The DW Training for Journalists in Germany is one of the most popular journalism training programs in Europe, giving young journalists from all over the world the opportunity to learn all the skills needed to successfully work as a multimedia reporter and editor.

This unique program provides an ideal environment to gain expertise and experiences through direct interaction with an elite group of professional media professionals and editors. The program focuses on developing the practical and cognitive skills of participants, which contributes to preparing them for the dynamic media labor market.

About training journalists in Germany

Featuring Paid training for journalists in Germany It is a golden opportunity for ambitious young people who want to gain international professional experiences. The program relies on an advanced educational methodology that includes specialized seminars and practical field training, which enhances the ability of journalists to deal with professional challenges efficiently and competently. The training also provides a platform for communication with media industry experts, which contributes to building a strong professional network that enhances future job opportunities.

Participants receive Paid training for journalists in Germany Financial and moral support that allows them to focus on developing their skills and developing their capabilities without worrying about financial matters. The training includes intensive work periods in various editorial departments in Bonn and Berlin, as well as DW's international offices, providing participants with a diverse field experience that enhances their in-depth understanding of global media production processes.

DW is looking for young people from all over the world interested in a comprehensive, high-quality journalism program with an international broadcaster

The DW Internship Program is a global platform that seeks out enthusiastic young people from around the world who are looking to engage in a comprehensive, high-level journalism programme. The program targets individuals who seek to achieve influence in the media field by gaining international experience and comprehensive knowledge of the latest media technologies. The program gives the opportunity to interact with international broadcasters and benefit from their experience and guidance, which contributes to enhancing the professional skills of the participants.

Conditions for training journalists in Germany

A native speaker of one of the DW program languages ​​with excellent English and good German language skills, or a native English speaker with good German language skills, or a native German speaker with excellent English language skills

The program requires a high level of language proficiency, as the applicant must be a native speaker of one of the DW program languages ​​with proficiency in English and good German language skills. Native English speakers who have good German language skills, or native German speakers who have an excellent level of English, may also be accepted. These requirements ensure that participants are able to communicate effectively and work efficiently in a multilingual environment.

Complete a university degree, university degree or apprenticeship (especially with a background in technology/IT, science, politics, economics or law)

To be accepted into the program, the applicant must have completed a university degree, university degree, or apprenticeship, preferably in related fields such as technology, information technology, science, politics, economics, or law. These academic backgrounds contribute to enriching the program and enhancing participants’ ability to deal with various media topics and issues.

Journalistic experience

Having previous journalistic experience is one of the basic conditions for admission to the DW training program. This experience contributes to qualifying applicants to understand the dynamics of journalistic work and apply theoretical skills in real practical situations.

Social media experience

Social media experience is a must in the digital media age. The applicant must be familiar with the uses and techniques of social media platforms, able to interact with the audience and publish content effectively.

Ability to work within set deadlines independently and as part of a team

The program requires the applicant's ability to work efficiently under pressure of deadlines, whether independently or within a team. This skill ensures participants meet deadlines and deliver high-quality content in a timely manner.

Advantages of DW training

Acquiring journalism skills

The program provides an opportunity to acquire advanced journalistic skills through practical workshops and intensive training under the supervision of experts in the field. Participants learn how to write reports, conduct interviews, and conduct journalistic investigations, which enhances their professional competence.

Seminars on all relevant journalism topics, conducted by renowned trainers

The program includes seminars covering all aspects of journalism, delivered by renowned and experienced trainers. These episodes cover topics such as journalistic ethics, editorial techniques, and media management.

Assignments with various DW editorial departments in Bonn and Berlin as well as in one of the foreign offices in Brussels, Washington or Moscow

The program gives participants the opportunity to work in various DW editorial departments in Bonn and Berlin, in addition to the possibility of working in one of the external offices in Brussels, Washington or Moscow. These assignments give participants valuable field experience in different media environments.

An introduction to producing your own content for TV, radio or online formats, from idea generation to technical production

The program includes comprehensive training in producing television, radio and online content, from idea generation to artistic production. Participants learn how to create engaging, high-quality content that aligns with DW standards.

Recruitment in Germany, Europe and around the world

The program offers wide-ranging employment opportunities in Germany, Europe and globally, giving participants the possibility to join DW teams in various global locations.

Technical training for television, radio and online

The program includes specialized technical training for television, radio and digital media. This training allows participants to acquire modern technological skills that qualify them to deal with advanced media equipment and tools.

Trainee salary

The program provides a stipend to participants during the training period, which helps them fully focus on acquiring skills without worrying about financial matters.

After completing the training, the possibility of continuing the employment contract with DW worldwide

After completing the program, there is a high possibility of continuing the employment contract with DW in various parts of the world, which opens broad career horizons for participants and gives them future job stability.

Steps to register for DW training

Documents required for registration


The applicant must submit an up-to-date CV that demonstrates his or her academic and professional background as well as relevant skills and experience.

Cover letter

The applicant must write a cover letter explaining his motivation for joining the program and what he hopes to achieve through this training.

Up to three working samples

The applicant must submit up to three samples of his previous journalistic work to assess his level and competence in the field.

If applicable, a copy of the passport and or residence/work permit (for non-Germans living in Germany or abroad)

Non-German applicants must submit a copy of their passport or residence/work permit if they reside in Germany or abroad.

Fill out the medicine form from the application link

Applicants must fill out the application form available at the designated link and upload the required documents in the form.