The Chinese University of Shanghai scholarships are among the most prominent scholarships in the world for students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies, whether in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate.

The university is ranked 60th globally, reflecting the level of academic and research excellence it offers. The university has 30 faculties and 31 research institutes as well as one affiliated hospital, offering students a wide variety of academic and research programmes.

Every year, Shanghai University of China Scholarships receives students from about 100 countries, and the number of international students studying at this university is about 7000. The university offers nearly 100 programs for international students, making it an outstanding and diverse educational destination.

Conditions for Shanghai University scholarships


  1. The applicant must not be a Chinese citizen.
  2. The applicant must have good physical and mental health.
  3. The applicant must have outstanding academic performance.

Academic qualifications

  1. Applicants for bachelor's studies must have a general second...
  2. Master's degree applicants must have a bachelor's degree.
  3. Applicants for doctoral studies must have a master's degree.

Language requirements

  1. Applicants must have proficiency in English or Chinese, or both.
  2. More details can be obtained by reading the “Language Requirement for SJTU International Graduate Programs” file on the official scholarship website.

All international students must provide proof of their English language proficiency, which meets the minimum required standards.


You can also apply for the Australian National University Postgraduate Scholarship as an additional option.

Required Documents

  1. Fill out the grant application form.
  2. A copy of your passport or ID.
  3. Copies of academic transcripts.
  4. Statement of purpose or letter of motivation. (Learn from here how it is written)
  5. recommendation Letter.
  6. the biography.
  7. Statement of marks.
  8. A scientific article on a specific topic.
  9. Previous work.
  10. Parents' financial information, including tax returns.
  11. A sample medical report or health evaluation.

Shanghai University Scholarship Funding

  • The Shanghai University Scholarships in China fund tuition fees
  • For bachelor’s and master’s studies: equivalent to 4200 US dollars annually.
  • For doctoral studies: equivalent to 6600 US dollars annually.
  • The scholarship funds accommodation at the equivalent of US$25 per day.

    Steps to register for Shanghai University scholarships

    1. Start the electronic application by first creating your own account on the official scholarship website.
    2. You will receive a confirmation message on your email to activate the account.
    3. Log in to the account after activating it, then start filling in the data.
    4. Upload the required files, pay the application fees, and send it.

    These steps are essential for applying for a Shanghai University Scholarship, which provides unparalleled opportunities for international students wishing to pursue their graduate studies in a distinguished and internationally reputable educational environment. This opportunity could be the beginning of an impressive and fruitful academic and research career.

    Majors available in Shanghai University Scholarships

    It offers a wide range of academic specializations covering various fields. Here are some of the notable majors offered by the university:

    Engineering specializations

    1. Mechanical engineering: Includes the study of design and development of mechanical systems.
    2. electrical engineering: Covers the fields of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
    3. Civil engineering: Includes design, construction and maintenance of structures and infrastructure.
    4. Computer Engineering: Focuses on developing computer systems and software.

    Natural Sciences

    1. Physics: The study of natural phenomena and the laws of physics.
    2. chemistry: Focuses on studying the composition and properties of materials.
    3. Mathematics: Covers various branches of applied and theoretical mathematics.
    4. Biology: Includes the study of living organisms and genetics.

    Medical and health sciences

    1. Medicine: Offers advanced programs in human medicine and surgery.
    2. Dental medicine: Includes the study and treatment of oral diseases.
    3. the pharmacy: Focused on developing medicines and treatments.
    4. Nursing: Includes health care delivery and clinical nursing.

    Humanities and social sciences

    1. Economy: Study of economic systems and economic theories.
    2. Political Science: Covers various aspects of politics and international relations.
    3. Sociology: The study of societies and social relations.
    4. History: Includes the study of human history and the development of civilizations.

    Business Management

    1. Business Management: Covers topics such as management, organization and finance.
    2. Accounting: Focuses on preparing and analyzing financial statements.
    3. Marketing: Study of marketing and promotion strategies.
    4. Human Resource Management: Includes workforce development and management.

    Arts and Literature

    1. Chinese language and literature: Includes the study of classical and modern literature.
    2. foreign languages: Offers programs in languages ​​such as English, French and German.
    3. Fine arts: Covers various visual arts such as painting and sculpture.

    Computer science and technology

    1. Computer Science: Focuses on software development and systems engineering.
    2. Artificial intelligence: Studying the development of artificial intelligence systems and their applications.
    3. data science: Includes big data analysis and machine learning.
    4. cyber security: Focuses on protecting systems and networks from cyber attacks.

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University offers advanced study programs in these disciplines, giving students diverse opportunities to pursue their academic and professional interests in an outstanding learning environment.