The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship for Education in cooperation with Arizona State University represents an important opportunity for Arab students who enjoy academic competence and excellence, but face financial difficulties in achieving their academic aspirations.

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship includes a set of requirements and conditions that applicants must meet to qualify for the program. These principles reflect the wonderful spirit of supporting education and youth empowerment in the Arab region.

Offering over 30 different majors in diverse bodies of knowledge, the scholarship provides opportunities for students to pursue their studies in fields such as science, engineering, technology, mathematics, health, education, tourism and others. In addition to academic excellence, applicants must have a financial need to receive the scholarship.

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship comes with responsibilities and obligations for accepted students. Students must maintain a high GPA during the course of the program, ensuring they complete the master's program within three years. They must also communicate continuously with the organization throughout the grant period and after its end.

The required documents play a crucial role in submitting the application. Applicants must submit the scholarship application form along with a copy of their passport and academic transcript. You must also include a statement of purpose, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, CV, transcript, and scholarly essay on a specific topic.

Financing the Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship funding aims to support students in a comprehensive and integrated manner during their studies at Arizona State University, and includes a range of aspects and benefits aimed at achieving their academic success and professional development.

The university and the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education work in close cooperation to provide a stimulating and productive learning environment for students who benefit from this scholarship.

  • Full Scholarship: Includes coverage of all tuition fees and other mandatory university fees related to studying your chosen master's degree online. This contributes to alleviating the financial burden on students and enabling them to focus more on study and development.
  • Obtaining a master's degree: Students are given the opportunity to obtain a master's degree from Arizona State University, which is considered one of the universities ranked first in the world in the fields of innovation and scientific research.
  • Studying in prestigious colleges: Students have the opportunity to study in prestigious colleges characterized by academic excellence and the development of research and discoveries in various fields.
  • Expanding the research network: It enables students to communicate with a network of researchers and experts in various fields, enabling them to share their experiences and benefit from the experiences of others.
  • Academic and career guidance: Academic and career support and guidance are provided to students by ASU, helping them make informed decisions about their academic and career path.

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship combines financial and educational support to enable students to achieve their academic and professional goals. This funding reflects the humanitarian vision to support education and youth development in the Arab region and contributes to building a qualified generation committed to developing its society and contributing to its development.

Conditions for the Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship

  • An Arab citizen, preference will be given to those residing in the Arab world for a period of no less than 12 years.
  • Not holding any foreign passport.
  • The applicant must be 29 years old or younger (those who are XNUMX years old or older will not be accepted).
  • Have achieved a cumulative bachelor's degree GPA of more than 3.0 (85%).
  • Able to provide evidence proving his financial need to complete his studies.
  • Must not have a master's degree.
  • When a student is accepted into this scholarship he will have some responsibilities to maintain the scholarship:
  • The student’s cumulative GPA throughout the program period must be 3.0 (with distinction).
  • Completion of the master's program within three years.
  • Maintain constant contact with the Foundation throughout the grant period and ten years after its end.

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship represents an invaluable opportunity for outstanding Arab students looking to continue their graduate studies and obtain a master’s degree from Arizona State University.

This program comes with a set of documents and steps that must be followed to apply and qualify, which contributes to supporting education and expanding horizons of knowledge and personal development.

Registration for the Abdullah Al Ghurair Scholarship

  • To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the data in the application link, so that all information related to applying to the University of Arizona and obtaining the scholarship is sent.
  •  Create a new account on the official website.
  •  Fill out the grant application information.
  •  Attach the documents previously required from you to the application file.
  •  Send the application to the donor.

Required documents include:

  • Scholarship Application Form: This form must be filled out with the personal and academic information necessary to submit the application.
  • Copy of Passport: A copy of the passport is required as proof of identity.
  • Copies of Academic Transcripts: Copies of previous academic transcripts must be submitted to prove academic excellence.
  • Statement of Purpose: A statement must be written explaining the goals and ambitions that the applicant has by receiving the scholarship.
  • Motivation Letter: A letter must be written highlighting the applicant’s motives and incentives for obtaining this scholarship.
  • Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from a reliable person who can provide a positive evaluation of the applicant is required.
  • CV: A CV must be submitted that explains the experiences and academic achievements of the applicant.
  • Statement of grades: It includes a breakdown of the grades and results obtained by the applicant during the previous period.
  • Scientific article on a specific topic: A scientific article can highlight a specific area of ​​interest and research.
  • Previous work: shows the work or projects that the applicant has previously undertaken.

The Abdullah Al Ghurair Education Scholarship is an opportunity for excellence and higher education, providing an opportunity for students to develop themselves and contribute to their academic and professional future.