6 free apps to learn Japanese

Mobile phones are almost essential in life in our current era, as they can be used for education in a simple and easy way without the need to pay sums of money to register for courses in schools or Universities Or private institutes.

Learn Japanese easily by using one of the free apps on our list for today.

1. LingoDeer application for the German language

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

By using the LingoDeer application to learn Japanese, you will raise your level of fluency from the first day you start your lesson plan. This app takes a fun approach to building grammar, and the sequence of educational content feels like a game. 

In each lesson you will find both the grammar and vocabulary you learned from the previous lesson using several test methods.  

Unlike other apps that make you memorize Japanese vocabulary and phrases without context or proper hierarchy, LingoDeer features audio from native Japanese speakers and integrates words, sentences, and culture so naturally that you can use them in real life.

You can even slow down the speaker's voice to be as accurate as possible in your pronunciation – which is indispensable for language learning. 

You can learn 1000 basic Japanese vocabulary daily, and enjoy pronunciation of the vocabulary in the first units only.

2. Anki app 

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

Anki allows you to import vocabulary sets and textbooks and then turn them into flashcards. 

Random vocabulary can also be combined to form a useful group of sentences in an organized manner, in addition to the possibility of hearing the pronunciation of these vocabulary and sentences that you have formed.

In the flashcard system, when you create a flashcard, think of the answer and click to show it. You can then self-tag from Again to Easy, listing the time at which the card will be repeated next to the options.

Anki can be used as an app, online, or as a desktop version. You may find it faster to use the desktop version and then sync it with your mobile phone.

3. The Sensei app

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

If you are looking for useful phrases to learn Japanese, then... Tae Kim guide Learning the Japanese language is the perfect solution for this topic. This app is packed with fully organized lessons, beautifully clear explanations, and verb conjugation tables. There are even exercises on basic grammar. 

A vocabulary list with examples, audio readings, and definitions in English is available for each lesson. Allows you to choose new words and see grammar checks on writing exams within the app.

4. Obenkyo app

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

The app tests you with multiple choice and written tests using structured exam forms and can display learning lists of Japanese vocabulary and sentences according to the language levels approved in Japan, making it the perfect tool for preparing for the official exam. 

You can easily access the vocabulary list, classified by word type as in a dictionary, with verbs. Conjugation of verbs with each pronoun.

There is the ability to automatically correct sentences when you enter answers into easy exam forms.

5. Learn the Japanese language with the HiNative application

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

This Japanese language learning app is best in which native speakers of the language edit entries written by those who are learning their language. The content can be anything you want and as long or short as you feel comfortable. 

HiNative is developed by the developers of Lang-8, a hugely successful language learning website, so if you're more comfortable with a full keyboard, you might want to try the full browser version of the suite as well.

6. DuoLingo app

6 free apps for learning Japanese STUDYSHOOT

You can start learning Japanese without any prior knowledge using DuoLingo and it really needs no introduction. 

For beginner level testing when you use the Learn Japanese section, all the lessons are grouped into fun categories like vocabulary and phrases from food and family to subculture.

Once you complete any educational category in this application, a completion bar appears below it and you must complete this section at each stage in order to move to the next section.

You'll find yourself translating English sentences into Japanese or selecting English terms from a word bank to recreate Japanese sentences. 

Now we hope that you have benefited from this article, in learning the Japanese language through easy and free applications that you can start using now.

6 free apps to learn Japanese