Vytautas Magnus University is looking for ambitious, intelligent and talented students and offers them various study opportunities for full-time Bachelor's and Master's studies.

Vytautas Magno University Scholarship Funding

  • 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Or 50% tuition fee waiver.
  • Or 75% tuition fee waiver.
  • Or 100% tuition fee waiver.
  • Number of full scholarships: 10 scholarships for ten students only.

Vytautas Magno University Scholarship Documents

  1. A copy of the university acceptance letter.
  2. Proof of English language proficiency.
  3. Documents and certificates.
  4. Motivation letter.
Vytautas Magno University in Lithuania STUDYSHOOT Scholarship

Vytautas Magno University Scholarship Application

Applicants are required to fill out the scholarship application form and attach it to the application form. Required online application documents, which you can obtain from the official application link for the opportunity below.


  1. Create a new account by entering your PIN (or passport number for non-EU citizens) and password.
  2. Click New Application (upper left corner of the page);
  3. Choose the application form, fill it out, attach the required documents and submit it.

Vytautas Magno University Scholarship Conditions

You are eligible for the Vytautas Magnus University Scholarship if you:

  • You meet the university's academic requirements (admission score – no lower than 8.5) and your grade point average (GPA) is not a darling 8 out of 10.
  • Meet the English language admission requirements.
  • Receive an offer (acceptance letter/conditional acceptance letter) for a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Vytautas Magnus University.