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Phone application without programming

Create a phone application without programming: 6 ready-made and reliable sites

In the past, you had to be a programmer to create a mobile app, which could take weeks, months, or even years.

Now, however, there are many mobile app creation platforms that you can use in minutes. We've put some of our favorite sites here.

1- Andromo website

Create a phone application without programming: 6 ready-made and reliable websites STUDYSHOOT

Andromo promises The most popular platform for designing Android applications. It only takes three steps to create your own app:

  1. Create an Andromo project.
  2. Fill out a few simple forms to add features, graphics, content, and anything that makes your app great.
  3. Click the button to create your application.

Unlike many other mobile app builder sites, Andromo does not have a preview screen for you to see what your app will look like as you add elements or change the layout. 

After your app is created, it will be emailed to you. This platform does not support uploading the application to the Google Play Store.

For free, you can create one app with ads. If you upgrade to the lowest cost plan for $8 per month, you can get up to 50 apps and monetize them without ads.

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2- AppsGeyser website


AppsGeyser Completely free. There are no fees, subscription plans, or limits and there are over 50 different templates available to get you started and make creating an app easier.

 The site uses a preview screen to show what your app looks like, but I had a little trouble getting that to work consistently. 

Since creating a mobile app here is free, this platform does not support publishing the app in stores. 

3-AppMakr website 


AppMacr It is an app maker that allows you to design iOS, HTML5, and Android apps. You have no limit to the number of apps you can create nor the number of updates you can add.

It has many features, including an HD photo gallery, push notifications, live updates, music and video streaming, chat rooms, Google Maps integration, shared event calendars, in-app shopping, and more. 

You can monitor your applications on the control panel and adjust the appearance and functionality of your application. You will add contents using tabs.

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4- Appy Pie website

happy pie

Appy Pie allows users without prior programming knowledge to create a mobile app and the platform can be used to create apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, which you can publish on Google Play or iTunes. 

The full version of the application created is an HTML5 based version and works on all platforms, including Blackberry. 

You can send push notifications, view real-time analytics, monetize ads, and use GPS to track locations. 

You can also link your app to websites, blogs, audio, radio, media feeds, and more.

It has an appointment scheduler with features like One Touch Call, QR codes where you can embed a custom icon, and iFrames; 

This feature is especially useful for most businesses. Using this platform can range from free to a platinum fee of $33 per month.

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5- Appery website


longer use appery Creating applications is easy and fast. There is no need to write codes or download and install anything. It is done exclusively on the cloud and uses drag and drop components to create the user interface. 

This platform is used to create applications for Android, Windows phone and iOS devices using Apache with the built-in component.

Appery has a plugin catalog that lets you add some functionality to your app, but you can also create plugins specific to your app. It allows you to share your project with business users, customers or developers in real time. Pricing ranges from free to around $180 per month.

6- GameSalad website


GameSalad Dedicated to building and publishing game applications for Android, iOS, HTML5 and macOS. 

Working on this platform does not require prior programming knowledge and involves using a drag-and-drop interface.

Its mode of operation includes editing characters in a scene, designing their features, sound, and switching between characters. This builder includes drag-and-drop components, in-app shopping, and GameCircle APIs. 

The platform also includes a forum where you can ask other users' opinions that can help build your app.

Free application creation platforms

There are many tools and platforms you can use to create an app for free without requiring advanced programming knowledge. Here are some popular options:

Application development platforms without programming

  1. AppGyver: A free platform for creating applications without the need to write code. It provides an easy-to-use interface and ready-made elements for building applications.
  2. Thunkable: Allows you to create applications using drag and drop. Apps can be created for Android and iOS.
  3. Crazy: Another platform for creating applications without programming with a simple and attractive interface.
  4. Glide: Convert Google Sheets into applications quickly and easily.

Application development tools with some programming knowledge

  1. Flutter;: An open source framework from Google that can be used to develop cross-platform applications.
  2. React native: A JavaScript-based framework that allows creating high-performance mobile applications.
  3. Xcode: Apple's integrated development environment for developing iOS and macOS apps (requires a Mac).

Steps to create an application

  1. Defining the idea and goal: Before starting app development, define the main idea and purpose of the app.
  2. Interface design: Use design tools like Figma or Sketch to design the user interface.
  3. Application development: Use one of the platforms or tools mentioned above to develop the app.
  4. Test the application: Make sure to test the application thoroughly to ensure it is bug-free.
  5. Publish the application: After you finish developing and testing the app, you can publish it on app stores like Google Play and App Store.

Additional resources

  • Lessons on YouTube: There are many free tutorials on YouTube that explain how to use these tools.
  • Platform documentsMost platforms provide official documentation and tutorials to help users get started.

If you need specific help with any step of app development, feel free to ask for more information in the comments.


In the previous list, we included for you the 7 best sites for creating phone applications without full knowledge of programming. You can now benefit from it, try it, and tell us which one you prefer.