By obtaining an MBA scholarship at the University of Lisbon, you will be given the golden opportunity to study in Portugal for free. We will explain to you all the details, conditions and what you are required to achieve in order to register.

Details of the University of Lisbon MBA Scholarship

تعتبر منحة Merit للأعمال من أهم Scholarships في البرتغال وهي فرصة ممولة, فرجاءاً لاتفوت التسجيل من الموقع الرسمي في الأسفل مباشرة بعد معرفة ماهو مطلوب حقاً..

Studying in Portugal is considered a very important thing, as it gives you access to another new world, rich in cultures and modern and advanced educational methods. As we said, it is very important now to register for the Merit Business Scholarship.

  • Country: Portugal
  • Donor: Merit University
  • Conditions: Average, registration must be made through two separate applications
  • Registration method: Registration for the scholarship is done online through the official website
  • Gender: Both genders (males and females) are eligible to register for this scholarship

General Terms

  • Must be a citizen of the countries listed below.
  • You must have a strong academic background.
  • Obtain the latest certificate from an institution, school or university in your country recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Applicants must be responsible citizens and demonstrate the intercultural sensitivity and flexibility necessary to adapt effectively to life.
  • Not residing in Portugal at the time of registration for the scholarship

Business Administration requirements at the University of Lisbon 

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA of 15 (out of 20) or 3.0 (out of 4.0)
  • It is possible to apply in any study major previously specified by the scholarship at the university
  • Send the application fully supported by the required documents and facts
  • Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will cause your application to be rejected
  • You have the right drive and motivation to apply
  • Complete the scholarship application completely within the specified dates.

Note: Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will cause the application to be rejected

Documents required for registration:

University of Lisbon MBA Scholarship Funding

This scholarship is funded as follows:

  • study fees
  • Visa letter
  • Cost of living

The student will receive an exemption from either all or part of the tuition fees. This is based on the academic average he obtained during the last certificate he submits to register for the scholarship.

Full exemptions are usually given to students who obtain a very high average.

An application can be submitted for assistance with a small monthly stipend, sufficient to cover part of the costs of living.

In addition, the educational institution will send you a letter of acceptance to obtain the visa from the embassy, ​​all the details are below..

Enrollment in Business Administration at the University of Lisbon

The first step:

You must seek university admission to the university. The method of registering at the university is directly online by submitting an application and filling out the application form that contains the following information:

  • Name
  • nickname,
  • birth,
  • nationality,
  • the address,
  • current educational level,
  • The specialty you want to study,
  • Other information, etc.

On the official Merit Business Scholarship website, you will find an Apply for Admission request icon or something similar. Click on it and register a new account.

After you confirm that you have successfully registered the application, send it and do not forget to upload the complete and required documents as we mentioned previously.

The second step:

You will receive confirmation of the completion of the admission process via the email through which you registered on the university’s official website, and you will receive all the next steps that you must take.

Note: Be aware that you must sometimes send the papers to the university via mail, and this matter will be mentioned to you in the email with certainty. Here you must take the following steps:

  • Translate your following documents (certificates, transcripts, experience, training or volunteer certificates that you have) into English
  • Then have these documents authenticated by the authority that issued them, such as the Ministry of Education
  • Then have the previously translated papers authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country
  • It is also best to have the papers authenticated by an embassy in your country as well, if you only find one. There are some countries that do not have any embassies... Therefore, you will not be asked to attest your certificates.
  • Here your application file is complete, send it to the university address which you will find in the header of the admission application that you received via email.

The third step:

Here you must wait a maximum period of 6 weeks to receive the acceptance letter from the university. Merit University will contact you via the same email, so it is important that you check your email every day.

If you get accepted, the university will send you all the following details that you must do to obtain the student visa.

Note: If there is a need to submit a detailed application for the Merit Business Scholarship, the university will inform you directly via email, and you must then fill out the scholarship application and send it back to the university via email or its website.

The fourth step:

Here you must take some steps to obtain a study visa in Portugal by registering a separate application at the Portuguese embassy in your country. The steps are as follows:

  • Contact the embassy either through their website or by phone.
  • Request an appointment to submit a study visa application.
  • Prepare the required visa papers and documents
  • Go to the scheduled appointment and do the visa interview
  • Obtain acceptance after a period not exceeding 3 months from the embassy.

The documents required for the visa are:

  • The completed and signed visa application, which you will find on the embassy’s website.
  • Your translated and certified certificates as mentioned previously
  • The acceptance letter from the university that you received via email
  • Proof of your acceptance of the scholarship,
  • Proof of your acceptance of the scholarship, either through acceptance, which is mentioned, or through a separate acceptance that you obtained from the university. See step three.
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • A medical certificate from a doctor or hospital for the purpose of a visa stating that you are free of communicable and contagious diseases
  • An individual registration certificate from the Civil Status Department in your current country, city or village
  • Birth certificate, if available as well.

As for the topic of visa interview questions, here you must prepare well, as the responsible employee will ask you questions ranging from the following topic:

  • Why do you want to travel?
  • Why did you choose the university?
  • What are your future goals?
  • What are your plans after you finish studying?
  • Other questions related to or related to the subject of the Merit Business Grant or the country of Portugal

Now that we know all the details of the Merit Business Grant, you can find out if you are eligible to register, and then click on the grant’s official website or register box below to access what we explained previously.