Tulane University offers middle and high school students the opportunity to explore their artistic, intellectual, and professional passions while experiencing college life.

Available in one-, two-, or three-week formats, programs provide students with a glimpse of Tulane University, where young minds can explore academic disciplines, build inspiring resumes, and make an impact.

Tulane University Summer Program Terms

  • It is possible to apply in any study major previously specified by the scholarship at the university
  • The age of the applicant must not exceed what the donor agency previously specified (see the section on applying for the scholarship).
  • You must have a previous degree in accordance with the requirements of the scholarship program
  • Send the application fully supported by the required documents and facts
  • Delay in sending the application or lack of documents will cause your application to be rejected
  • You must meet all conditions and admission criteria at the institution (university).
  • Complete the scholarship application completely within the specified dates
  • The requirement to obtain a recognized academic qualification.
  • You have the right drive and motivation to apply

You will need to submit all of the following

Translation of documents must be done by a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well.

  • A copy of the passport or national ID
  • Copies of academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Motivation letter
  • recommendation Letter
  • Biography
  • Statement of school/university grades
  • Training certificates (if any)

Tulane University Summer Program Benefits

  • This scholarship funds tuition fees
  • This scholarship funds accommodation costs
  • Financial support is provided according to the financial condition of each applicant.
  • Note: Financial aid is awarded to those who apply first, so you should apply as soon as possible.

Steps to enroll in the Tulane University Summer Program

  • Create a new account on the official website.
  • Fill out the grant application information.
  • Attach the documents previously required from you to the application file.
  • Send the application to the donor.