The Business Administration Scholarship in Hungary is provided by the Higher School of Business for bachelor’s studies and has two branches. The school also offers this scholarship to students who wish to study in Hungary and need financial aid.

Conditions for a business administration scholarship in Hungary

  1. The age of the applicant must be: from 18 to 25 years
  2. The applicant must have appropriate motivation in line with Hungary's education policy
  3. The applicant must have proof of pronunciation and writing in English because the language of instruction is English


Grant funding

  •  The tuition costs for one year for a bachelor’s degree are $3700 per year, and each year the student will receive a discount of 75% of the value of the tuition fees.

Registration for a business administration scholarship in Hungary

  • Those wishing to apply for this scholarship must do the following:
  • Students must first apply online for an undergraduate program at the university and upload the required documents
  • Students are supposed to simultaneously indicate their interest for the IBS Starter Scholarship by sending an email to  [email protected].
  • Applications will be approved by the University Director and there is no appeal against his decision.
  • If the scholarship is approved, students must pay the remaining portion of the tuition fees.