously With volunteer opportunities.

At Study Shoot, we help you cover and prepare the documents required to register for the scholarship, and the most important of these documents are the CV, letter of motivation, and letters of recommendation.

How to register

Student application portal

Please use our dedicated application portal to apply for any program at Modul University Vienna. And look for an icon Click to apply now. Or registration site.

When you click on apply, a new tab will open with the application portal and display the login or registration page. You will need to create an account and register in order to apply. 

Complete the registration and log in. Once you are logged in you will see an “Apply Now” button on the right side, click this to get started. 

The portal will ask you to choose your application type – this will be Bachelors or Foundation programmes, Masters or PhD programmes.

 Once you select this, you can go ahead and select the program you would like to apply to, the major for your final semester and other information required for the application.