Medical applications you will definitely need

Technology has allowed consumers to be more involved in their healthcare decisions over the years, and nowhere is this more evident than in apps.

The Apple Store and Google Play have medical apps and many medical programs with nearly 50000 health apps available in their respective markets.

Benefits of healthcare applications

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

The value and benefits include self-management of health and documentation of your health and medical conditions.

Medical applications enable patients to be more proactive about their health and even reduce the cost of healthcare in the long term.

Many mobile medical apps cost nothing, so how do you determine if a paid or “premium” app is worth the fee?

In today's digital age, there is an app for almost everything. In fact, many professional industries have begun to rely heavily on applications, whether it is social media or other useful applications. 

The same applies to the medical sector.

List of important medical applications

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Consider how each medical app can help you learn more about your health while providing you with the tracking data you need during your next important conversation with your doctor.

  • Medisafe Pill Minder App
  • Epocrates application
  • Brainscape app
  • Orthofixar application
  • Medical ID application
  • dminder app
  • Radioligy application 
  • MyFitnessPal تطبيق
  • Diabetes:M app
  • Apple Health app
  • Heal application
  • Eyecare Live app
  • AliveCor app
  • WebMD Baby app

1- Medisafe Pill Minder application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Helps you stay on top of your medications. It is available on both operating systems Android و iOS , and comes with features for managing doctor visits and appointment alerts. It even has health tracking devices. For a small fee, you can upgrade to an ad-free experience with additional notification sounds and metrics.

2- Epocrates application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Ipocrates is a mobile medical reference application, owned by, and based in Massachusetts, that provides clinical reference information about medications, diseases, diagnoses, and patient management.

3- Brainscape application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

brainscape It is a web and mobile learning platform that allows students to study adaptive flashcards. The website and mobile app allow students, teachers, and corporate trainers to create electronic flashcards, and find flashcards created by other users and publishers around the world. All flashcards are stored in the cloud and can be shared with groups of other learners.

4- Orthofixar application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

OrthoFixar It is an orthopedic educational website for orthopedic surgeons around the world. Orthopedic topics, special tests and surgical techniques. You can download the Orthopedic and Joint Surgery application for Android devices only for free.

5- Medical ID application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

What if someone finds you and your phone while you are having a medical emergency, but you are unable to report your health problems? Medical ID It is a free Android app with an optional premium option that allows you to create multiple medical profiles to store in your phone.

It's easily accessible from your home screen and gives the viewer a look at your most important medical data, including medical contacts, blood type, and allergies. Paramedics or emergency crews can see the basics at a glance before treating you. Your mobile health app will share your GPS location with your emergency contacts as well, even after you close the app.

6- dminder application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

dminder is a free app for your phone that helps you determine when and how much vitamin D your body can make from exposure to sunlight. You can customize the app by entering your age, height, weight, skin type, and location.

7- Medscape application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

It is a versatile medical reference application that allows doctors to stay up to date in the world of medicine. Provides news, drug information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education opportunities. Physicians can consult a wide range of clinical information all in one place to help them make point-of-care decisions.

  • News reports on various medical topics
  • Easy access to instructions, safety, and prescription information for nearly 8000 medications
  • A tool for visual grain identification
  • Ability to investigate ways drugs interact with each other
  • Over 600 dosage calculators
  • Access the database of over 4000 medical conditions and diseases with helpful images
  • Instructional videos, photos, and directions for over a thousand medical procedures
  • Access a selection of what Medscape considers the best journals in MEDLINE
  • Continuing medical education
  • Directories of doctors and pharmacies
  • Prescription information

8- MyFitnessPal application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

It is one of the most important medical applications forHealth tracking In Android and iOS stores. A desktop version is also available. It's a comprehensive activity and alertness tracker, food logging, sleep, fertility, and more.

You can set weight or activity goals, create meal plans, and sync the app with most fitness tracking devices and watches.

If you pay for the upgrade, you'll get premium features like more detailed reports, including food macros and logs that you can download or email to your healthcare provider. The app also features a strong online community for weight loss support and advice.

9- Diabetes:M application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

It is an app designed to help diabetics take some of the guesswork out of managing their glucose levels.

It is available on both Android و iOS. It allows you to track and monitor your food, while keeping tabs on your glucose and insulin levels as well as injection sites.

Store data and get comprehensive reports that you can then share with your doctor. The Pro version also has space for an additional profile and connects to your Bluetooth-enabled monitor.

10- Apple Health application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Apple Health It is a health and brain tracker app for iOS that comes standard on all Apple devices. Monitors sleep, food, activity, symptoms, heart rate, and breathing. The app also integrates seamlessly with over 1000 other apps and can provide you with detailed reports on entire wellness categories.

Apple Health partners with participating health organizations to keep lab results and medical records on hand at all times:

It comes with a medical ID profile for emergency use as well. Medical donors can nominate themselves and communicate their wishes through the app. If you use an Apple Watch, this is a must-have.

11- Heal application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Get access to qualified, board-certified physicians in a variety of fields without leaving your home when you use Heal.

Provides professional appointments through in-person visits, at home, or as a (virtual) telemedicine option for 11 states, with more on the way. The app works with your health insurance and provides transparent, upfront pricing for a number of services, including regular care, preventive care, urgent care, and mental health care.

12- Eyecare Live application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

The best medical applications in the field of ophthalmology. And the application helps Eyecare Live Doctor Online eye health treatments by connecting you with a virtual eye doctor within an hour. It also allows you to renew prescriptions online, as long as they are less than two years old.

This medical app is free and available for Android and iOS, although you will have to pay additional fees for eye exams and virtual doctor visits.

13- AliveCor application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

This application is intended to connect to a medical device that supports heart measurement, and through it you will have access to the ECG recording wherever you go.

The app detects real-time atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, and tachycardia, as well as normal heart activity. Track your data and share it with your doctor during your next appointment.

The free application is available for devices Android و iOS.

14- WebMD Baby application

Medical applications you will definitely need STUDYSHOOT

Stay on top of all your child care tasks with an app WebMD Baby Free available for Android and iOS. It covers four areas of care – feeding, sleeping, diapering and development. From recording baby's weight to scheduling the next feeding, this app has it all, including a virtual baby book and videos from top doctors to help answer all your questions.

You can share data with caregivers and doctors, and sync across all your devices.


Apps may help you rethink how you approach your health and your situation to take decisive action before small problems escalate.

However, the App is not a substitute for medical treatment, and you should refer any questions you have while using the App to your healthcare provider.

Because many apps offer widely accepted medical facts and data to help you learn more about your condition, they may prompt you to explore new conversations with healthcare professionals.

If nothing else, medical apps for patients lead to better documentation so that the next time you meet with your doctor, you'll know more about your symptoms and habits, helping you make the most of your doctor visit.

Medical applications you will definitely need