Winona State University in the United States invites international students from anywhere in the world who want to study undergraduate studies to apply for the Co-Cultural Education Scholarship (CCS).

Winona University Terms

  1. You will automatically receive the scholarship when you enroll as an international student at Winona State University.
  2. All new students are required to attend the scholarship course during international orientation.
  3. Working on 3 projects, secondary and primary. Core projects are events that involve greater commitment and time, preparation and responsibility, often involving a full day spent at a primary school, secondary school or university. As for secondary projects, they are activities that require the same dedication, preparation, and responsibility as the primary project – but with less time commitment.

At the end of each academic year in May, each student will be reviewed to determine whether they will receive another scholarship the following year. To maintain the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain valid F-1 or J-1 immigration status.
  2. Complete 3 intercultural communication projects during the academic year, beginning in the fall and ending in the spring. These projects are called minor projects (two projects) and major projects (one project), for a total of 3 projects.
  3. Maintain a maximum GPA of 2.50 during the scholarship which will last for 9 semesters.
  4. Students starting college in the spring need to complete one major project and one or two minor projects to meet the scholarship requirements for the entire academic year.
  5. Students starting university in August need to complete one major project and two minor projects for a total of 3 projects throughout the academic year (August - May).
  6. If you start your studies at university in January, you must complete one major project and one minor project during the academic year (August – May).


  • This cross-cultural scholarship is available to all international students at the university,
  • It covers the difference between the education rate of residents and the rate of non-residents

Apply for Winona State University Scholarship

  • To apply for the scholarship, register from the application link to fill out the application
  • (There is a $20 application fee)

Winona State University scholarship documents to study bachelor’s degree in America