International students can enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Ewha Womans University Scholarships. You'll find anything you need to know about registration, tuition and timetables. There are also a number of branches and specializations that you can register and benefit from this scholarship.

Admission requirements for the Ewha University Scholarship

Registration process in Ewha University Women's Scholarship to study in South Korea It is clear and detailed. Applicants must submit their applications online through the university's official website, which provides application forms and necessary instructions. Students are required to submit academic documents, letters of recommendation, and a statement of personal goals, in addition to passing admission interviews conducted by the university.

Terms and requirements

The university requires applicants to have successfully completed their secondary or university education and to demonstrate academic excellence and outstanding leadership skills. Students must be able to communicate in English or Korean, as most academic programs are conducted in one of these languages.

Types of Scholarships at Ewha University

This Ewha Womans University Scholarship is for candidates from developing countries who demonstrate (female) leadership ability and advance to the special application process for foreign applicants. 

The scholarship covers the total cost of tuition fees, as well as registration fees and housing expenses. In addition, the student receives a financial aid stipend.

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fees
  • And housing fees
  • Monthly Salary.

This scholarship at Ewha Womans University is for international applicants seeking admission to Bachelor's or Master's programs through the special admission process for international applicants, after completing at least 3 semesters and Level 6 of the Korean Intensive ELC Program.

Registration for the Ewha University Scholarship

  •  Create a new account on the official website.
  •  Fill out the grant application information.
  •  Attach the documents previously required from you to the application file.
  •  Send the application to the donor.

Academic programs available

تقدم Ewha University Women's Scholarship to study in South Korea A wide range of academic programs in various disciplines. Programs available to international students include undergraduate programs in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and arts. Master's programs are also available in multiple specializations that meet students' different interests and help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

  • Arts majors
  • Social sciences majors
  • Natural sciences majors
  • Engineering majors
  • Music majors
  • Arts and design majors
  • Education majors
  • Business administration majors
  • Specializations of the College of Science and Industry
  • Medicine specialties
  • Nursing specialties
  • Pharmacy specialties

ELC Intensive Korean Language Program

The ELC Intensive Korean Language Program forms an essential part of the admission requirements for the scholarship. This program aims to provide international students with the Korean language skills needed to fully integrate into academic and cultural life in South Korea. The program consists of multiple levels, and students must pass level six to achieve eligibility for the scholarship.