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Do you have great ideas on how to strengthen democracy in your community? Are you ready to build your leadership skills? Would you like to meet other young leaders from around the world?

The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program seeks to build leadership skills and harness the potential of young democracy activists from around the world.

Through the programme, young activists spend three months at the Global Movement Secretariat, during which they expand their global connections, exchange experiences with other activists from democracy movements around the world, and contribute to the development of the Global Movement for Democracy and the Global Youth Movement for Democracy.

The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program is one of the most prominent programs dedicated to developing youth leaders around the world. This program is designed to enhance leadership skills and creative abilities in young people, emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and personal development.

Horford program goals

The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program seeks to achieve several pivotal goals:

  • Development of Leadership SkillsThis is done through a group of training workshops and intensive courses aimed at developing administrative and organizational capabilities.
  • Encouraging civic participation: The program encourages participants to get involved in their communities and contribute to local development through innovative projects.
  • Enhancing global communication: The program gives young people the opportunity to build strong networks of relationships with their counterparts from different parts of the world.

Horford Program Terms

  • Applicants interested in the Hurford Youth Fellows Program must be at least 30 years of age.
  • You must demonstrate a strong interest in democratic activism and the advancement of democracy in your community, as well as around the world. 
  • Young people affiliated with civil society organizations are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Knowledge of the English language is an important prerequisite for participation in the programme.

Documents required for registration

  •  A copy of the passport or national ID
  •  Statement of purpose
  •  recommendation Letter
  •  Biography

Horford Program Funding

  • Hurford is a fully funded international youth exchange program.
  • The fellowship will cover all expenses for the duration of the program
  • All accepted students will receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses
  • health insurance
  • Round-trip airfare to and from Washington, DC
  • An office equipped with computer, Internet and required resources will be provided.

Apply to the Horford Program

To apply, applicants must:

  1. Fill out the electronic application formThe form includes personal and academic information as well as details about previous experiences.
  2. Attach a motivation letterApplicants must explain their reasons for wanting to join the program and how they plan to benefit from it to advance their career.
  3. Make two recommendations: From academic or professional figures who prove the applicant’s abilities and confirm his seriousness.


The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program covers a wide range of specializations that contribute to developing leadership skills and enhancing the ability to influence society. The most prominent of these specializations are:

Leadership and management

Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills through understanding different leadership styles and how to apply them in diverse contexts. Participants learn how to manage teams and motivate individuals to achieve common goals.

Strategic thinking

This major deals with how to think critically and develop long-term strategies to achieve success. Participants are trained to analyze problems and develop effective plans to solve them.

Effective Communication

Involving written and oral communication skills, participants learn how to convey ideas clearly and persuade others of their points of view. Emphasis is placed on the art of public speaking, negotiation and report writing.

sustainable development

This specialization deals with how to implement development projects aimed at achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability. Participants are taught how to design and implement initiatives that serve the community in a sustainable manner.

Public policies

This specialization covers understanding political processes and formulating public policies. Participants learn how to analyze existing policies and develop new proposals that enhance community development.

Social innovation

Emphasis is placed on how to use creative thinking to solve social problems. Participants learn how to develop innovative solutions to challenges facing their communities.

human rights

This specialization deals with the importance of human rights and how to defend them. Participants are taught how to promote and protect the rights of individuals through community initiatives and awareness-raising.

leading businesses

This specialization covers how to start and manage entrepreneurial projects. Participants learn how to develop new ideas, plan businesses, and manage resources to succeed in markets.

All of these specializations aim to empower young people by providing comprehensive knowledge and practical experience that helps them become influential leaders in their communities and in the world at large.