Working in the field of graphic design remotely

Remote graphic design jobs are an ideal option for designers looking for the flexibility of working from home while still earning competitive wages. Designers work remotely in a flexible environment that allows them to manage their time to fit their personal and professional lives. These jobs often require advanced skills, the ability to think creatively, and communicate effectively with online teams.

How to find remote graphic design jobs

To find remote graphic design jobs, it is necessary to adopt a different approach than searching for jobs in traditional office spaces. This requires searching websites that specialize in remote jobs, joining online designer communities, and connecting with companies that offer remote work opportunities. In addition, you can benefit from freelancing platforms that provide temporary contractual opportunities or specific projects.

Understand the dynamics of remote work life

To get the best remote graphic designer jobs, you must understand the dynamics of remote work and the importance of time management and meeting deadlines. Remote work requires high self-discipline and the ability to manage projects independently. Digital tools like project management software and video communication can be essential to remote work success.

Types of jobs available for remote graphic designers

Full time job

Full-time positions require devoting full time to one job, providing job stability and the opportunity to devote fully to company projects.

part time job

Part-time jobs allow designers to work limited hours daily or weekly, giving them greater flexibility to handle multiple projects or develop their skills in other areas.

Free contract function

Freelance contract jobs allow designers to work on specific projects for a specific period of time depending on the terms of the contract. These positions offer flexibility in selecting projects and collaborating with multiple companies, but require strict adherence to deadlines and contract terms.

Career paths as a graphic designer

Working remotely in graphic design is one of the coolest job positions one can have. Typical career paths begin with a junior designer after completing certification or training in the field. With the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, one can advance to higher positions such as senior designer, art director, or even creative director.

Creativity and skills required

Creativity is the essence of working in the field of graphic design. A highly skilled creative designer is always in demand, and tasks can range from designing book covers and packaging to animation and 3D game design. Specializing in certain fields such as UI/UX design or email marketing can open new horizons and diverse opportunities.

Graphic designer responsibilities

Remote graphic designers must perform their roles with seriousness and commitment. Main responsibilities include:

  • Visualization: Based on customer or company expectations.
  • Create images and layouts: Manually or using design software.
  • Graphics test: Across different media to ensure quality.
  • draw attention: Create graphics that catch the eye and deliver the right message.
  • Translation of requirements: into understandable visual designs.
  • Study design briefs: Determine client requirements.
  • Project scheduling: Determine budget constraints.
  • Preparing drafts: Presenting ideas to clients.
  • Development of illustrations and logos: Using software.
  • Choose the right colors and layouts: For every design.
  • Collaboration with the team: To work with copywriters and creative directors.
  • Modify designs: Based on feedback.
  • Ensuring visual appeal: For final graphics as needed by the brand or product.

Commitment to these responsibilities ensures quality work and customer satisfaction, which enhances the chances of obtaining future projects and achieving success in this field.

Conditions for finding jobs in the field of graphic design

Working in the field of graphic design remotely (STUDYSHOOT).

You don't have to follow a hard and fast rule when it comes to getting the right qualifications to get a remote design job. Earning a bachelor's degree in graphic arts is the best option for remote designer jobs.

Even a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences may be sufficient for a remote graphic design job. Your creativity and skills are the deciding factors in determining the type of job you will get, as different sectors need diverse qualifications for candidates.

For example, if you are considering working in the advertising and media sector, knowledge about marketing may be expected. If you want to work in the information technology sector, it may be necessary to know different computer applications and web applications.

For people aspiring to the field of UI and UX design, knowledge of websites and different elements may be required. In short, it depends on the industry you want to work in which will determine the qualifications required.

After earning your bachelor's degree, you can also complete a master's degree in graphic design to boost your chances of landing senior positions as a remote graphic designer. These academic qualifications enhance your opportunities and give you more confidence in your skills and creativity.

Obtain graphic design certificates

You need different types of certifications to get remote graphic design jobs. The need for certifications varies depending on the type of sector and industry you work in. Here we will review some of the main certifications required for remote jobs for graphic designers:

Adobe Creative Suite certification

Adobe Creative Suite certification is essential for even entry-level remote graphic design jobs. Adobe offers this certificate to highlight the candidate's proficiency in using its various programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. This certification proves that you have the skills necessary to create professional designs using Adobe tools.

Certificates in animation

Graphic designers with a degree in animation have more marketable skills, enabling them to obtain many opportunities in the gaming sector and IT companies. Since graphic design will increasingly rely on movement in the coming years, earning a degree or certificate in animation can be a good strategic choice for your future career.

Certifications in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator certification is very beneficial for budding graphic designers as well as professional designers. This certificate will enable you to transform your creative vision into different shapes, colours, effects and typography. These skills contribute to improving the quality of designs and increasing your chances of being accepted into remote jobs.

Design knowledge in Canva

Getting certified in Canva helps you create a wide variety of engaging content quickly and effectively. Canva is an easy-to-use design tool that enables you to create innovative designs without the need for advanced design skills, making it an ideal choice for graphic designers looking for efficiency and speed in content production.

Certificates in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most important tools for all types of graphic designers. A certificate in Photoshop will help you edit and retouch images and create image compositions and website templates. These skills are vital for producing attractive, professional designs, increasing your chances of landing remote graphic design jobs.

These certificates and qualifications are essential in enhancing your career opportunities in the field of remote graphic design. It contributes to improving your skills and makes you a desirable candidate in the growing job market for this field. Investing time and effort into obtaining these certifications can open new doors for you in the world of graphic design and put you ahead of the competition.

Job sites for graphic designers

To search well and appropriately for a job in the field of graphic design remotely, several basic things must be taken into consideration when choosing the site through which you will work. It is necessary for the site to provide a wide range of remote graphic design jobs of real high quality, as it gives designers the opportunity to work on different projects that enrich their skills and experiences.

Sites should primarily offer freelance opportunities that designers can work on during hours outside of their regular work time. These opportunities allow designers to enhance their expertise and increase their income in a flexible manner that suits their different schedules.

It is important that these sites accept workers from all over the world, providing diverse opportunities for designers regardless of their geographical location. This diversity enhances designers' chances of finding projects that match their skills and interests.

Diversity in options and designer preferences

We must keep in mind that what works well for one designer may not be ideal for another. Designers' preferences vary based on their professional experience and needs. Some designers may find that some sites do not meet their expectations, and this is normal and acceptable. We're all at different stages of our design careers, and each stage requires a certain type of support and opportunity.

Free and paid sites

It's worth noting that some of the sites we recommend are 100% free to the designer, while others require a small monthly fee. We would never recommend paying for a site that we haven't personally verified and found to be worth the monthly investment. It is important that the site is reliable and provides real opportunities for designers.

List of the best job sites for graphic designers

Working in the field of graphic design remotely (STUDYSHOOT).

This list has been compiled to be most useful for graphic designers looking for graphic design jobs to start or grow their practical skills, build confidence, and start earning money directly. Criteria used to identify these locations include:

It is necessary for the site to provide high-quality jobs that match the skills of designers and allow them to work on projects that require innovation and creativity. This ensures they develop their skills and gain valuable practical experiences.

The diversity in accepting designers from different parts of the world enhances the chances of finding diverse projects that suit their cultural and professional backgrounds. This helps expand your professional network and increase available opportunities.

Bonfire website

Bonfire is a social commerce platform and online service that allows users to design, sell and share custom made t-shirts. Through Bonfire, users can design their products by uploading custom artwork, using free graphics, or adding text via the platform. Bonfire provides an opportunity for designers to show their creativity and work in an innovative environment that allows them to expand the scope of their work.

  • Pre-press production designer: Responsible for preparing designs for final printing, ensuring color accuracy and quality.
  • Marketing Designer: Creates engaging visual content to promote products and increase brand awareness.
  • Custom designer: Handles clients' special requests to create unique designs that meet their needs and preferences.

Brafton, Inc. website

Brafton is a content marketing agency specializing in SEO, content marketing analytics, social media consulting and brand advisory services. Brafton offers a dynamic work environment where designers can work on diverse projects that include producing creative and impactful content.

  • Designer or illustrator: Creates designs and graphics that attract the audience and express the brand message effectively.
  • Creative Production Project Manager: Leads design teams to ensure projects are implemented effectively and on schedule.

Canva . site

Canva operates an online graphic design platform used by millions of people around the world. With Canva, marketers, bloggers, business owners, and individuals can create professional-quality designs quickly and easily. Canva is one of the favorite tools for designers thanks to its simple and distinctive interface.

  • Senior graphic designer: Leads design teams and works on large and complex projects.
  • Graphic designer: Contributes to the production of innovative and attractive designs for a variety of clients and projects.

Coalition Technologies website

Coalition Technologies is a web design and online marketing agency that offers clients a variety of services to meet their online business needs. The services it offers include website design and development, user experience, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click, and social media marketing.

  • As a graphic designer: Creating creative visual designs that contribute to enhancing the visual identity of customers.
  • As a web designer: Develop interactive and attractive websites that meet customer needs and enhance their digital experience.

Crawford Group website

The Crawford Group provides communications, training, events and marketing communications services to clients around the world, from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Graphic designer: Creating designs that express the company's message and achieve marketing goals.
  • Production graphic designer: Ensuring production quality and accuracy of designs before launching.
  • Email Marketing: Design promotional emails that enhance customer interaction and increase conversion rate.

Curriculum Associates website

Curriculum Associates Publishing serves millions of students, providing research-based educational materials and programs designed to improve student success. The company provides a stimulating work environment where designers can make a positive impact in the field of education.

Medium Corporation

Medium Corporation wants to build the best place for writing and reading on the internet, where all the smartest and most talented storytellers, experts, thinkers, and writers can share their ideas. Medium allows designers to work on projects related to improving reader experience and branding.

  • Design Director, Reader Experience: Improving the user interface and reading experience on the platform.
  • Brand designer: Develop the brand's visual identity and ensure its consistency across all channels.
  • Great product designer: Work on key projects that significantly impact user experience.

Parachute Design Group

Parachute Design Group Inc. is a boutique web design company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2008, it specializes in graphic design, logo and app design, mobile design and photography.

  • Graphic designer: Producing innovative designs that meet customer needs.
  • Web Designer: Developing interactive websites that enhance the user experience.
  • UX Designer: Improving user interfaces to provide a smooth and efficient user experience.

Robert Half International website

Robert Half is the preeminent global recruitment and career consulting firm. It operates recruitment and consulting operations in over 400 global locations, providing multiple opportunities for designers around the world.

  • Graphic designer: Create innovative designs that meet customer requirements.
  • Digital Designer: Develop digital content that attracts the audience and enhances their interaction with the brand.

Toptal website

Toptal is a premium freelance job website, known for its practice of pre-screening freelancers to ensure an outstanding client experience. All mentions on this site pay above average rates for graphic designers, allowing professionals to work with larger companies and high-end projects. Toptal focuses on quality, with designers carefully selected from only the top 3% of applicants, ensuring high-level services.

Dribbble website

Dribbble is a website that has been providing services to designers for nearly a decade. This platform has always been great for graphic designers to showcase their work and interact with clients and other designers.

Dribbble's job board makes it possible to find remote graphic design jobs from all over the world. You can choose to work on a contract, part-time or full-time basis, giving you great flexibility in working. You can also filter your search by location, making it easier to find jobs that match your preferences.

FlexJob website

One of the best sites for remote work is FlexJobs. This site has over 50 remote work categories, providing a good amount of high-quality remote graphic designer jobs daily.

The site is characterized by its constant updates and the variety of jobs available, allowing you to use your skills in a flexible work environment. Although there is a monthly membership fee, these fees are affordable and can be quickly recouped by getting a job.

Unremot website

unremot is one of the most technologically advanced remote collaboration platforms for remote graphic design jobs.

Users can find freelance or remote work from all over the world, as well as collaborate with entities via video-based virtual rooms and chats. This site allows immediate interaction with customers and coordination of work effectively and efficiently.

SolidGigs website

SolidGigs efficiently curates the list of freelance jobs on a daily basis. The SolidGigs team browses dozens of freelance job boards every day and displays the top 1% of jobs on their site.

The Graphic Design category is one of the most active categories on SolidGigs. The site offers a growing library of great resources like courses, scripts, and interviews that can help you land the remote graphic design jobs you want.

Remote website

Remote offers online jobs that are fully flexible with location. Graphic designers can find remote jobs from many well-known companies such as Amazon and InVision through this site. The site was founded by Sarah Sutton, founder of FlexJobs, and requires no fee to join.

Freeeup website

Freeeup is a new marketplace for freelancers that aims to create connections between clients and the top 1% of freelancers. Signing up for Freeeup requires filling out a 5-step, interview-like questionnaire, ensuring that only high-quality freelancers are selected. This process allows for jobs with an above-average pay scale, providing lucrative opportunities for professional designers.

Hired has a very unique feature, it prompts the client to hire you instead of making you apply to a client. You can also hide your profile and other information from previous or current employers if you want to work independently after work hours. Hired gives designers complete control over how they showcase their skills and experiences to potential clients.

Virtual Vocations website

Founded by Laura Spawn, Virtual Vocations is a great site for searching for remote graphic design jobs.

The site has been running since 2007 and has an extensive and vibrant list of online graphic design jobs that is updated regularly. Although you are required to pay to be a member of Virtual Vocations, the type of jobs listed will definitely make the fee worth it.

We Work Remotely website

We Work Remotely is one of the largest online communities for discovering remote jobs. Our remote graphic design task list is updated regularly, giving you the opportunity to receive timely alerts on your email using filters. Although the majority of job positions lean toward UX design, product design, and other technology fields, there are many great graphic design jobs available as well.

Remotely Awesome Jobs website

Remotely Awesome Jobs showcases Mike's 10 favorite remote job boards every day. These boards have a large variety of remote graphic design functions.

A major advantage of the site is that you do not have to register for membership, which makes it easy to access available jobs quickly and easily.

By choosing the right locations, graphic designers can find job opportunities that match their skills and career aspirations. These platforms provide an ideal environment for professional growth and continuous income increase.

The best companies to work in the field of graphic design remotely