At Cranfield University, we offer a limited number of scholarships to students undertaking full-time Masters programmes. These scholarships aim to support academic excellence and enable you to join the university to pursue your postgraduate studies. The funding value varies according to the academic program and applicant's qualifications.

The value of funding offered in the Cranfield University Masters Scholarship is variable and depends on the academic program and applicants. This flexibility makes it possible to meet the needs of different students and ensure optimal support.

Those eligible to apply

These scholarships are available to applicants from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the rest of the world. Students from all over the world can apply for this scholarship and benefit from the educational opportunities available.

There is no fixed deadline for applications, as the process is ongoing. This means that you can apply at any time, provided scholarships are available at the time of your application.

The funding body for these scholarships is Cranfield University itself. Through this funding, we seek to support outstanding students and provide educational opportunities that contribute to their academic and professional development.

What the Cranfield University Masters Scholarship covers

  • The Cranfield University Masters Scholarship covers tuition fees.
  • The financing covers living expenses
  • Covering the expenses of lectures and books.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a Masters Scholarship at Cranfield University, you must demonstrate ability and competence in the subject you are applying to study. Scholarships are only available for full-time study programs at Master's level. Students receiving these scholarships will be required to participate in activities that promote the awards and Cranfield University's work in sustainability and clean technology solutions, through blogging, social media and the presentation of certificates.

Important note

If you are awarded this scholarship, you will not be eligible for any other Cranfield University scholarship that may have already been offered to you. This ensures that funding opportunities are distributed fairly among applying students.

Eligible programs

Study programs eligible for scholarships include:

  • MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • MSc Data Science and AI for Sustainability (formerly Advanced Digital Energy Systems)
  • MSc Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Master of Light and Advanced Structures
  • MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc Applied Bioinformatics
  • Master's Degree in Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  • MSc Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Master's degree in Computational and Programming Technologies in Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Management for Business
  • Master of Food Systems and Management
  • MSc Future Food Sustainability
  • MSc Global Environmental Change and Planetary Health (formerly Global Environmental Change)
  • MSc Renewable Energy
  • MSc Robotics
  • Master's degree in Water and Wastewater Engineering

How to apply

In order for your application to be considered, you should contact the admissions officer or director of the academic program in which you are interested. Their contact details can be found on the academic program pages. You must include your applicant ID number and provide a short statement explaining why you are being considered for the scholarship.