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Our goal


Our goal

The goal of the Study Shoot website is to provide opportunities to help students and their families pay for university studies. We help you achieve your passion through unique educational and training opportunities that include scholarships abroad, fellowships, cultural exchanges, hands-on training opportunities, and moment-by-moment jobs.



Every day we meet and work diligently to follow up on the inquiries and questions posed by our male and female students throughout the Arab world and the world and to answer them in a transparent manner to help them reach the fruit of education for all.
Our vision


Our vision

That the largest possible number of male and female students have the opportunity to finance their secondary, university and postgraduate education completely and free of charge.



To ensure that the largest possible number of male and female students have the opportunity to finance their secondary education, and to publish the available opportunities, free scholarships, and all means of education to deliver them to you, in order to cover your education expenses.
What we offer


What we offer

Access to more than 1,300 different scholarships. Find a university that meets your ambition. Sign up for free online courses. Obtaining university admission documents processing services. Comprehensive coverage of study abroad topics. Search and filtering. Enjoy browsing our famous Studio Shoot platform.
What distinguishes us


What distinguishes us

We publish information with complete transparency and clarity to deliver it to you. The features of our site are characterized by rapid response and development on a regular, noticeable and permanent basis, to help you quickly search for what you want.

What is the idea of ​​the Study Shoot website?

The website was established in 2019, to support Arab students looking for an opportunity to succeed and excel in the best universities in the world.
The site works on future and daily research for all scholarships and free educational opportunities, whether fully or partially funded, for male and female students seeking them.

Does Study Shoot have offices or branches?

No, we do not have offices or branches in any country in the world.

Does the Study Shoot website submit student applications to universities directly?

No, we do not register students in universities.

Does the Study Shoot website register students’ applications for scholarships?

No, we do not enroll students in scholarships.

Are there any fees to browse the Study Shoot website?

No, browsing the site, using it and registering with it is free, but you can benefit from the site’s paid services Here.

What services does the Studyshoot website provide?

In addition to writing services for motivation letters, letters of recommendation, and CVs, we also conduct webinars, both free and paid, to introduce students to scholarships and universities around the world.

I am an organization. I want to publish my opportunities with you?

You can send an inquiry request via the following email [email protected]

Can I donate to the Study Shoot website?

Yes, you can donate to the Study Shoot website. Please email us [email protected]

How do I apply for scholarships?

You can apply for scholarships from the application link or the official link for the scholarship, as you must only apply through the official website of the opportunity. You can also consider Our library on YouTube from here To consider the video of the direct application processes for scholarships and universities..

What are the topics of the site?

We publish everything that helps the student, starting with publishing scholarships, publishing information about applying to universities, publishing information for those who wish to apply and study abroad at their own expense, publishing free accredited distance courses. Publishing everything related to families and refugees in Germany, for example, Canada, or other countries. We also publish visual content for everything related to study abroad topics. We publish everything related to guiding students in finding the appropriate academic major. Finally, we publish job opportunities for graduates and qualified people.

What scholarships can I register for in Saudi universities (I am a non-resident student)?

❝ We have allocated the list with the following link to answer the question ❞

What scholarships can I register for in the UAE for expatriate students?

❝ There are options available, but they are few and not like other countries. This link has it menu.. ❞

What are the university scholarships that I can enroll in at Qatari universities?

❝ The most important scholarship is, of course, the Qatar University scholarship. Record here: ❞

What scholarships are available in Europe?

❝ Europe is not one or two countries, but more.. so the list is long and for this reason, see the list at the link and decide if you want to register.. ❞

What universities accept conditional admission in Germany?

❝ Conditional admission = You will not need a language certificate to register and you will learn the language at an institute or university..
This is a list of the universities that we recommend to you

What letter of recommendation is most frequently mentioned in grant applications?

❝ This means that someone taught you before, and he must now write you a letter explaining that you are a good, competent and diligent student. Click here for more.

How do I register for the Japan Government Scholarship?

❝Japan granted it in terms of admission to no more than 70% of all students who applied, because it is looking for many distinguished students... Would you like to know what the conditions are? Please let us explain it to you here: ❞Click here for more

How do I register for the South Korea scholarship?

❝ Korea also gives students to Arab countries, and it has many seats. It may be the first time you hear about this thing, but this is a reality.
If you would like to register, follow the instructions here. ❞Click here for more

How do I register for the China Scholarship?

❝ Registration is done online on the website twice every year... See the details we filmed here.. ❞Click here for more

Are there scholarships to study aviation?

❝ Yes, but not every person is accepted simply because he applies. Here are the details ❞
Read more

Do I need to have a language certificate in order to register?

❝ No, not all scholarships are like that. Here are some that do not require you to provide language certificates. ❞ Read more

I want a list of all scholarships that are easy to accept?

❝ Here is the list you have been looking for for a long time. ❞
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