The University of New England is known for being a hub of exciting and diverse opportunities. One such golden opportunity for graduate students is the Keith and Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travel Scholarship.

The prestigious Keith and Dorothy Mackay Traveling Scholarship is designed to support postgraduate researchers to achieve their research goals and contribute to their fields in a significant way.

Benefits of the Keith and Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travel Scholarship

The scholarship is not only an endorsement of your hard work and dedication but also brings a plethora of benefits:

  • Financial support.
  • The scholarship covers travel expenses
  • Pursuing important research abroad.
  • Permanent membership in the university.
  • Covering housing expenses.
  • Academic recognition in all countries of the world with the University of New England degree.

Eligibility criteria

The Keith and Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Scholarship is open to scholars who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant must be a current graduate student at the University of New England.
  2. Research travel must be significant to the candidate's research project.
  3. The candidate must not have received this scholarship in the previous year.

How to Apply for the Keith and Dorothy Mackay Travel Scholarship

Applying for the scholarship involves a systematic and comprehensive process. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official scholarship page on the University of New England website.
  2. View the scholarship details, understand the eligibility criteria and the benefits it offers.
  3. Download the scholarship application form from the same page.
  4. Fill out the required data and prepare the necessary documents.
  5. Submit the completed application form with the required documents.

Required documents and preparation

The following documents are required to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Detailed proposalIt must specify the purpose of travel, the benefits of the research, and the expected results. Make sure your proposal is concise, clear and convincing, highlighting the importance of the proposed travel to your research.
  2. Budget details: Prepare a document listing the estimated costs of your travel. Be as accurate as possible, including costs for airfare, accommodations, meals, conference registration, etc.
  3. Academic references: You may need to provide academic references, so be sure to reach out to your professors or mentors who can attest to your academic credibility and the value of your proposed research travel.
  4. Supporting documentsAny document that you believe can support your application and demonstrate the importance of your research travel can be included. This may be a letter of invitation from an external institution or a letter of acceptance from a conference.
  5. Biography: Keep your CV up to date with your latest academic achievements, publications and experience.

After collecting and preparing the necessary documents, check back for accuracy and completeness. Remember, these documents represent your academic journey and aspirations, so make sure they highlight your dedication, potential, and the value of your proposed travel.

The Keith and Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travel Scholarship is an invaluable opportunity for any postgraduate research student looking to make a significant impact in their field. If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, please feel free to apply. This could be the starting point for your next big research breakthrough.