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The cheapest universities in London

The cheapest universities in London

In the following article, learn about the cheapest universities in London in terms of the cost of education, tuition fees, tuition fees, as well as admission application fees.

London is considered one of the most prestigious places for international students. In fact, it was named by Quacquarelli Symonds as the best student city in 2018. While it's no secret that London has a high cost of living, you can still get a high-quality education inexpensively at any of these cheap universities in London.

How much does it cost to study in London?

For international students, annual tuition fees can range from $14500 to $25000. This does not include housing, which is an additional $800 to $1600 per month. Although the cost of studying in London is high, you can study for free. Find out how many international students study in the UK for free (8 steps).

Admission requirements to London universities

Applications for undergraduate programs must be completed by completing the application form on the University and College Admissions Services website. You also need to provide a General Certificate education, in addition to passing scores for an English proficiency test.

If you are considering graduate programs, admission requirements vary for different departments and universities. So, you should search for information about your interested programs.

To help you in the admission process, we have prepared a guide about How to study in the UK. Check it out if you're interested!

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The best academic specializations in London universities

You can study anything in London as there are many universities with many different offers. Here are some recommended courses:

  • the law
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Engineering

The cheapest universities in London

1. University of East London (UEL)

The cheapest university in London is a public university located in the Newham district. It has three branches in Stratford and Docklands. UEL was initially founded as West Ham College in 1892, and became an official university a century later.

The university has 8 schools that oversee undergraduate and postgraduate degree offerings. Which:

  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • College of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
  • College of Health, Sports and Biosciences
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • College of Arts and Digital Industries
  • Royal Quays Business and Law School
  • Cass School of Education and Communities
  • College of Graduate Studies

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With cheap tuition fees and exceptional quality of education, UEL has been a top choice among international students. In 2019, it hosted nearly 14,000 students, with representation from at least 135 countries.

2. University of West London (UWL)

At the other end of London is the University of West London, the cheapest university in London which was founded in 1860 as Lady Byron's School. It was renamed Ealing College of Higher Education before becoming a university in 1992.

This affordable university in London also has campuses in Ealing, Brentford, as well as Reading. As one of the best universities in the UK according to Guardians, it offers many courses through its 8 schools.

These are the Claude Leitner Business School, the London School of Music, the London Geller School of Hospitality and Tourism, the School of Law and Criminology, the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Care, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the London School of Film, Media and Design, and the School of Computing and Engineering.

3. London Metropolitan University (LMU)

Affectionately known as the London Met, LMU resulted from the merger between the University of North London and the Guildhall University of London. As a respected public organisation, it has branches all over the city – as well as the Islington neighbourhood.

LMU has six schools, namely the School of Social Professions, the Guildhall School of Business and Law, the School of Computing and Digital Media, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities and the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design.

With its inexpensive offerings, LMU is a popular choice for those who want to study architecture, law, and American studies.

4. Coventry University London

Coventry University is a public institution that began as the Coventry School of Design. As with other higher education schools in the United Kingdom, it became a full-fledged university in 1992.

Although the main campus is in the Coventry area, the university has a branch in the capital. This cheap university in London was opened in 2010 primarily to attract international students who wanted to study in London.

The London branch focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate business courses. Despite its lower fees, the university still offers scholarships of between £1500 and £2500 to each eligible student.

5. Middlesex University London

Known to many as MDX, this public research institution can be found in the West End of London. Its history dates back to 1878 when it was founded as St. Catherine's College. After merging with several smaller institutions, it became the Middlesex University most people know today.

Middlesex University London has three colleges: the College of Arts and Creative Industries, the College of Professional and Social Sciences, and the College of Science and Technology.

Despite its affordable tuition fees and being considered one of the cheapest universities in London, MDX does not hesitate when it comes to the quality of education. As such, it became the only modern London university to be included in the 2018 world rankings.

Apart from its famous campus in London, Middlesex University London has satellite campuses in Dubai, Mauritius and Malta.

6. University of London

It is a federal research university based in the capital of the United Kingdom. With more than 178 students, it is considered the university with the largest student population in the country.

Lund was founded in 1836 after a royal charter. As such, this makes Lund the third oldest institution in England.

The main campus is located in central London, next to Russell Square station. It is also considered one of the cheapest universities in London.

Lund has 17 member institutions under its belt. They include King's College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, St. George's University of London, and University College London.

With the help of these member schools, the University of London has been able to produce many distinguished graduates. They include a British Prime Minister, several monarchs, a handful of Nobel laureates, and several Olympic medalists.

7. University of Greenwich

Founded in 1892 as Woolwich Polytechnic, the University of Greenwich is a public university with an enrollment of approximately 19,000 students. To make this high enrollment rate, it has a campus in London, and another campus in Kent.

The Avery Campus, which was completed in 1996, is home to the College of Education and health facilities. On the other hand, the Greenwich campus is home to the College of Business Administration and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Greenwich Maritime Institute is also located here.

The Medway campus in Kent is the base for several schools. It includes the Faculty of Engineering and Science and the Medway School of Pharmacy. Many courses from the Faculty of Education and Health are also offered here.

This cheap university in London is respected for its strong curriculum. For this, it has been recognized as one of the best institutions in the world according to the QS 2020 ranking. It has also received a silver medal for the Teaching Excellence Framework.

8. University of Westminster

The cheapest universities in London. The university was founded in 1838 as the Royal Polytechnic Institution, and is considered the first school of applied arts in the United Kingdom. Much has changed since then, with the University of Westminster now having several universities. They can be found at Regent (main campus), Marylebone, Fitzrovia, and Harrow.

Despite being relatively young, this affordable university in London is recognized as one of the best “modern” universities in the world. Her communication score is rated very good, as it placed 40th In the world university rankings for 2018.

The university is home to 3 colleges. The College of Design, Creativity and Digital Industries includes 4 schools – the College of Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Arts and Communications.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, on the other hand, is a parent school for the humanities, life sciences, social sciences, and law.

As for Westminster Business School, it governs after the faculties of finance, accounting, applied management, marketing and economics.

9. London South Bank University (LSBU)

It is considered one of the cheap universities in London and it is a public institution located in the Elephant and Castle area. It was founded in 1892 as the Borough Polytechnic Institute and became Southbank University a century later. Its modern name, LSBU, was only given in 2003.

London South Bank has seven schools focusing on applied sciences, arts and creative industries, the built environment, architecture, business, engineering, health and social care, law and social sciences.

London South Bank was recognized as the University of the Year for Entrepreneurship in 2016. It is also considered one of the top schools in the country, specifically in the study of law.

Because of its good education and affordable tuition fees, London Southbank is a popular choice among locals and foreigners. Recently, the school caters to the needs of more than 3000 international students.

10. Ravensbourne University London

We end our list of the cheapest universities in London with Ravensbourne University in London. If you are looking for a digital media school with affordable tuition fees, then you need to consider Ravensbourne University London. Founded in 1959 as Bromley School of Arts, it offers courses in television and broadcasting, fashion, architecture, graphic design, and music, to name a few.

Ravensbourne University London has been included in several top UK university lists, including that of The Sunday Times. She was also awarded the Silver Star for Excellence in Teaching.

Despite being a relatively young school, Ravensbourne University London has produced many famous people in the field of arts and fashion. Notable alumni include designers Stella McCartney and Maria Cornejo, musician David Bowie, and artist Brian Barnes, to name a few.

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