By applying for a DYU scholarship in Taiwan, you may have the opportunity to access additional funding sources for your studies. Pay attention to the information below to see if you qualify.

Daeh University is a private university located in Dakun Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. The university hosts more than 11211 students studying in six different colleges, providing a rich academic diversity that contributes to the development of students and prepares them for a bright future.

DYU scholarship specializations

Daye University is considered one of the leading educational institutions in Taiwan, providing an advanced educational environment that suits the requirements of the modern era.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Dayeh University is considered one of the leading colleges that provides distinguished educational programs focusing on innovation and technical development. These programs include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering, giving students the opportunity to gain advanced skills in vital fields.

College of Design and Arts

The College of Design and Arts combines creativity and technology to offer educational programs covering graphic design, fine arts, and fashion design. The college aims to develop students' creative abilities and enable them to express their ideas in innovative ways.

Management college

The College of Management provides educational programs in business administration, accounting, and marketing. These programs focus on developing students' leadership and management skills, helping them achieve success in the rapidly changing business world.

Faculty of Foreign Languages

The College of Foreign Languages ​​focuses on teaching students multiple languages, including English, Japanese, and Korean. The college aims to enhance cultural communication and provide job opportunities in international fields.

College of Biotechnology and Bioresources

The College of Biotechnology and Bioresources offers educational programs covering molecular biology, biotechnology, and bioresources. These programs contribute to developing scientific research and achieving medical and agricultural discoveries.

College of Tourism and Hospitality

The College of Tourism and Hospitality provides specialized educational programs in hotel management, tourism, and event management. The college focuses on training students to meet the demands of the global tourism and hospitality industry.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences was established in 2014 and offers educational programs aimed at preparing qualified health personnel. The college focuses on providing high-quality education in the fields of nursing, public health, and physical therapy.

Conditions for registration in the DYU scholarship

Applicants must be international students and can apply to any course of study available at the university. The applicant must have a previous certificate that meets the requirements of the scholarship program, in addition to submitting an application fully supported by the required documents. Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will result in the application being rejected. It is also required to meet all conditions and criteria for admission to the university, including obtaining a recognized academic qualification. It is essential that the applicant has the right drive and drive to apply.


New international students:

  1. A copy of the application form.
  2. The original copy of the official transcript of the highest school they graduated from.
  3. Proof of proficiency in Chinese or English.
  4. Study plan or other reference documents.
  5. A copy of the application form.
  6. Official transcripts for the last two semesters.

Graduate students:

  1. A copy of the application form.
  2. A copy of the official transcripts for the last two semesters.
  3. List of publications.
  4. A letter of recommendation from the academic supervisor.

Grant funding

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, in addition to funding travel and accommodation costs. You will receive assistance with submitting your student visa application, as well as a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. There are also other benefits offered by the awarding institution, which makes this scholarship a valuable opportunity for international students.

Enrollment in DYU University Scholarships in Taiwan

After obtaining acceptance, log in to the official website of the scholarship and create a new account. Fill out the scholarship application information accurately and attach the required documents to the application file. After completion, send the application to the donor. It should be noted that this scholarship is annual, and the application window will reopen at the same time every year, providing continued opportunities for ambitious students.

Daye University Scholarship is an exceptional opportunity for international students pursuing their academic and professional goals. By covering tuition fees and providing the necessary financial support, this scholarship helps students achieve their ambitions without worrying about financial burdens. Moreover, the advanced educational environment and academic support available at the university contribute to enhancing the students’ experience and enabling them to excel in their various fields of study.

Duration of the Daye University Scholarship

  1. One semester, starting from September to January for the fall semester, and from February to July for the spring semester.
  2. The maximum scholarship duration for each study program is as follows:
    • Undergraduate program: a maximum of 4 cumulative years (3 years for transfer students).
    • Master's programme: a maximum of two cumulative years.
    • Doctoral programme: maximum 3 cumulative years. Students in the fourth year of the doctoral program are exempted from tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and housing fees.

Grant evaluation

  1. The Office of External Affairs reviews applicants' applications based on the materials submitted.
  2. The academic department ranks applicants based on academic and research performance. After approval by the Dean of the Department, the list of candidates and submitted materials are submitted to the International Scholarship Committee of Daye University.
  3. The International Scholarships Committee makes the final decision on the scholarship winners.

In the event that incorrect information is discovered with the grant beneficiary, the grant will be terminated and the beneficiary must return the full amount of the grant he received.